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BuzzFeed is getting into the smart appliance business with the Tasty One Top
The team's goal is to experiment with different commerce initiatives to figure out what works for BuzzFeed. In this case, the One Top is tied to Tasty, Buzzfeed's super-popular cooking brand - according to Tubular Labs, Tasty gets 2.3 billion video views each month. Along with announcing the One Top, BuzzFeed is launching the new Tasty app, which includes nearly 1,700 video recipes. BuzzFeed describes the One Top as a Bluetooth-enabled induction cooktop, which supports cooking with pots and pans as well as sous vide.
Snapchat Executives Leave the Company as Snap Stock Falls After IPO
Thomas, who has been with Snap since May 2015, came to the company from Google, where she served as the search giant's senior corporate counsel for almost 10 years. Lev has a similar background, having been at Google for more than 12 years before joining Snap snap in April 2016. The executive turnover may be a symptom of the challenges facing the company, but it's unlikely to be a cure.
Expedia, Others Fuel $500 Mn In Indonesia Travel Startup Traveloka
Indonesia-based travel startup Traveloka has raised $500 Mn in two rounds of funding. As per a recent company statement, Expedia has fuelled $350 Mn in the travel startup. With this Traveloka joins the unicorn league Gi-Jek, Grab, etc Founded in 2012, Traveloka is one of the most-popular travel startups in Indonesia that deals in flight search and booking services. As a result of the partnership with Expedia, Traveloka will also list international hotels, beyond Asia on its platform.
Chinese 'hackers' have hijacked the Tesla Model X to remotely control its brakes and doors
As Tesla prepares to release its latest Model 3 to the world, Chinese hackers have spoiled the party by showing off how they were able to hack into and take control of a Model X - and it isn't the first time. Last year Chinese security researchers were able to hack into a Model X, with the vulnerabilities swiftly patched. Luckily the 'hackers' were not nefarious cybercriminals, instead the white hat hackers actively look for vulnerabilities in order to raise safety and security.
UIDAI Files FIR Against Ola Money-Owned Qarth Mobile Payments App
Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has reportedly lodged an FIR with the Bengaluru police against mobile payments platform Qarth for allegedly misusing data accessed from the Aadhaar website. Chennai-based Qarth was acquired by cab aggregator Ola in March 2016, in a bid to strengthen Ola's mobile wallet service Ola Money. Regarding the recent data theft complaint against Qarth, an Ola spokesperson stated, Ola has neither commissioned nor is involved in any such activity.
Your smartphone is the key for the Tesla Model 3
The Tesla Model 3 is unique in a lot of ways, but one of the more interesting is its use of your smartphone as the only key - there's not fob, even, let alone an ignition for a traditional key. The vehicle uses the Tesla app on your smartphone to communicate your identity, unlock the vehicle, and know when it's ready to start and turn off.
Famed hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek are joining Cruise after leaving Didi and Uber
Noted security experts Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek - famed for remotely hacking a Jeep - are joining Cruise, GM's self-driving car company. The two had separated briefly when Miller left Uber to join rival Didi's new self-driving lab in California. Miller announced today that he was leaving Didi after just four months. Valasek is leaving Uber, where he heads up security technology for the ride-hail player's self-driving cars, sources familiar with the matter told Recode.
Jabong brings 70% flat discount on 'Big Brands' sale
The last two months has seen Flipkart and Amazon offering one sale after another and now online fashion marketplace Jabong has launched one of its biggest sale event. The Flipkart-owned site has titled it the 'Big Brand Sale' that will last the weekend sale where national and international brands are offering deep discounts. Jabong expects a substantial jump in its revenue from the sale and has had several celebrities talking about the deals on offer in the days running to the sale.
When Entrepreneurs Miss The Whole Point Of Starting Up
I enjoy building websites, designing apps, crafting wooden benches and tables - even writing science fiction and fantasy short stories. They've missed the point and missed it so badly they may as well be navigating by the stars while wearing a blindfold. When you're doing creative projects or starting a business, you need to be doing it because you genuinely want to do that work. If that's what you're in this for, not only have you missed the point - you need to grow up.
Funding 101: How Do You Value A Startup
One of the most contentious issues in the startup space is putting a valuation on the startup at the time of fundraising and the problem is there really is no standard way of doing this. We can't do this intelligently for a startup because most are pre-revenue, while others are just starting to gain traction. This is why no two people will ever agree on what the startup is worth.
