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First malaria vaccine to be tested in Africa in 2018
In a promising development, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that it is ready to go-ahead with the testing of the first malaria vaccine in real-world settings next year. The organization made the announcement on the eve of World Malaria Day, reports CNN. In this case, it will be tested in children between the ages of 5 and 17.
Canada recommends against testing everyone for hepatitis C
The Task Force says just focusing on screening people with symptoms and signs of hepatitis C would find 91 cases among every 100,000 Canadians. The USPSTF also recommends one-time hepatitis C screening for anyone born between 1945 and 1965. It says these individuals are at higher risk for hepatitis C, possibly due to blood transfusions and other exposures long ago. The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care writes that between 220,000 and 245,000 people in the country have a chronic hepatitis C infection.
Express Scripts says Anthem unlikely to renew contract after 2019
Express Scripts Holding Co, the largest pharmacy benefit manager in the United States, said health insurer Anthem Inc was unlikely to renew its contract with the company. It is difficult for us to understand why Anthem has not recognized the potential value which could be brought forth by engaging in meaningful discussions, Express Scripts Chief Executive Tim Wentworth said.
Diet and gut bacteria linked with blood clots
Consuming too much choline, a nutrient sold in over-the-counter dietary supplements, can boost the risk for blood clots, researchers warn. That's because bacteria in the intestines interact with choline to produce a compound that encourages platelets to clump together and form clots. Also, in studies in animals, they linked higher levels of TMAO to a higher risk for blood clots. After taking the supplements for up to two months, participants had more than 10-fold increases in blood levels of TMAO.
Poorest preschoolers most vulnerable to fatal child abuse
Children in America's poorest communities have three times the risk of dying from child abuse before age 5 as children in the wealthiest neighborhoods, a new study finds. Nearly 10 out of every 100,000 children died as a result of child abuse in the most impoverished counties, the study found. The fatality rate for African-American children in the richest counties was higher than the fatality rate for white children in the poorest.
'Eman has been destroyed,' says sister; doc alleges he is being threatened
Eman's sister Shaimaa Selim has called bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala a liar in a video uploaded online. Eman had suffered from a stroke three years back as a result of which she suffers seizures several times a day. Eman is in critical condiction since the past one-and-a-half month She is on massive medications to stop the brain acitvity, Shaimaa alleges. We have a special bed that is callibrated for Eman and when we last weighed her she was 171 kgs.
INTERVIEW-Nigerian 'leopard skin' sufferer celebrated in global fight against tropical diseases
After safely giving birth, Ochai felt inspired to help distribute free medication to other people with her disease. After I started taking the medication, people saw me and were shocked by how much my skin had improved, Ochai said. Onchocerciasis is spread to humans by the bite of an infected black fly common in river areas, and affects the skin or eyes. Unable to read or write, Ochai is accompanied by her son, who keeps records and ensures people receive the correct doses.
Lilly reports positive interim data on breast cancer combo drug
Eli Lilly and Co said the combination of its experimental breast cancer drug and a commonly used treatment met the main goal of a late-stage study in an interim analysis, setting the stage for a regulatory submission later this year. Shares of Indianapolis-based Lilly, which is scheduled to report its first-quarter results on Tuesday, were up 1.3 percent at $82.95 on Monday. The study, named Monarch-3, compared combined use of abemaciclib and an aromatase inhibitor with the aromatase inhibitor alone.
Childhood death of sibling might affect survivor's lifespan
Death of a sibling in childhood is associated with a greater risk of early death in the surviving brother or sister, researchers say. As many as 8 percent of Americans experience the death of a brother or sister in childhood. Loss of a sibling in adulthood has been linked with death of the surviving sibling, but little is known about the association of sibling death in childhood with the subsequent risk of death in the bereaved siblings.
Armed forces stores suspend sale of Patanjali's amla juice
The Canteen Stores Department, the retailing entity selling consumer goods to armed forces, has suspended sale of a batch of Patanjali Ayurveda's amla juice after it failed to clear a laboratory test. Defence ministry sources said a show cause notice has been served on the company after the juice failed the test. The CSD had sent samples of 'Amla Juice' having index No 85417 and batch No GH1502 to the laboratory in Kolkata, they said.
Govt invokes emergency clause to maintain supply of stents
The government has asked stent manufacturers to maintain uninterrupted supply of coronary stents by invoking emergency clause in public interest. The Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) has invoked an emergency clause of the Drug Price Control Order, 2013, in public interest to ensure the companies complied with its direction. The government has directed the companies manufacturing coronary stents in the country to maintain production, import, supply of the coronary stents and submit a weekly report on coronary stents produced and distributed.
