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Former 'Brady Bunch' Star Under Fire After Report Of Homophobic Rant
Susan Olsen, the former child star who played Cindy Brady on The Brady Bunch, is under fire after allegedly unleashing a slur-filled rant against one of her critics. He accused Olsen of spreading outrageous misinformation, including the idea that a person can't be a liberal and a patriot at the same time. In 2013, she posted a moving tribute to Robert Reed, the reportedly closeted gay actor who played father Mike Brady on The Brady Bunch.
Patton Oswalt Reacts To Russian Hacking Revelation With No-Holds-Barred Post
Comedian Patton Oswalt has officially had enough with both Republicans and Democrats after the latest political scandal to erupt in the wake of Donald Trump's presidential victory. Following the release of a CIA report that concluded Russian hackers interfered with the election to help secure the White House for Trump, Oswalt shared a no-holds-barred post on Facebook expressing his disgust at the state of American politics. That Russia ALSO hacked the and are holding them over a barrel because of what they know.
From afar, Dylan muses on honor and surprise of Nobel prize
Nobel laureate Bob Dylan sent a message on Saturday thanking the Swedish academy for awarding him the Nobel prize for literature, an honor the American singer and songwriter believed was about as likely as standing on the moon. His absence has been widely debated in Sweden in recent weeks, where the Nobel prize is a huge source of pride. One member of the academy accused Dylan of being arrogant and rude as the singer remained silent after the award was announced.
Kirk Douglas Rings In The Big 100 With Birthday Bash Worthy Of A Legend
Those guests included legends-in-their-own-right Steven Spielberg and Don Rickles, as well as the centenarian's son Michael Douglas, daughter-in-law Catherine Zeta-Jones and wife Anne Douglas. They all gathered in the Sunset Room of the Beverly Hills Hotel to ring in Kirk Douglas' milestone. Screen legend Kirk Douglas celebrated his 100th birthday surrounded by friends and family at a star-studded dinner in the heart of Beverly Hills on Friday.
Annette Bening: Honored at New York Stage & Film Gala/ Mother Writ-Large in Mike Mills' Twentieth Century Women
If I were a woman, Rob Reiner said in a video of congratulatory messages for Annette Bening at the Plaza Hotel where this sublime actress was feted at the New York Stage & Film Gala, I'd be jealous. The next day at Bistro Milano, Bening joined Greta Gerwig and Mike Mills, her director in the new movie Twentieth Century Women, for a panel discussion. Mills said he learned from the poet Allen Ginsberg about creating drama inspired by his life.
Watch These Inspiring Celebrity Women Get Real About Supporting Each Other
Every year Billboard's Women in Music ceremony gathers the most empowering female artists in one room to celebrate women who've made an impact on the music industry and beyond. The Huffington Post and Makers caught up with some of these unapologetic stars and others on the red carpet to talk about the importance of supporting each other in an industry that too often diminishes women's voices.
Aziz Ansari Says We Shouldn't Let 'Bozo' Trump Define This Country
Comedian Aziz Ansari might be the self-proclaimed Master of None, but he's certainly perfected how to take down president-elect Donald Trump. I think it's bullshit, man, because we can't let the activities and ideas and thoughts of this one bozo define us as a country. There's millions of us that are doing amazing things, and let's let that speak for us, not other people, he added.
Conan's Spoof Phone Calls Between Barack Obama And Donald Trump Will Never Get Old
Conan O'Brien imagines the kind of things the president-elect may be asking the current commander in chief in a series of hilarious spoof telephone calls. From questioning whether Kazakhstan is a meat dish to complaining about the length of the Mexican border, Obama is luckily on hand to answer each of Trump's queries.
'Trump On A Stump' Is Jimmy Kimmel's Terrifying Alternative To 'Elf On The Shelf'
Jimmy Kimmel launched a frightening spoof alternative to the Elf on the Shelf on Friday. Kimmel said he feared the relatively new tradition of parents moving around their home a toy elf that Santa Claus purportedly sent to spy on kids in the run-up to Christmas was starting to lose its gravitas. I noticed the kids are not so worried about it any more, they don't fear the elf any more, the comedian said.
Newt Gingrich: Donald Trump Sticking With 'Celebrity Apprentice' Is 'Weird'
Stalwart Donald Trump supporter Newt Gingrich has denounced the president-elect's decision to continue as executive producer of the reality show The New Celebrity Apprentice when he's in office. He is going to be the executive producer of the American government and a huge TV show called 'Leading the World. ' Gingrich suggested Trump turn the program over to his three eldest children. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) slammed Trump for continuing with the program when he apparently doesn't have time for regular intelligence briefings, Politico reported.
The Dubai Film Festival Diaries: 'Their Finest', Thierry Frémaux's 'Lumière!' and Yousry Nasrallah
During the superabundance of interesting meetings, star-filled junkets and glamorous parties that make up the Dubai international Film Festival, at times I forget the most important part of this event - the films! It's the reason why I'm here, why we are all here in fact, audiences, filmmakers and media from around the world alike. A film made by a woman filmmaker, Lone Scherfig, about a female screenwriter who writes propaganda films during WWII in London.
Ho, ho, ho! SantaCon is coming to town
From Boston to Austin and Chicago to Los Angeles, revelers across the United States will be donning red and white suits this weekend to mark the worldwide SantaCon holiday pub crawl. We have established a cooperative, working relationship with the New York Police Department, which is very positive, he said in an interview. Organizers informed police, the Parks Department and the mayor's office of the SantaCon route and plans, which were agreed.

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