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How To Boost Your Motivation When You Most Need It
What I want to do is give you three simple strategies that are going to boost your motivation to complete tasks, finish projects and work towards an overarching goal. The fact of the matter is, motivation dies every single day. Motivation dies when we don't care for it and tend to it as if it were a fragile plant. Motivation doesn't have a whole lot to do with fitspo instagram posts of people holding green smoothies and wearing Lycra.
The Learning Curve: I Want To Get Better So This Is What I Did
I figure it will help me be a better public speaker. A better thinker about what is weird in the world. Here's what I did that Saturday to get better. For everything there is a learning curve. Some people like being on the part of the learning curve that flattens out.
John Ruskin: The Unbalanced Genius Who Established A New Work Culture
He influenced Gandhi, was viewed as unbalanced in his later years, and tried to create the ideal society. Rather, he saw work as an extension of ourselves - something that needed to be in harmony with our core beliefs. Even though he never became a famous artist, John Ruskin loved to paint nature, such as this picture from 1844. While his philosophy on the meaning of work has great relevance today - John Ruskin was an oddball when it came to his personal life.
Why MobiKwik is attempting to morph into a financial services provider
MobiKwik has so far raised $80 million in three rounds, from investors such as Sequoia Capital and American Express. While there are different models in the fintech ecosystem, what would help MobiKwik is forging a stronger relationship with the customer, he adds. It was always clear that payments will evolve into a data business, and wallets will morph into financial services marketplaces, says Sanjay Swamy, managing partner at Prime Venture Partners.
What a bunch of Indian startups have in common with Elon Musk's Tesla: Energy-efficiency ventures
There are large gaps in the way energy efficiency measures are understood and therefore implemented in India, he says. Indian ventures looking to crack the energy efficiency market can look to Elon Musk for inspiration. To this end, the maverick entrepreneur has seeded a series of ideas to try to make every watt count. New technology platforms and solutions from startups such as Smart Joules have begun to chip away at an age-old problem.
Google refuses to share salary data with the US government, accused of underpaying women
Google has refused to share salary information requested by the US Labour Department, saying that it would cost too much to retrieve the data. According to a report in ReCode on May 26, the US Labour Department has sued Google for salary records, arguing it is legally entitled to on grounds that Google is a government contractor. The search engine giant argued in a US court that it would take 500 hours and $100,000 to fulfil the Labour Department's request.
India-born Rajeev Misra Inducted Into Softbank Board of Directors
Japanese conglomerate Softbank today announced induction of India-born Rajeev Misra on its board of directors. The list of new board members includes Misra who is currently serving as chief executive officer of SoftBank Investment Advisers, the firm that will advise USD 100 billion SoftBank Vision Fund that will make investment in technology firms. SoftBank Group Corp (SBG) announces that today it has decided the candidates for the position of directors and audit and supervisory board members as below.
Driver-Owned Cab Aggregator Sewa Cab Begins Operations With A Cheeky Dig at Uber And Ola
Delhi's cab drivers have finally launched their own aggregator service, and they've started off by taking potshots at their former employers. Sewa Cab is only a week old, and is slowly finding its feet on Delhi's crowded streets. For an app which was built by a workers' union and not a technology company, Sewa Cabs is pretty slick. One crucial aspect in which Sewa differs from Uber and Ola is its Hail and Go feature.
Elon Musk unveils first look at Boring Company's visionary electric car
Elon Musk-led Boring Company has unveiled the first images of a concept vehicle that could one day slide through tunnels across cities. The latest images show a prototype electric vehicle that is much bigger than a car and looks like a stylised mini-bus with ample space for passengers to sit, stand and even fit a bicycle. The design resembles a golf car with covered glass enclosures.
SBI Seizes 300 Cabs, Suspends Car Loans To Ola-Uber Drivers
Country's largest public sector bank SBI has reportedly suspended car loans for Ola and Uber taxis across multiple cities. As per an ET report, the bank has reportedly seized close to 300 cars for payment defaults. Drivers with the cab aggregators have been complaining about loss of income due to decrease in incentives offered by Ola and Uber. Apart from this the loans were said to be covered under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana Scheme of Government of India.
