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Disney's 'Mighty Ducks' Goalie Busted for Petty Theft
The guy who played Mighty Ducks goalie Goldberg - is getting major penalty box time in real life for petty theft. Shaun was at a Fry's Electronics earlier this month and stole $151 in merchandise. Two days after his arrest, he pled no contest to petty theft, and was sentenced to 150 days in LA County Jail. We're told he got a stiff sentence because this was second petty theft bust. Shaun's been known to do a little standup.
Can 'Wonder Woman' Win Best Picture?
Variety reported on Thursday that the studio is plotting a formidable awards campaign for Wonder Woman, aiming to secure the first-ever Best Picture and Best Director nominations for a comic-book movie. will continue to screen Woman for Academy voters, hoping to capitalize on the organization's younger, more diverse new membership. It's unlikely Get Out will get in, but Dunkirk could very well snag slots in Best Picture and Best Director.
Kathy Griffin 'Completely Exonerated' After Secret Service Investigation
Trump met with Russian officials in the Oval Office the day after firing Comey, where he reportedly told Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Kislyak that Comey was a real nut job. I faced great pressure because of Russia, said Trump. The president also faced intense criticism for his discussion of highly classified intelligence during the same meeting. The Justice Department later appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee the Russia investigation.
'Spotlight' Priest, Convicted Child Abuser Paul Shanley Released from Prison
The ex-Boston priest convicted of child abuse and profiled in the movie Spotlight - is out of prison after serving 12 years. Shanley was released for good behavior - he'd been sentenced to 15 years. Shanley was convicted back in 2005 of raping a boy for several years in the 1980s. He was one of the first priests to go to prison following The Boston Globe uncovering the child abuse scandal in the Boston Archdiocese. Spotlight won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2016.
Treat Yo'self To This Glorious 'Parks And Recreation' Reunion
Two years have passed since Parks and Recreation aired its final episode, leaving us more distraught than Leslie Knope in the midst of a waffle shortage. The actress stars as a slightly deranged, social-media-obsessed woman who catfishes her way into the life of an Instagram influencer played by Elizabeth Olsen. Pratt and Plaza, who played husband and wife on the NBC series, even walked the red carpet together, giving us major Janet Snakehole and Burt Macklin vibes.
So, Cara Delevingne Is Breaking Into The Music Industry
Multihyphenate Cara Delevingne can now add singer to her title. As Megan Reynolds at Jezebel wrote, it looks and sounds like an edgy Banana Republic commercial, and honestly, that is so spot on. In the video, Delevingne smizes and rocks a suit and tie like the supermodel she is. For those who think Delevingne's transition into music came out of left field, it hasn't. The Brit has been crafting her career change right in front of our eyes.
Clooney vows to sue French magazine over twins' photos
The safety of our children demands it. They appear to be walking in a garden in what the magazine said was the Clooneys' villa near Lake Como in Italy. Voici magazine did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The babies are their first children for the couple, who married in Venice, Italy in 2014 in a big celebrity ceremony but who have tried to keep their personal lives private since then.
In 'Brave New Jersey,' Tony Hale Is A Doomsday Prepper Caught In A Rom-Com
Best known for his loyal doofuses on Veep and Arrested Development , Hale has switched gears in his upcoming comedy. In Brave New Jersey , he plays an overworked small-town mayor who sparks a romance while Martians invade Earth, supposedly. Directed and co-written by Jody Lambert, Brave New Jersey takes place on the night of Orson Welles' infamous 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast, with various residents of this central Jersey town prepping for a doomsday that would never come.
George Takei Has A Revelation About John McCain And Severus Snape
John McCain (R-Ariz.) became an antihero of sorts early Friday morning when he cast a shocking vote against the Health Care Freedom Act, helping to defeat the skinny repeal. McCain might bear some resemblance to the Harry Potter character, after all. - but turned out to be working against Voldemort and the resistance the whole time. Similarly, McCain returned to Washington shortly after brain surgery to cast his vote, which many assumed would be in favor of the bill.
Racially charged 'Detroit' is story that needed telling, Bigelow says
As a white filmmaker from Northern California, Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow was aware she may not be the perfect person to bring the racially charged story behind the 1967 Detroit riots to the big screen. It's a really important story that needs to be told, and that was my overriding motivator, Bigelow told Reuters on Wednesday. Bigelow, 65, was the first woman to win an Oscar for directing with her 2008 Iraq war movie The Hurt Locker.
