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How Your Face Reflects Vitamin Deficiencies
You don't even need a blood test to know that you lack certain nutrients as your face may sometimes reflect your health condition. In the same way, your body starts showing certain signs when you suffer from vitamin deficiencies. If you are wondering what those signs are, here are some of them.
Curb 'needless' caesarean section surgeries, says Union Health Ministry to states
In the backdrop of the death of AIIMS nurse Rajbir Kaur following her caesarean delivery, concerns of unnecessary C-section births are being raised. Now, following a health survey that brought to the fore a sharp rise in such operations in the private sector, the Union Health Ministry has called out for doing away with 'needless' caeserean section surgeries. Similarly according to NGHS-4, such surgeries in public health facilities declined from 15.2 percent during NHFS-3 to 11.9 per cent during 2015-16.
Statins do not prolong lung cancer patient survival: Study
Cholesterol-lowering drugs, known as statins, used alongside chemotherapy have no effect on prolonging the survival of lung cancer patients, a new study has found. Statins work by lowering cholesterol levels in patients and are usually prescribed by doctors to help prevent heart attacks or strokes. Patients were randomly selected to receive either the statin or a placebo alongside their usual chemotherapy treatment, and were monitored over two years.
UN sees bird flu changes but calls risk of people spread low
The World Health Organisation says it has noticed mutations in the bird flu virus that is now spreading in China, but says the risk of the disease spreading easily between people still remains low. In a press briefing today, the UN health agency said in about 7 per cent of the people infected with the H7N9 strain of bird flu, scientists have identified genetic changes suggesting the viruses are resistant to Tamiflu, the recommended treatment for the disease.
Israel court rejects appeal to overturn Haifa ammonia tank closure
An Israeli court on Wednesday rejected an appeal by Haifa Chemicals to reverse an order to shut the country's largest ammonia tank that residents and environmental groups have said is a major health hazard. The Haifa District Court said the tank must be emptied by April 1. Under these circumstances, there is only one possible solution and that is to dismiss the appeal. The Haifa court stepped in and on Feb 12 ruled the tank be shut down and emptied within 10 days.
Walnuts may boost sperm health
The findings support previous research suggesting that walnuts provide key nutrients that may be essential for sperm function. What's fascinating is we found that eating walnuts can actually help improve sperm quality, likely by reducing peroxidative damage in sperm cells, said Patricia A Martin-DeLeon, from the University of Delaware. More research is needed to understand the specific nutrients in walnuts that may contribute to this improvement, but the findings suggest that walnuts may be beneficial for sperm health, Martin-DeLeon said.
Liberia investigates death of celebrated Ebola fighter amid stigma fears
Ebola survivor Salome Karwah died last week four days after suffering complications from giving birth by caesarean section in a major hospital, according to the ministry's chief medical officer Francis Kateh. It is tragic that one of our heroes, who survived Ebola, died from childbirth in a hospital, Kateh told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by phone from Liberia's capital Monrovia. We are taking the death very seriously, he said, adding that the authorities were investigating whether staff had refused to treat Karwah.
Medicinal Properties Of Fruits & Veggies
Well, every fruit and every vegetable has some or the other medicinal property which can prevent some long term or short term health condition. That is the reason why a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is said to prevent many medical conditions and prolong lifespan. Now, read on to know about the healing properties of certain fruits and vegetables.
Fitness Tips For Women In 50 To Look & Feel Healthy
There are some age-defying techniques that will help you remain fit, young and healthy after 50. You will be driving your car less when compared to your 20s and instead depend on others to drive you around. It all depends on your mind and how you tame it in order to set your fitness goals well.
A Remedy To Get Rid Of Mucus
Sometimes, mucus interferes with the breathing process. You may need to power up your immunity so that it can deal with the problem your lungs face. Here is a solution which helps your immune system deal with the problem of mucus effectively. You'll need a small piece of ginger, 100 grams of honey, half a cup of lemon juice, 100ml of water and 50 grams of oats. If your lungs still struggle with mucus problems consult a doctor immediately.