Ofo, Bike Sharing Startup To Raise $1 Bn From SoftBank Group
Chinese startup Ofo is in talks to raise $1 billion in a new funding round led by Japan's SoftBank Group, people familiar with the matter said, in what would be the largest fund-raising in the nation's bike-sharing business. Didi Chuxing, China's biggest ride-hailing firm which counts SoftBank as an investor, could join Ofo's new fundraising round,the sources told Reuters. The latest Ofo investment plan has not been finalised, the sources said, who declined to be identified as the discussions are private.
India: RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group buys Gujarat-based Apricot Foods for $68m
The RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group on Friday said it had bought a controlling stake of 70% in packaged foods company Apricot Foods Pvt Ltd, for Rs440 crore. It produces snacks priced at Rs 5 per pack and has annual revenue of around Rs200 crore, Sanjiv Goenka, chairman of RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, said. The founders of Apricot Foods, Sanjay and Rajesh Patel, will for now hold the remaining 30% stake, according to Goenka.
Dear Floyd Mayweather, you're why the SEC exists
Dear Floyd Mayweather, While perusing Facebook, I chanced across your post drumming up interest in the upcoming Stox initial coin offering (ICO). The financial diligence on a traditional IPO takes months and involves hundreds of legal and financial experts. The SEC recognizes that buying stock in private tech companies is more risky than buying stock in blue-chip companies. Even with some regulation, very little precedent exists around ICOs and more rules are surely on the horizon.
Gas pump card skimmer now phones home
In an unsurprising move by credit card thieves police have found a new credit card skimmer that sends stolen data via SMS. By tearing apart cheap phones, crooks are able to send credit card information to their location instantly without having to access the skimmer physically or rely on an open Bluetooth connection. This skimmer connected to the internals of the pump and received power from the pump itself, meaning there was no need to worry about the battery failing.
India to remain biggest focus outside North America: Amazon
Amazon has reiterated that India will remain its biggest focus outside North America although the company's hefty investments in the country dragged its international business to its worst quarterly loss. Amazon has disclosed investment of Rs 2,120 crore in two major online commerce units in India - Amazon Seller Services and Amazon Wholesale - since the beginning of this year. Amazon India did not reply to specific queries from ET on its parent company's results and focus on India.
Snapdeal Shareholders Still Indecisive; SoftBank Threatens To Walk Out
Snapdeal's largest investor SoftBank has reportedly threatened to walk out if all the minority shareholders do not vote in favor of the merger deal with Flipkart. Commenting on the latest development, a source stated, SoftBank is exasperated by repeated objections and delays triggered by Snapdeal's smaller shareholders. There's a sense that SoftBank won't pursue the merger even if five per cent of the shareholders are unhappy with the revised Flipkart proposal.
Life Bot's new Alexa app can text you reminders, help with daily activities
At launch, Life Bot's Alexa app has a handful of tricks up its sleeve. Life Bot's longer-term ambition is to learn from its users, then be able to kick-off personalized workflows with a single voice command. Another might have Alexa dictate their schedule for the day, then receive a list of reminders that are in need of scheduling. To make it easier to get started, Life Bot combines voice app functionality with text messaging.
Placecast launches new product to verify the location data in mobile ad campaigns
Alistair Goodman, CEO of mobile marketing company Placecast, said location data is the next frontier when it comes to ad measurement and verification. That's what Placecast is planning to change with its new Location Verification product - Goodman described it as the first industry truthset for scoring the accuracy of other data. In fact, in early testing of the product, Placecast found that 25 percent of impressions were targeted improperly.
Stitch Fix has confidentially filed for an IPO
Stitch Fix has filed confidentially for an initial public offering, setting itself up for another big test for the IPO market in the near future, sources tell TechCrunch. Stitch Fix only recently hired its CFO, Paul Yee, in June - so it's possible that they will push this a little further out. Stitch Fix will also mark one of the big tests for modern e-commerce startups and their viability as public companies.
CocuSocial is a marketplace for affordable cooking classes
This is partially true - classes at places like Sur la Table can be close to $100 per person. On the other hand, CocuSocial charges $55 per class, regardless of if you're making sushi, handmade pasta or cupcakes. Normally attendees will order enough to meet the minimums, meaning the venue usage is free for the startup. These chefs get paid a set fee regardless of how many people are in their class, plus reimbursements for food.

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