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Oral cancer surgery turns less complex now
Reconstruction using the inner part of the cheek is emerging as a new technique for treating small to medium oral cancer. Oncologists say this marks a deviation from the present technique of treating defects of the tongue and the floor of the mouth by reconstruction using microvascular surgery. Tissue from an away part in the body like the hand is taken while doing microvascular surgery. The impact of the new procedure is that it avoids all morbidity associated with microvascular surgery.
Happy Dhanteras 2017: Wish your loved ones on WhatsApp, SMS and Facebook with these photos, greetings and quotes
Dhanteras, also known as Dhanatrayodashi, marks the first day of the five-day Diwali festival. This festival of wealth is celebrated in the month of Karthik, on the 13th day of Karthik Krishna Paksh. To pay respect to them, devotees pray to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber on the auspicious day of Trayodashi. Along with buying new metals, people also decorate their homes with colourful and intricate rangoli designs to welcome Lakshmi.
First came the deluge, Now comes the disease
With the rains showing no signs of letting up, there has been an outbreak of vector-borne and water-borne diseases across the city. First the deluge and then the disease. Having received a record rainfall, the highest in 115 years this monsoon, which has left its roads and homes flooded and even washed away a few people, Bengaluru is now witnessing the inevitable outbreak of disease. Of the five to six dengue patients coming to us every day, some 60 per cent require hospitalisation, he reveals.
Adequate hydration, rest and cleanliness make all the difference
With Bengaluru receiving the heaviest rainfall it has ever seen over the last few weeks, it is important that people become aware of the water-borne diseases that may arise during this wet season. People with weaker immune systems are more susceptible to these diseases and should consult a doctor in case of symptoms such as nausea, abdominal pain, dysentery, diarrhoea and fever.
Two words to break the silence
Overnight, these two simple words have become so powerful that they can probably move a mountain. People are always stronger in a group and such a campaign is giving them courage to speak up. Most of the people who did it to me, were very close to me and are on my friends' list. At least they are coming out to talk, but some feel suffocated within, which is very bad.
Nutrition for a healthy planet
Myriad food experiences and her roots have led her to specialise in crafting healthy food and generating holistic lifestyles for people. This conviction led me to found Vibrant Living, a company that produces organic and healthy, high-value organic foods. Sridevi has studied nutrition at both bachelors and masters levels along with attending and speaking at many food and nutrition seminars in the country. Both my husband and I continue to do a lot of research in the field of health and nutrition.
Live Cricket Scores & Results
Designer Suneet Varma, who was celebrating 30 years of his couture label's inception, was the slight aberration in the otherwise pret-dominant fashion week. Textile revivalist Madhu Jain tapped into the rich cultural heritage of Kerala for the first part of her collection. Anju Modi, who has lately been showcasing heavy bridalwear, kept khadi at the core of her refreshing pret offering. Saris, long jackets, kurtas and churidars in muted shades of mustard, blue and beige scored high on the wearability factor.
Voicing out the traumas
While it was slowly gaining popularity in Chennai, singer Chinmayi's tweet with the hashtag reached lakhs of her followers. If it is difficult for a woman to express she has been sexually violated in some way, it is tougher for the men. People don't take as much care to educate young boys who are at as much risk as girls. When asked about the impact that the trend is making, PC Samyuktha, from a popular theatre group in the city.
Aloud they declare: We too
Women across the world, across ages and races, can relate, nod to each other and say 'me too'. The world needs to know this is really happening, and women need to acknowledge it has happened to them. She too had faced it as an adolescent and an adult, from strangers and friends she had held in high regard. By the time I came back with help, my friend was struggling for life, his neck blue after being attacked.
All in 45 minutes!
Conceptualised by Sydney-based celebrity trainer Luke Istomin - the programme arrived in Chennai late last year, thanks to Deepti and her business partner Adith Easwaran. Even for someone like me, who's tried most things in fitness, my first F45 session was overwhelming!. That's when I decided to move to Chennai and set up a studio here, begins Deepti, who is originally from Hyderabad. The sessions are paced, such as 45 and 60 seconds of exercise, with 10-15 seconds of a break in between.