Amazing Sugarcane Juice Remedy To Improve Immune System
The key to staying disease free is to have a healthy and strong immune system. If your immune system has the ability to fight disease-causing agents, then you can stay relatively healthy. This home remedy to improve your immune system can be very effective, when you use it on a daily basis. Sugarcane juice contains fermentable sugars and antioxidants that can nourish the cells of your body and strengthen them to help them fight diseases.
Diabetic heart disease can be treated through stem cell therapy, says renowned researcher
Unfortunately, diabetic heart disease or DHD is another major drawback of the disease. Second, when combined with other risk factors, diabetes further raises the risk of heart disease. Renowned New Zealand-based researcher in cardiovascular diseases Dr Rajesh Katare suggested that stem cell therapy can help treat the disease. Presenting clinical evidences, Katare said stem cell therapy certainly presented a new hope for successfully treating DHD. In this backdrop, advancements in stem cell therapy assume significance, he said.
70 grams of walnuts a day can boost sperm quality, says study!
Known for its weight management properties, walnuts also fight cancer, improve heart health, boost brain health and is also beneficial for diabetics. Now, a study has one-upped all these properties by saying that eating about 70 grams of walnuts daily may improve sperm quality by reducing the process that damages these cells. The findings support previous research suggesting that walnuts provide key nutrients that may be essential for sperm function.
WHO says bird flu outbreaks raise alarm, but human risks still low
The risk of sustained human-to-human transmission of H7N9 bird flu in China is low, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday, but a surge in human cases there is worrying and requires constant monitoring. China is currently seeing a fifth wave of H7N9 bird flu in humans - a virus that was first detected in people in 2013. With H5 bird flu strains, multiple outbreaks have been reported in poultry farms and wild flocks across Europe, Africa and Asia in the past three months.
Facebook turns to artificial intelligence to tackle suicides
Facebook plans to use artificial intelligence and update its tools and services to help prevent suicides among its users. The world's largest social media network said it plans to integrate its existing suicide prevention tools for Facebook posts into its live-streaming feature, Facebook Live, and its Messenger service. Artificial intelligence will be used to help spot users with suicidal tendencies, the company said in a blogpost on Wednesday. Facebook is already using artificial intelligence to monitor offensive material in live video streams.
Food Habits & Exercises That Will Help To Lose Facial Fat
Today we will be highlighting a few of the food habits and exercises to lose facial fat. Taking care of the foods that we eat should be a must if you want to get rid of facial fat. In addition to the foods, a daily dose of exercises is equally important to remain fit and get rid of the facial fat and chubby cheeks.
Fresh insight into sedative effects of antipsychotic drugs
Antipsychotic drugs are used for the treatment of mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Unfortunately, sedation or sleepiness is a common side-effect of these drugs, which makes a patient's recovery difficult. The work by Radhika Joshi from Mitradas Panicker's group at NCBS has proven that the molecule 5-HT2A in the brain is partially responsible for the sedative effects of Clozapine.
Health care sector may grow by 12-14% over next 5 yrs: ICRA
The health care sector is expected to witness an annual revenue growth of 12-14 per cent over the next five years due increasing medical tourism and higher health insurance penetration, rating agency ICRA said today. India has seen an increase in inflow of international patients, mostly from developing countries in South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. ICRA opined that India's cost advantage is more appealing for developing nations, where healthcare facilities are inadequate.
Over 100 patients undergoing treatment for various types of
Over 100 persons are undergoing treatment for various types of fever, including suspected swine flu and dengue at the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital here. According to hospital sources, 55 persons are undergoing treatment for normal fever, while 44 are admitted with suspected symptoms of swine flu from various parts of the district. The swine flu has claimed 22 lives in the last three months, they said. They said six positive cases of swine flu and eight dengue patients are being given treatment at special wards.
FEATURE-Zimbabwe's struggling health system leans on unsung heroines
Some of the patients stay alone, and it is easy for them to just stop taking their medications, said Silibaziso Moyo, a 41-year-old volunteer. We make sure they are clean and the places they live in are also clean. In their 2001 Abuja Declaration, African Union governments pledged to allocate at least 15 percent of their annual budgets to improve the health sector.

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