Profit profile helps Lilly shares rebound from Alzheimer's setback
Shares of Eli Lilly & Co have staged a dramatic rebound following massive disappointment for its experimental Alzheimer's medicine late last year, outperforming rivals as investors warm to the drugmaker's profit outlook. Lilly shares had tumbled 10.5 percent on Nov 23 when the drugmaker released highly anticipated data for the Alzheimer's medicine, solanezumab. Since then, Lilly shares have soared 22 percent, even including a recent regulatory setback to a rheumatoid arthritis drug.
Sanofi files U.S. antitrust lawsuit against Mylan over EpiPen
Sanofi SA on Monday sued Mylan NV, accusing the pharmaceutical company of engaging in illegal conduct to squelch competition to its EpiPen allergy treatment, which has been at the center of a public debate over drug prices. In a lawsuit filed in federal court in Trenton, New Jersey, Sanofi said that Mylan's conduct has resulted in the company losing hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for a rival product, Auvi-Q.
Indoor residual spray most effective malaria control step: WHO
She said Maldives and Sri Lanka were certified malaria-free in 2015 and 2016 respectively, terming it as a stunning achievement. She said the theme of this year's World Malaria Day was enhancing prevention as a critical means of closing the gap and ending malaria for good. Singh underlined two highly effective ways to curb malaria, that is, by ensuring affected communities have access to long-lasting insecticidal mosquito nets, and by carrying out indoor residual spraying.
Indian couples may be aborting female foetus in Canada: report
Indian-origin couples living in Canada, mostly from Punjabi and Hindi-speaking communities, may be practising sex selective abortions due to their preference for sons, a new research has claimed. Population-based studies have demonstrated son-biased male to female ratios at higher birth orders among Indian immigrants in Canada. Son-biased sex ratios among Indian immigrants have been identified in a number of immigrant-receiving countries. Research has suggested that family building practices in these communities may be influenced by son preference and female discrimination, it said.
Odisha to distribute medicated nets in malaria prone dists
Odisha government will start distribution of Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN) in three tribal dominated malaria prone districts on the occasion of the World Malaria Day tomorrow, official sources said today. The districts where LLIN, also called medicated nets, would be distributed from April 25 are - Malkangiri, Koraput and Nabarangpur. The use of medicated nets will certainly help reducing rate of malaria cases in the state, an official said adding that 1.3 crore nets will be distributed under GFATM programme.
Gene reveals cause of fatal childhood disorder Study
A gene, involved in brain development, which can lead to severe disability and infant death, has been identified by scientists. Mutations in the gene cause profound developmental problems and seizures in young children, researchers have found. Showed how this gene had to function properly for the healthy brain to develop. Insights learned from the study may enable scientists to uncover new drugs to treat this rare disease. The study, published in American Journal of Human Genetics, was funded by the Medical Research Council.
Ahmedabad surgeon performs India's 1st robotic surgery
Reaching the celiac artery through conventional surgery is not that easy because it is deeply located under the crus of the diaphragm. Says Dr Apurva Vyas who started using robotic surgery in Ahmedabad in 2016. Adds Dr Vyas who has done nearly 900 gastric bariatric surgeries since he earned his Masters in surgery in 1996. He now heads obesity surgery practice at the 250 bed Sterling Hospitals in Ahmedabad. Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Systems in Western India are available in.
Narayana Hrudayalaya launches paediatric hospital in Mumbai
Leading healthcare services provider Narayana Hrudayalaya Ltd (NHL) today launched its first paediatric hospital in Mumbai to bolster its western cluster. We have launched inpatient services at its SRCC Children's Hospital at Mahalaxmi in Mumbai. The hospital also has a complete rehabilitation programme which intends to take care of allied patient care services like paediatric physiotherapy, psychometric analysis, behavioural counselling amongst others. We have made our maiden foray in Mumbai with first of its kind pure play children's hospital following the asset-right engagement framework.
Only 230 generic drugs available at AIIMS' medical store
The Prime Minister's push to generic medicines has received overwhelming support from the medical fraternity, but in the store of premier medical institute AIIMS only 230 such drugs are available. The RDA recently had also held a meeting with the in- charge of the Free Generic Medicines store over this issue. A list of generic medicines available has been prepared, which should be circulated in each department, the RDA said, adding each department should improve the list of generic drugs and update it accordingly.

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