We'd rather have uncomfortably enlightened kids, thanks
Jenn is perhaps best known as the author of the popular parenting blog Breed 'Em and Weep (2005-2012). Based on author Harper Lee's Great Depression childhood in Alabama, the book was published in 1960 and won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1961. It's nothing short of a masterpiece of American literature, with over 18 million copies in print. The movie version - starring Gregory Peck as central character and best dad ever, Atticus Finch - won some Academy Awards too.
Napoleon, tourists, divers and flu: flight opens up remote St. Helena
On St Helena, the remote volcanic outcrop in the South Atlantic where Napoleon breathed his last, big changes are afoot - well, big by St Helena standards. Now, there is a weekly flight from Johannesburg - via Namibia's Windhoek - to the spectacular St Helena airport, perched precariously on the edge of a cliff. Now I have to check them in the morning and the afternoon. In the past week, the island's schools have been almost empty due to a bout of flu.
Harvard doctor reveals the best exercises for your body
You want to achieve your weight loss goal or get mentally stronger or physically fit. The idea of running puts you off and you can't seem to find what works for you and your lifestyle. According to a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, there are only four types of workouts you need to get your body healthy. Professor I-Min Lee claims the following exercises are better for weight loss, muscle building, bone strengthening and improving heart and brain health, the Metro reported.
39 percent of cancer cases in India recorded in Haryana
Cancer is strengthening its grip across India, and reportedly, Haryana has a major share, with over 39% of cases recorded in the state. Approximately 17.3 lakh new cancer cases are being estimated by the year 2020 in India, therefore with the present trends Haryana might have around 6.5 lakh cancercases by then. Breast cancer has a majority share of cancer cases and is the leading cause for deaths in women suffering with non-communicable disease.
Doctors in UP remove ovarian tumour weighing 3 kg from woman's body
A tumor weighing over three kilograms and measuring 28cms by 27 cms, was successfully removed from inside the ovary of a 22-year old woman over the weekend. The rare surgery was carried out by a team of five doctors at the prestigious Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS) situated in Hapur in Uttar Pradesh. After getting unsuccessful treatment at some private practitioner, she approached our institute during the first week of October.
US: Police arrest man trying to light cigarette with gas pump nozzle
Police in North Dakota have arrested a man for possession of drugs after first spotting him attempting to light a cigarette with the nozzle of a gas pump. The Bismarck Tribune reports that 29-year-old Skyler Whitebull, of Cannon Ball, was spotted by Bismarck police driving by the gas station. Authorities say Whitebull refused to put the nozzle back and took a fighting stance when an officer tried to stop him. He allegedly continued to resist and flailed his legs even while handcuffed.
One of the world's most remote islands finally welcomes its first commercial flight
The new weekly air service brings an end to what had been the only regular way to reach the island. The royal mail ship St Helena, which takes nearly a week to arrive from Cape Town, will stop its voyages in February. The SA Airlink plane conducted 13 flight trials at the St Helena airport in August, according to a statement by island authorities.
We're a little scared of this kid already
You might not have heard, but Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are raising a baby White Walker. Lively charmingly recounted the gory birthday meal in perfect detail to Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show this weekend. She had a birthday steak, and then she grabs the other one, and she's ham-fisting two steaks. No, but if 2-year-old James has her way, she and her sister will be going in very different directions, aesthetically speaking.
Diwali 2017: Head to toe, go for festive fashion
The festive season is the time to play with fashion. Silky green, blingy yellow, dusky hues, eye-popping shades of red and funky fuchsia are some bold colours of the season. While flimsy footwear can torture your body in more ways than one, the right footwear can take your festive look a notch higher. The elegance and enchanting charm of gold foil with block printing in floral and geometrical prints captivates the eye.
Indians love to share personal data on social media platforms
People in India are a happier lot when it comes to connect via social media platforms and 39 per cent of them trust the information they see on social media channels as compared to 32 per cent globally, new research said on Monday. Just 27 per cent objected to connected devices monitoring their online activities, compared to 43 per cent globally. Kantar TNS surveyed 70,000 people across 56 countries and conducted 104 in-depth interviews as part of the 2017 Connected Life study.

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