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Head of new U.S. corporate health plan cites surgery as biggest cost
That is just 10 percent of total US healthcare spending, Gawande said, noting how patients faced with a $200 drug co-pay see that as standing between them and their health. With surgery the single biggest healthcare cost, he outlined ways he has worked with hospitals to standardize procedures, resulting in lower costs and better results for patients. Gawande emphasized that health insurance should not return to an era of denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.
Watch out, wet wipes may trigger allergies
Imported and cheap wet wipes have chemical preservatives like methyl chloroisothiazoline and methylisothiazoline, according to random tests carried out in the Indian market by EcoWaste Coalition. These wet wipes were found to cause allergic reactions and rashes in sensitive skin when used regularly. There are cheap, unbranded and wet wipes sold loose which must be checked for these two chemicals. The wet wipes market in India has grown from 8 per cent in 2012 to 15.3 per cent in 2018.
Seafood tied to more sex and faster conception
Couples who eat a lot of seafood may have sex more often and get pregnant more quickly than those who shun the shellfish and sardines, a US study suggests. Researchers followed 500 couples in Michigan and Texas for one year, asking them to log their seafood consumption and sexual activity in daily journals. Couples had 39 percent higher odds of having sex on days when both partners ate seafood, the study found.
Portable music players tied to hearing loss in kids
Children who listen to music through headphones may be at greater risk of noise-related hearing loss, a Dutch study suggests. They also asked parents about hearing complaints from their children, how often kids used portable music players and how high they typically set the volume. This is important, because hearing loss is irreversible and thus has lifelong consequences, le Clercq said by email. The study wasn't a controlled experiment designed to prove whether or how portable headphone use might directly cause hearing loss in kids.
Alzheimer's: 'Strong evidence' of virus involvement
The data span evidence relating to: DNA, the RNA molecules that transcribes it, and proteins; and clinical and pathological features. It provides compelling evidence of how viruses might be involved in regulatory genetic networks that scientists believe may lead to Alzheimer's disease. Nevertheless, learning more about the involvement of viruses helps to improve our knowledge of Alzheimer's disease biology and could lead to new treatments. Another important finding was the discovery of several overlaps between virus-host interactions and genes associated with Alzheimer's risk.
Study reveals new cause of depression
Researchers believe that uncovering the role of a protein that is present in our bodies may revolutionize depression treatments. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression affects more than 300 million people worldwide. It is normal to experience occasional sadness or grief after specific events, but depression is different. Most antidepressant drugs are made based on the belief that depression occurs because of two chemicals that people who have depression lack: serotonin and norepinephrine.
Key marijuana drug approval looms as cannabis goes mainstream
Evidence that cannabis can ease epilepsy and other conditions is building as a British company counts down to what would be the first US government approval for a prescription drug derived from the marijuana plant. Some parents already use cannabis to help children with severe forms of epilepsy, but such therapy is not monitored or licensed. Scientists told a briefing in London on Thursday that new research was unlocking the potential of certain cannabis compounds.
Bulgaria reports first outbreak of ovine rinderpest in EU
Bulgaria on Thursday reported the first outbreak in the European Union of the highly contagious Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR), on livestock farms in the village of Voden in southeastern Bulgaria, close to the border with Turkey. The disease, also known as ovine rinderpest or sheep and goat plague, can have a severe impact on livestock, killing between 30 to 70 percent of the infected animals. Once introduced, the virus can infect up to 90 percent of an animal heard.
What to do after a baby falls
Read on for information on what to do if a baby falls, the possible injuries that it can cause, and how to care for them afterward. When a baby or toddler falls off a bed, it is vital to remain calm and quickly assess the situation. Preventing falls is the best way to keep a baby from getting a head injury. In addition to falls, adult beds pose the risk of other types of accident, including entrapment or suffocation injuries.
American woman claims drinking her dog's urine helped cure her acne
While several ingredients easily available are known for health benefits as well as enhancing a person's looks, some people have rather bizarre methods. While cow urine is claimed to have several benefits for personal hygiene, people in other parts of the world are discovering other options. As skincare rituals like sperm facials gaining popularity an American woman is claiming that drinking her dog's urine helped cure her acne.
