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Asthma attacks reduced in tree-lined urban neighborhoods
The study into the impact of urban greenery on asthma suggests that respiratory health can be improved by the expansion of tree cover in very polluted urban neighbourhoods. The study, published in the journal Environment International, looked at more than 650,000 serious asthma attacks over a 15 year period. In the most polluted urban areas, trees had a particularly strong association with fewer emergency asthma cases.
What grosses out a chimpanzee? The origins of disgust: Origins of disgust
In their natural habitats, chimpanzees are known to pick up seeds from feces and re-ingest them. These behaviors usually involve their own fecal matter, or that of their closest family members. Avoiding biological contaminants is a well-known manifestation of the adaptive system of disgust. These experiments hint at the origins of disgust in humans, and help us better understand the protective function of this emotion concludes Cecile Sarabian.
Chinese herb may help fight tooth decay
The researchers tested hundreds of Chinese herbs and identified that Galla Chinensis has a strong potential to prevent dental caries due to its antibacterial capacity and tooth mineralisation benefit. The antibacterial capacity was determined using the polymicrobial biofilms model, which can generate reproducible plaque-like biofilms that occur in vivo. The effect of inhibiting tooth demineralisation was tested using an in vitro pH-cycling regime, which mimicked the periodic pH change in mouth.
Anti-malaria drug shows promise as Zika virus treatment: Chloroquine reduces transmission of Zika virus from mother to fetus
The drug, called chloroquine, has a long history of safe use during pregnancy, and is relatively inexpensive. Our latest research suggests the anti-malaria drug chloroquine may be an effective drug to treat and prevent Zika infections. We believe our mouse model more accurately represents the way Zika virus infects men, women and babies while in the womb, adds Terskikh. Chloroquine has a long history of successfully treating malaria, and there are no reports of it causing birth defects, says Terskikh.
Dog ownership linked to lower mortality rate
A team of Swedish scientists have used national registries of more than 3.4 million Swedes aged 40 to 80 to study the association between dog ownership and cardiovascular health. The goal was to determine whether dog owners had a different risk of cardiovascular disease and death than non-dog owners. Even dog ownership registration has been mandatory in Sweden since 2001. We know that dog owners in general have a higher level of physical activity, which could be one explanation to the observed results.
Have This Daily & Boost Your Memory
They say you tend to lose your memory as you age, but there are a certain group of people whose memory is not too good. A new study had found that daily consumption of nuts such as peanuts and pistachios can strengthen brainwave frequencies associated with cognition, healing, learning, memory and other key brain functions. Apart from improving your cognition and memory, nuts also help in protecting the heart, fighting cancer, reducing inflammation and slowing the ageing process.
In conversation with: Alice Zhang, CEO of Verge Genomics
Most drug discoveries fail because researchers target only one gene at a time, Zhang explained to FierceBiotech the rationale behind her company. Verge has an explosion of genomic data, artificial intelligence and the same breakthroughs that power Google's search engines to lean on. We then validate the computational predictions in our in-house human-based preclinical models in an 'all-in-human' drug screening platform, Zhang said.
Cue Biopharma in $374M-plus Merck immunotherapy pact
After raising $26 million at the start of the year, cancer and autoimmune startup Cue Biopharma has ended the year with a potentially lucrative new deal with Merck. Merck is buying into the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based biotech's work using biologics to target T cell receptors to help patients' immune systems defeat cancer and autoimmune diseases. RELATED: MDB Capital leads I-O startup Cue Biopharma in $26M raise.
Editing genes with a more precise alternative to CRISPR
The gene editing technology with the most buzz these days is CRISPR-Cas9, which corrects genetic abnormalities by breaking two DNA strands and then inserting healthy genes or eliminating unhealthy ones. A team of scientists at Yale has developed an alternative gene-editing technology that they say replaces CRISPR's hacksaw effect with a more precise scalpel. RELATED: MIT scientists propose a safer way to edit genes with CRISPR.
How bacteria in the gut influence neurodegenerative disorders: Understanding the role of the microbiome may lead to better treatments for Parkinson's, Alzheimer's
Humans have roughly as many bacterial cells in their bodies as human cells, and most of those bacteria live in the gut. As brain-focused cures for such diseases remain elusive, scientists are looking to the microbiome for new insight and novel strategies. A gene associated with risk for Alzheimer's disease influences the gut microbiome of mice, potentiating a novel treatment strategy. Probiotic treatment corrects memory problems in an Alzheimer's mouse model, suggesting that altering the microbiome may help delay the disease.
For older women, every movement matters
Simple activities like these may help prolong your life, according to the findings of a new study in older women led by the University at Buffalo. Activities like these account for more than 55 percent of how older people spend their daily activity. Our study shows, for the first time in older women, that health is benefited even at physical activity levels below the guideline recommendations. The mortality benefit was similar for women younger than 80 compared to women over the age of 80.
Europe's drug industry waits for white smoke in Brussels
Replacing them would delay drug approvals and patient safety checks. Unless a majority makes the same first choice there will be a second vote among the top picks then a third-round runoff. Luxembourg and the Czech Republic are not bidding for the EMA but want others' votes in their bids for the EBA. British bookmaker Ladbrokes has Milan the 2-1 favourite to secure the EMA, with Bratislava on 3-1 and Amsterdam 7-1.
Steep alcohol taxes drive Turkey's drinkers to home-brew
I might never have started this if beer wasn't so expensive, the 25-year old university student said. Erdogan's distaste for alcohol stands in contrast to modern Turkey's founding father, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who championed secularism and was often pictured with a glass of raki. The president has criticized alcohol consumption as morally harmful to society, insisting that Turkey's national beverage is not raki but the non-alcoholic yoghurt drink ayran.
Doing daily chores can help older women live longer
The amount of physical activity older women undergo while performing daily tasks equates to 30 minutes of light physical exercises. Activities like these account for more than 55 per cent of how older individuals get their daily activity, LaCroix added. The researchers followed 6,000 women, aged between 65 to 99 years, for a period of four and a half years. The study found that women do not have to run marathons daily to stay healthy.
Stressed? You could be making risky decisions
If you are going through stressful circumstances, it is advisable that you reconsider your decisions once again. People usually tend to make risky and abnormal decisions under chronic stress, a new study has found. Making decisions in this type of situation, known as a cost-benefit conflict, is dramatically affected by chronic stress. Before experiencing stress, normal rats and mice chose to run towards the dimmer light and weaker chocolate milk about half the time.
Having a pet dog can lower heart disease risk
Your care and compassion for pets, especially dogs, can help you stay away from heart diseases. Dog owners have a low risk of developing cardiovascular diseases that further enables them to reduce the risk of mortality, a new research confirmed. Other reasons might involve an increased well-being and social contacts or effects of the dog on the bacterial microbiome in the owner.
Men may become infertile due to diabetes: study
India has been declared as the 'Diabetes Capital' of the world in a recent report by IDF. Reproductive side effects of diabetes in males: When it comes to diabetes and infertility, chances are higher in males. This causes a natural death of the cells which in turn makes it difficult for men to make their wives pregnant. Not only this, high blood glucose level lowers the testosterone level as well making diabetes one of the major reasons that kill your sexual drive.
GM Diet Day 2: How to Lose 7kgs in 7 Days
As discussed in yesterday's article, Day 1 of the GM Diet is the most difficult of all seven days because it drastically reduces your calorie intake to only 1000 - 1200 calories and prohibits you from eating any carbohydrates. Life is now going to get easier because Day 2 is not as bad as Day 1. PS If you missed our introductory article on the GM Diet Plan, you can read it right here.

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