UAE Hosts First Startup India Summit; 16 Indian Startups Take The Stage
Earlier this week, the embassy of India in Abu Dhabi, UAE in partnership with non-profit think tank iSPIRT, and TiE Dubai organised the Startup India Summit 2017 in Dubai. Speaking to Inc42, Mohandas Pai stated that the aim of the summit was to showcase Indian startups to the UAE and further build the India brand as a Product Nation. Additionally, the startup also connected with the Indian investor community there, who wanted to contribute back to India by investing in Indian startups.
Startup India Summit Goes International, Looks To Conquer UAE Market
Earlier this week, the embassy of India in Abu Dhabi, in partnership with non-profit think tank iSPIRT, and TiE Dubai organised the Startup India Summit 2017 in Dubai. This was the first Startup Summit being held in the UAE by the Consul General of India (CGI) in Dubai and Embassy of India in Abu Dhabi. Experts at the event called for greater collaboration between the UAE and India to develop startup ecosystems.
Status of arsenic-affected people diminish in society, say researchers
Arsenic-affected individuals may not appear sick but are dubbed as dangerous and often ostracised by society which perceives symptoms of arsenic toxicity-a mammoth problem in India and Bangladesh-as contagious, researchers say. Researchers from IISER-Kolkata say in a new article in Current Science that arsenic-affected individuals may not feel sick or look sick, other than some pigmentations on skin and skin discolouration, but their status in the society diminishes and they adopt a virtual identity as 'dangerous' people.
SoftBank Eyes Tiger Global Stake In Ola
As per a recent report by FactorDaily, SoftBank is in talks with Ola's major stakeholder Tiger Global to clinch its shares. Citing unnamed sources, the publication stated that SoftBank is looking to buy Tiger Global's stake in Ola for about $700 Mn. Owing to these developments, SoftBank may take up Tiger Global's stake to increase its shareholding in the company. The aggregator also provides shared mobility services on its platform like Ola Shuttle and Ola Share for commute and ride-sharing respectively.
Your smartphone obsession may aggravate bad behaviour in kids
If so, it may lead to behavioural issues in your children, researchers have warned. A new study suggests that even low or seemingly normal amounts of technology-related interruption were associated with greater child behaviour problems, such as over-sensitivity, hot temper, hyperactivity and whining. When parents use mobile technology, their responsiveness to their kids changes and the device use causes less-than-ideal interactions with their children.
Is Innovation The Most Prized Quality In An Entrepreneur?
Even if we do believe this to be important, it is essential to know if innovation can be the most important attribute in an entrepreneur. To get a holistic view, it is essential to understand the benefits and pitfalls of focusing only on innovation, as an entrepreneur. It leads to higher levels of internal operational efficiency for the organisation when the entrepreneur emphasises on innovation. For an entrepreneur, while innovation is definitely an attribute that he or she should possess and leverage.
What If Fear Is The One And Only Force Holding You Back?
I think fear is the most powerful - and most devastating - force in our lives. It prevents massive change, massive action and massive decision making, and it causes complete inertia. The inertia that springs from it is what stops people from taking small steps, and giant leaps.
Indian Government in Talks With SoftBank For Funding 2 Lakh e-Buses
To promote electric vehicles on a mass scale, the government is holding initial talks with Japanese investment firm SoftBank for low interest funding of 2 lakh electric buses for public transport, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said here today. We are engaged in initial talks with SoftBank for loans at low interest rate for a green project. The low interest rate funding is similar to what government did in case of major port JNPT.
Uber's new pricing model charges some passengers more
The new fare system is called route-based pricing, and it charges customers based on what it predicts they're willing to pay. It hadn't previously said how Uber was estimating those prices and continued paying drivers using the old model. The difference between the calculations of rider fares and driver pay could be the future of Uber's business. In the process, pricing became something of a black box for passengers and another source of tension with drivers.
Acquisitions accelerate as tech giants seek to build AI smarts
Tech giants seeking to reinforce their leads in artificial intelligence or make up for lost ground have been the most aggressive buyers. A spokesman for Apple did confirm the company's recent purchase of Lattice Data, a startup that specializes in working with unstructured data. For folks who really want to prove a new field, a new area, it makes more sense to be separate. Tech giants have been locked in a bidding war for academics specializing in artificial intelligence.

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