'Transparent' Season 4 Trailer Drops With A Message For Trump
Amazon released the trailer for the fourth season of Transparent on Friday, and the Pfeffermans are headed to the Holy Land. The clip below shows the family picking up where they left off, navigating the slippery roads of identity, sexuality, family and love. People debuted the trailer just two days after President Trump tweeted that transgender people would no longer be allowed to serve in the US military in any capacity, although thus far the tweet is not backed up by any policy.
Mandy Moore Is Releasing New Music And Everything Is Right Again
If you, like us, have been missing Mandy Moore's music, you're in luck. The singer and actress just revealed plans to release new music next year. I want to return to music, Moore told People in an interview published Friday. While Moore continued to release music throughout the 2000s, her focus seemed to shift to acting. To say we're excited to hear her new music from Mandy Moore would be an understatement.
In This Charming 'Menashe' Clip, An Orthodox Father Bonds With His Doting Son
Fathers and sons form some of the most eclectic relationships in movies. Inspired by events from Lustig's life, Menashe revolves around the titular character's quest to buck religious tradition and raise his doting son without a spouse. The clip above, exclusive to HuffPost, showcases the duo's charming bond.
Hot Pie From 'Game Of Thrones' Opens Real-Life Bakery With Incredible Name
Ben Hawkey, the actor who plays the sweet, culinary-inclined Hot Pie on Game of Thrones has opened a real-life bakery in London. As soon as you read its name. Hawkey's bakery, You Know Nothing John Dough, opened exclusively through the delivery service Deliveroo on July 17 to coincide with the show's Season 7 premiere, per Digital Spy.
'Game Of Thrones' Actor Says Euron Actually Wants 'World Domination'
Pilou Asbaek's Euron Greyjoy has swaggered his way into Game of Thrones Season 7 with a new leather jacket and a new fleet of ships -- both of which have raised some eyebrows. He said he felt a connection to the series, which inspired the Game of Thrones TV show, in large part because it follows the tradition of long Viking sagas. It seems like you're having fun playing Euron this season with his Pirates of the Caribbean vibe.
George Clooney Plans Legal Action After Photos Of His Twins Spread Online
The safety of our children demands it. In 2013, Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner fought tirelessly to pass a bill, Senate Bill 606, aimed at protecting children of public figures. No parent should feel like their child is being taken advantage of because of the choices they made on their career paths, Bell told HuffPost in 2014. The basis of the issue is keeping strangers away from children, whether they have cameras or not.
Playing with fire: Czech artist creates steel portraits with flame
Czech artist Ladislav Vlna has swapped his brush for a blowtorch as he 'paints' with fire to create artworks that change according to lighting. Vlna's self-titled metallurgic painting technique results in surprisingly delicate and detailed pieces, mostly portraits or figures, with oxyacetylene torches. By creating shapes within the metal, it manipulates the light to emphasize the unique 'brushstrokes' the fire has molded. The picture placed on the same place looks different in the morning and in evening depending on the light changing.
John Boyega Needs A Vacation
Nearly two years after becoming a face of the most important franchise in film history, John Boyega is as charming as ever. This week, Boyega called to chat about Detroit, a film that couldn't be more different from Star Wars. Boyega, who also appeared in The Circle this year, has a delicate role. Detroit, opening in limited release this weekend and expanding nationwide Aug 4, is an interlude as the fast-talking Boyega steels himself for another bout of Star Wars madness.
Keke Palmer Slams Kylie Jenner For Not Being Herself On Social Media
Not only is Keke Palmer not buying Kylie Jenner's social media glow up, but she's also returning to sender and canceling her subscription. Although she admits it's absolutely so hard in the age of social media to be authentic online, Palmer sees Jenner as part of the problem she's trying to fix. The 19-year-old has admitted to getting lip injections to plump her now world-famous pout, but has adamantly denied undergoing plastic surgery.
Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire Cruising with Hot Chicks in St. Tropez!!!
For Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, it's always hunting season. Leo and Tobey partied aboard a yacht in St Tropez with a few hot chicks. Days after Leo raised about $40 million for his foundation benefiting wildlife protection. Tobey perfected his role as wingman chatting up a couple bikini-clad beauties. Gotta give it up for Tobey though.

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