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Why Wearing Flip Flops Can Affect Your Health
A lot of experts have been warning about wearing flip flops often on a daily basis. These flip flops also slow you down and people wearing these take smaller steps than people who don't. The short strides that you take wearing flip flops also increases the risk of you tripping often. This article will let you know all about the reasons on why flip flops are bad for you. Continue reading to know more on what is wrong with wearing flip flops too often.
Resident doctors in Maharashtra yet to resume work
Resident doctors in Maharashtra are yet to resume work despite an appeal by an association representing them to join duty and intervention of the Bombay High Court. With the doctors not returning to work, functioning of the OPDs and general wards in the government and the civic hospitals are likely to be affected today as well. The OPDs in KEM, Sion and Nair hospitals have not yet become fully operational.
Clean Your Arteries! Do This!
To clean your arteries, you first need to work on bringing down the triglyceride levels and cholesterol levels. As you age, accumulated stuff in your arteries disturbs the blood flow. Actually, most of us do have bad cholesterol but we don't see the symptoms in the early stages. Some simple habits can keep your arteries clean if you are consistent in your efforts. Here is a simple remedy to clean your arteries.
Do This To Flush Toxins From Colon!
Accumulated toxins are the reason behind most of the health issues. When you help your body remove those wastes from the colon, half of your health issues can be prevented. In fact, your liver health also partly depends upon the health of your colon. When your colon fails to work well, all wastes accumulate there and cause diseases. Here are some remedies to clean up the wastes in the colon.
Right Diet To Fight Tuberculosis
Diet and food habits play a very crucial role in the fight against tuberculosis or what is commonly known as TB. Today on this World Tuberculosis Day we will be discussing an ideal diet to fight tuberculosis. Although the condition is better in recent times, but still people are not aware of the importance of having a healthy diet when they are suffering from tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is generally caused by a bacteria called 'Mycobacterium tuberculosis' and it is contagious.
This Remedy Clears Your Ear And Enhances Your Hearing Ability!
In some cases, clearing the ear can solve the problem. In some cases, some people can enhance their hearing ability a lot better especially when the ears are blocked. This remedy uses garlic and olive oil. Consult your doctor before you try such a home remedy. Also, never try this remedy if you have any internal injury in your ear or certain other conditions like ear infections, mastoid cavity or any other ear problem.
Social media makes people depressed, says David Gandy
David Gandy says despite its advantages, social media is making people feel depressed and that this rising problem needs to be addressed sooner than later. Speaking with Campaign magazine, the 37-year-old model shared the perils of being swayed with the make-believe life of online posts and shares, reported FemaleFirst. It is something people need to look at.
Pair These Foods And See What Happens!
It is important to know about the ideal pairs of foods to eat together. Some foods pair up well for some reasons. Your body needs certain nutrients to absorb certain other nutrients. That is the idea behind pairing up of foods. Here is a list of some food pairs which can work well when you eat them together.
New vaccine against rotavirus could curb child deaths
A trial in Niger found that the new vaccine was almost 67%effective in preventing gastroenteritis caused by rotavirus, which is the most common cause of severe diarrheal disease in the world. More than 500,000 children die each year from dehydration and complications of rotavirus, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, according to the World Health Organization. There are already two vaccines on the market against rotavirus, but they require refrigeration and can be costly.
Eat Just 5 Walnuts A Day And See These Quick Amazing Results
Today in this article we will be explaining about the health benefits of eating just five walnuts a day. In addition to all these nutrients, walnuts are known for their rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to these, walnuts help in preventing several health problems and also help in fighting certain major health conditions. Walnuts can be eaten just like snacks in the dried form or it can be soaked in water and then consumed. Both ways the essential nutrients of walnuts will be intact.
Know How Skinny Jeans, Oversized Bags Cause Back Pain
The survey showed that three-quarters of women have suffered with back pain and their wardrobe could be a major cause of the discomfort. New trends such as asymmetric hemlines, oversized sleeves and hoods and heavy jewellery can also create problems, Hutchful added. While over a quarter of women are aware clothing effects their back, one-third of women were completely unaware that their choice of clothing could impact their back or neck health.
10 Weight Loss Mistakes You Should Strictly Avoid
We do not realise so much when we put on weight but the moment we plan to lose weight, it gets very difficult. This is because many of us might be committing certain common diet mistakes in the process that need to be avoided. Today in this article we will be explaining about a few of the weight loss mistakes that should be strictly avoided.
Wearing Wrong Size Bra Can Be Dangerous; Know The Reasons
Well, if you have been wearing such wrong size bra then stop doing this immediately, as it is dangerous. If you want to know why wearing a wrong size bra is bad and dangerous for your health then you should read here. Wearing tight bra or loosely fitted bra, either ways can be harmful. If the bra is loosely fitted it can affect the breast size and cause sagging of the breasts.
The Worst Sweeteners That You Must Avoid
All the hype behind artificial sweeteners can be heard all around us. It has been found that some kinds of sweeteners can also be linked with cancer. Fake sweeteners are also known to give you symptoms ranging from headaches, migraines and weight gain, or even more dangerous conditions like cardiovascular diseases. This article deals with the sweeteners that are bad for you. Continue reading to know about the worst sweeteners for your health.
10 Best Protein Sources For Vegans & Vegetarians
Well, if you are one among these groups and are still looking out for the best sources of protein, then you need to check this article. We will be explaining about a few of the best protein sources for vegans and vegetarians. The best part about these protein-rich foods for vegetarians is that they are easily available. When the body lacks in adequate protein it hampers the functioning of the cells and the tissues and can lead to several health problems.
Two Natural Ingredients That Will Help You Lose Weight
People nowadays want to lose weight, not only to improve their figure, but also to avoid several diseases that are associated with obesity. There are some natural methods that will assist with weight loss. If all your weight loss efforts have not been working out, then don't give up on this yet. This article will let you know about a weight loss procedure that will make use of just two ingredients.
This Amazing Whole-body Vibration Can Help Combat Obesity, Diabetes
Indulging in a less strenuous form of exercise known as whole-body vibration could mimic the muscle and bone health benefits of regular exercise and help combat obesity and diabetes, according to a new study. Whole-body vibration consists of a person sitting, standing or lying on a machine with a vibrating platform and could also benefit people who find it difficult to exercise.
Under-nutrition makes children susceptible to TB Doctors
As we observe World TB day, doctors at Venkateshwar Hospital, Dwarka say under nutrition in children is a significant risk factor for the disease. One million children fell ill with TB, and 170 000 children died from the disease in 2015. There is dire need to understand the complex interrelationship between TB in children and malnutrition, believe experts across the world. Many a times, pneumonia, anemia and other illness are also likely to give rise to TB in children, say doctors.
Candlelight vigil at India Gate marking World Tuberculosis Day
Aligned with the global theme of World TB Day 2017, those gathered signed a pledge to unite to end TB. 27% of the TB cases from around the world are from this country. Only last year there were 28 lakh new TB patients and 79,000 patients of drug-resistant TB, a more severe form of the disease which is also more difficult to treat.
10 Simple And Harmless Folk Remedies
Well, they are remedies which are passed on from one generation to the other. In fact such remedies are traditional methods of treatment. Every country has its own set of folk remedies which are passed from many generations. Surprisingly, many of the folk remedies do work, though they sound strange. Here are some such folk remedies.

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