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Tetraphase's antibiotic succeeds late-stage study
Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Tuesday its lead experimental antibiotic for serious bacterial infections met the main goal in a late-stage study. The company said the antibiotic, eravacycline, was being studied in a pivotal 500 patient late-stage study for intra-abdominal infections. Tetraphase said the drug showed statistically significant improvement in curing patients with intra-abdominal infections, compared to patients who were treated with Medicines Co's drug, meropenem.
23% of heart failure patients die within a year of diagnosis
In India, 23 per cent of heart failure patients die within one year of diagnosis, a study revealed on Tuesday, adding that the country is next to Africa where the rate stands at 34 per cent. Heart failure refers to the condition where the blood pumping capacity of the heart is reduced. Heart failure is a serious health hazard and can be life threatening if ignored, Mishra told IANS, while speaking about the rising heart failure cases.
Cancer patients in chemo ward may influence each other's survival
Cancer patients who receive chemotherapy intravenously typically spend hours in an outpatient clinic or ward as the drug is infused, over the course of several weeks. Studies have found that cancer patients with stronger social networks may live longer, particularly female patients, Lienert and his team write in the journal Network Science. In the new study, they investigated whether social encounters in the chemotherapy ward might have also an impact on patients' survival.
HIV-preventing vaginal ring found safe for girls: Study
A vaginal ring that contains an experimental antiretroviral (ARV) drug, previously found to provide protection against HIV infection in women, has been found safe and acceptable in teenage girls, researchers claim. The new study found the ring safe to use by girls aged under 18. The study found no differences in safety outcomes between the dapivirine ring and the placebo ring, the researchers noted.
Alcohol may actually help improve memory, says study
A new study has revealed that alcohol may improve memory about information learned before the drinking session began. Researchers from the University of Exeter in Britain conducted the study and are keen to stress that this limited positive effect should be considered alongside the well-established negative effects of excessive alcohol on memory and mental and physical health. For the study, 88 social drinkers were given a word-learning task.
Delhi govt to launch campaign on dengue, malaria prevention
In the backdrop of rising number of cases of malaria, chikungunya and dengue, the Delhi government has decided to launch a major campaign to raise awareness among people about methods of prevention. Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain today, however, said the proportion of cases being reported in Delhi are far less as compared to some of the other states, like Gujarat and Maharashtra. The total number of malaria cases recorded till July 22 has shot up to 230 while the chikungunya cases stand at 195.
Sperm count falling sharply in developed world, researchers say
Sperm counts in men from America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand have dropped by more than 50 percent in less than 40 years, researchers said on Tuesday. Both findings - in a meta-analysis bringing together various studies - pointed to a potential decline in male health and fertility. The analysis did not explore reasons for the decline, but researchers said falling sperm counts have previously been linked to various factors such as exposure to certain chemicals and pesticides, smoking, stress and obesity.
Why Rub Alcohol In Navel For Cold?
In rural areas, where there are no adequate medical facilities, people first try folk remedies. They may not sound rational or seem like logical practices but some reports say that they do work. For example, there is a practice of putting drops of oil in the belly button to cure certain types of health conditions. Here is one such remedy that involves alcohol in the place of various types of oils. Read on to know how it helps.
HCA Healthcare slumps as profit misses on weak patient volumes
HCA Healthcare Inc's profit missed estimates for the second straight quarter, hurt by higher expenses and weaker-than-expected patient volumes, and the hospital operator cut its full-year earnings forecast, sending its shares down 4 percent. Smaller rivals Community Health Systems Inc and Tenet Healthcare Corp were down about 8 percent, while Lifepoint Health Inc fell 2 percent. Mizuho Securities USA analyst Sheryl Skolnick said it was now clear that HCA needed external growth to augment slowing organic growth.
Age not a hurdle for IVF
The author is the Medical Director, Bloom IVF Group &Secretary General, Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Societies of India. IVF can be as effective in women in the post-menopausal group as in younger ones. The risk of anomalous fetus in IVF babies is the same as in general population. While cases with higher chances of a multiple pregnancy can opt for elective cesarean delivery, a normal vaginal delivery is possible following IVF.
Lilly signals long delay for arthritis drug, shares fall
Eli Lilly and Co on Tuesday outlined a likely multi-year delay for its experimental rheumatoid arthritis drug with blockbuster sales potential, and disappointed investors sent its shares down nearly 4 percent. In a surprise move, the US Food and Drug Administration in April declined to approve the drug, baricitinib, calling for an additional clinical study. Lilly said on Tuesday the FDA was concerned about a small, but increased number of potentially dangerous blood clots seen in baricitinib patients in clinical trials.
This 27-year-old Russian woman is a real life Rapunzel! Check out her pictures
A 27-year-old woman from Russia has been dubbed as a real life Rapunzel because of her amazing thick brunette hair that has come down almost to her ankles. According to a report in the Daily Mail, Daria said she will not trim her impressive mane until it reaches her toes. Reportedly, she has previously fought off accusations that her hair is a wig from followers who have doubted her hair is real.
Novel eye test may help diagnose autism
A new test, which consists of measuring rapid eye movements, may help identify people with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), scientists say. The test may indicate deficits in cerebellum, an area of the brain that plays an important role in emotional and social development, researchers said. The potential relevance of eye movement in individuals with Autism is the area of the brain that controls these actions, a densely-packed structure of neurons known as the cerebellum, they said.
Takeda taps nanotech player BioSurfaces for GI disease device R&D
Takeda and BioSurfaces have signed an agreement to develop medical devices for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. The Japanese pharma will contribute its gastroenterology know-how, while the devicemaker will bring its nanomaterial technology to the table. The method can be used to deposit the nanofibers onto a medical device or onto a mold to create a standalone material or device.
Insulin resistance linked to lower bone density
Decreasing sensitivity to insulin - often associated with obesity and eventual type 2 diabetes - may also cause young adults to have lower bone mass at a time of life when it should be at its peak, Korean researchers say. With insulin resistance, the body is less effective at using the hormone to get blood sugar into cells for energy, which leads to rising insulin levels.
U.S. senators seek ban on pesticide chlorpyrifos
A group of Democratic senators hope to ban a pesticide the US government has greenlighted for use, according to a bill unveiled on Tuesday in a challenge to Republican President Donald Trump's push to loosen environmental regulations. The bill, introduced by Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico, would outlaw chlorpyrifos, an agricultural insect-killer that has been found to cause brain damage in children.
These Are The Shocking Risk Factors Of Hepatitis!
Just like there are ailments that affect the other vital organs, there is a disease which affects the liver in particular - hepatitis. 2 other types of hepatitis, which are, autoimmune hepatitis and alcohol/toxin related hepatitis. Now, as the World Hepatitis Day is just around, let us look at some of the risk factors of the various types of hepatitis, here.
New hope for greying hair? Side effects of cancer drug turns grey hair brown!
Ageing gracefully aside, no one likes to see grey hair poking out of their heads. It's embarrassing enough that you have them, let alone having someone point it out to you. As per a report in the Deccan Chronicle, a cancer drug being tested by researchers in Spain has been found to have a side effect that turns grey hair brown in patients. Believed to be an isolated case initially, the tables turned when many more patients who used the drug showed the same result.
What Is The Best Time To Eat To Lose Weight Effectively
Sometimes your schedule can be so loaded that you might not have time to properly decide on what to eat and what not to eat. Some studies have shown that those who eat lunch late lost less weight than the early eaters. Further, people who ate nutrient-rich breakfast were able to manage their weight and it also improved their overall health. In this article, we have mentioned the best time to eat to lose weight.

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