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Social media stocks tumble as Wall Street fears regulation
Shares of Facebook (FB.O), Twitter (TWTR.N) and Snapchat-owner Snap (SNAP.N) fell further on Tuesday as Wall Street fretted over potential regulatory scrutiny that could hobble the business of the social networks. With concerns that Facebook's handling of users' data would lead to stepped up government regulation, social media rival Twitter slumped 9.0 percent and was on track for its worst day since July last year.
Arizona officials say not time to rein in self-driving cars
Arizona officials said on Tuesday they do not see an immediate need to tighten rules on the testing of self-driving cars in the state in reaction to a fatal accident involving an Uber autonomous vehicle. Uber, along with other technology companies and automakers, has been testing in Arizona, which regulates self-driving vehicles with a lighter touch than neighboring states, such as California. More than 600 self-driving vehicles are now testing on Arizona roads, according to the governor's office.
AMD to release patches to fix some chip flaws uncovered by CTS Labs
Chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices Inc said on Tuesday it planned to release patches to fix some of the flaws in its microprocessors pointed out by CTS Labs last week. Israeli cyber security research firm CTS Labs in its report said the attackers would need administrative access to exploit the vulnerabilities. Any attacker gaining unauthorized administrative access would have a wide range of attacks at their disposal well beyond the exploits identified in this research, the chipmaker said on Tuesday.
Cambridge Analytica CEO claims influence on U.S. election, Facebook faces questions
Cambridge Analytica said on Tuesday its board of directors suspended CEO Alexander Nix, shortly before the second part of British broadcaster Channel 4's expose of the firm's methods. US Senator Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, called on Tuesday for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify in Congress. A Congressional official said House Intelligence Committee Democrats plan to interview Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie. Facebook said Kogan then violated its policies by passing the data to Cambridge Analytica.
Arizona death brings calls for more autonomous vehicle rules
The deadly collision between an Uber autonomous vehicle and a pedestrian near Phoenix is bringing calls for tougher self-driving regulations. Police in Tempe, Arizona, say the female pedestrian walked in front of the Uber SUV Sunday night. Current federal regulations have few requirements specifically for self-driving vehicles, leaving it for states to handle. Many federal and state officials say their regulations are sufficient to keep people safe while allowing the potentially life-saving technology to grow. Explore further: Crash marks first death involving fully autonomous vehicle.
EU lawmakers, UK regulator press Facebook on data breach
Committee chairman Damian Collins said Facebook officials had consistently understated the risk of data being taken from users without consent. EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova, who has called the breach horrifying, will meanwhile seek clarification from Facebook during a visit to the United States this week. US lawmakers have already called on Zuckerberg to appear before Congress, along with the chief executives of Twitter and Google.
Airbus to name new CEO at end of year: company
European aviation giant Airbus said Tuesday it will name a successor to departing CEO Tom Enders at the end of 2018. France-based Airbus in December announced that Enders, who is German, would not seek reappointment when his current term runs out out next year. It has also faced challenges with the A380 superjumbo, the world's largest civilian airliner, as well as over-budget military transporter A400M. In early March it announced plans to cut around 3,700 jobs on the A380 and A400M programmes.
China's Tencent to take stake in Ubisoft games maker
Chinese internet giant Tencent has entered into a strategic partnership with Ubisoft that includes it taking a five percent stake, the French videogame publisher said Tuesday. Tencent will become a long-term shareholder in Ubisoft's capital as part of media company Vivendi selling its 27.3 percent stake in a 2-billion-euro ($2.5 billion) deal, Ubisoft said. Tencent operates China's ubiquitous WeChat messaging platform and is the country's leader in social media and gaming.
Many G20 members saw need for crypto-asset regulation: Japan official
Many Group of 20 finance leaders said some form of regulation would eventually be necessary for crypto-assets, a senior Japanese finance ministry official said on Tuesday. Many G20 members didn't take crypto-assets too positively and said some form of regulation was necessary, the official said after the group's gathering. In a communique issued after the meeting, the G20 finance leaders stopped short of calling for immediate regulations on crypto-assets but called on international standard-setting bodies to continue monitoring their moves.
U.S. TSA says it does not search travellers' devices for content
TSA said the screening is solely intended to verify that there has been no physical tampering or hidden threat placed within the electronic device. According to a TSA letter on Tuesday sent to the ACLU in response to the lawsuit, the agency said it does not search electronic devices for electronic content that may be contained on the device, and does not extract data from passenger electronic devices. A TSA spokesman said the letter confirms we do not search the contents of electronic devices.
E-vehicles one step closer
Telangana is warming up to electric vehicles even before a policy is put in place to make commute in the State eco-friendly. Bringing e-vehicles one step closer to roads, the Road Transport Authority (RTA) has accorded permits to dealers for temporary registrations in the State. The RTA has now permitted dealers exclusively dealing in e-vehicles to issue temporary registrations, a first for electric vehicles in Telangana.
G20 agrees to 'monitor' cryptocurrencies but no action yet
Finance ministers and central bankers from the world's 20 largest economies meeting in Buenos Aires asked regulators to monitor these crypto assets but stopped to stop short of any specific action, confirming a Reuters report published on Monday. We call on international standard-setting bodies (SSBs) to continue their monitoring of crypto-assets and their risks, according to their mandates, and assess multilateral responses as needed, G20 leaders said in the communique.
U.S. Senate Democrat wants Facebook CEO Zuckerberg to testify
US Senator Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, said on Tuesday that Facebook Inc (FB.O) chief executive Mark Zuckerberg should testify in Congress about his company's treatment of users' data. Fifty million people lost their privacy, Feinstein told reporters at the US Senate, amid mounting calls in Congress for the social media company to account for the mining of its users' personal data by a political consultancy hired by President Donald Trump's campaign.
IBM sees embedded chips to check fake goods
These technologies pave the way for new solutions that tackle food safety, authenticity of manufactured components, genetically modified products, identification of counterfeit objects and provenance of luxury goods, it added. Blockchain technology is poised as the future of digital transactions, infusing trust, efficiency and transparency into supply chains. Blockchains alone cannot ensure the authenticity of physical goods, the tech giant said. Arvind Krishna, Head of IBM Research, said the company believes these technologies are being developed aiming at solving societal problems.
Tesla denies Musk in talks with Israeli AI vision firm Cortica
US electric car company Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) said on Tuesday that Chief Executive Elon Musk, who was visiting Israel, did not discuss a collaboration with artificial intelligence firm Cortica. The reports that Musk was in Israel to discuss a collaboration between Tesla and Cortica are completely false, he was in Israel, but not to meet or have discussions with Cortica, said a Tesla spokesman based in Palo Alto, Ca.
Old is not always gold
Devil May Cry HD Collection consists of three PlayStation 2 games - DMC 1, DMC 2 and DMC 3 Special Edition. The remasters were first released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in March 2012, and are now available on PS4, Xbox and PC. The visuals have not undergone any major improvements as this is just a port of the original HD collection.
Celestial nymph from India charms New York art market
A painting by Raja Ravi Varma, Untitled (Tilottama), fetched $795,000 in the Sotheby's Modern and Contemporary South Asian Art auction in New York on Monday. Sotheby's Asia Week in New York this year features over 1,300 lots with a total estimate in excess of $50 million. Anyone following the art market would notice the escalating prices for works by Ravi Varma. In this painting, an apsara, a celestial nymph from Hindu mythology, appears in a playful pose.

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