Taking high doses of oral antibiotics ups kidney stone risk in children, adults
Using the kidney stone diagnosis as an index date, researchers then looked for prior antibiotic prescriptions in both groups. The risk increase associated with these antibiotics ranged from 27 percent higher odds with broad-spectrum penicillins to more than doubled odds with sulfas. The study examined 12 types of antibiotics, and found seven that didn't appear to influence the risk of kidney stones. Another limitation is that some people might have had undiagnosed kidney issues before they took antibiotics, potentially inflating the risk associated with antibiotics.
Active older adults less likely to suffer cognitive problems after heart surgery
Older adults who are faster on their feet may be less likely to suffer cognitive problems after heart surgery than patients who have difficulty walking, a Japanese study suggests. Before surgery, researchers measured how far each participant could walk in six minutes and did assessments of memory, concentration and attention. About two weeks after the surgery, they repeated the same battery of cognitive tests.
Vaginal dryness: 'Women, please report symptoms,' urge experts
Vaginal dryness can make sex painful and unpleasant and could even lead to postcoital bleeding. By the time that all study participants reached age 57-69, even more of them reported that they had vaginal dryness. Less than 4 percent of the women with vaginal dryness use any kind of therapy - such as estrogen tablets, vaginal creams, or vaginal rings - to address this problem.
Infections in pregnancy and how they affect the baby
Vaginal infections, including yeast infections, are common during pregnancy and are usually not a cause for concern. This article looks at common infections during pregnancy, how they might affect the baby, and how to prevent them from developing. Someone who is pregnant might be more vulnerable to certain infections and may develop more severe complications if the infections are left untreated. These infections tend to occur during pregnancy because of changes in the immune system, increased production of glycogen, and higher estrogen levels.
Scientists develop way to detect pancreatic cancer in diabetic patients
Patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer can develop elevated blood sugar levels up to three years before their cancer diagnosis. Pancreatic cancer is rapidly fatal after its diagnosis, with average survival of six months, said gastroenterologist Suresh Chari. In the first study, researchers plotted blood sugars levels of patients with pancreatic cancer going back five years prior to diagnosis. They plotted the blood sugars of a control group of patients who were age and gender-matched to the patients with pancreatic cancer.
Oscar to expand individual health insurance to more states
Oscar Health, which began selling individual health insurance in New York for the 2014 launch of the Obamacare exchanges, on Thursday announced plans to expand into Florida, Michigan and Arizona next year, even as the Trump administration seeks to undercut that marketplace with cheaper insurance products. Oscar Chief Executive Officer Mario Schlosser said there is always change happening in the individual insurance market and that the company is confident it can adjust after five years of experience.
World Health Organisation removes transsexualism from 'mental disorder' category
The new draft of International Classification of Diseases (ICD) has removed transsexualism from the list of 'mental disorders. The World Health Organisation expects that the move will improve the social acceptance for the transgender community. In an explanatory note, ICD said, Gender incongruence, meanwhile, has also been moved out of mental disorders in the ICD, into sexual health conditions. These revisions will be presented at the World Health Assembly in 2019 and will come in effect starting January 1, 2022.
Novo's pioneering diabetes pill beats Victoza, Januvia in tests
Novo Nordisk's experimental diabetes pill, which it hopes will transform the diabetes market, has proved superior to both Merck & Co's Januvia and its own best-selling injectable treatment Victoza in tests. The positive results in the latest of a series of pivotal clinical trials boost analysts' expectations that Novo's oral semaglutide medicine could become a multibillion-dollar blockbuster. This data is important, as it positions oral-sema as at least as good as the market leading injectable GLP-1, said Deutsche Bank analysts.
Israel's UroGen to start mid-stage bladder cancer trial
Israel's UroGen Pharma plans to begin a mid-stage trial of its treatment for bladder cancer patients in August, after positive interim results last month from an advanced trial of a treatment for upper urinary tract cancer. About 15,000 people in the United States suffer from UTUC and Bentsur estimates this market for UroGen at $350-$500 million annually.

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