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Onion juice for hair growth: Does it work?
Hair loss and hair thinning is a common problem, and many seek natural treatments to encourage hair growth. Researchers found that hair growth started after 2 weeks of using onion juice, which was applied to the scalp twice daily. Nutrients in the onion juice applied to the hair may nourish the hair follicles, which might increase volume, shine, and improve hair strength. The bottom-line is that the use of onion juice, as a hair treatment, is probably not a miracle cure for hair loss.
Why is my nose red?
The nose can also turn red due to skin and blood vessel issues, chronic inflammation, allergies, and a few other conditions. A person's nose can turn red because of changes in the surface of the skin or the blood vessels. Blood vessels in the nose can also swell or break open, creating a red or swollen appearance. Allergies may also cause blood vessels in and around the nose to swell or burst under the skin, making the nose look swollen and red.
One Last Visit to See My Patient
Hospice should actually be thought of as game on - now it's time to really start taking care of the patient. I was intensely grateful that this patient remained comfortable, happy, pain-free and able to remain in her home with her loving family. My patient certainly fit that definition, but as we focused intensely on making her more comfortable, she was living longer. Every six months I recertified that my patient indeed had end-stage cardiac and respiratory disease.
McCain Announces Opposition to Republican Health Bill, Likely Dooming It
For months, Mr McCain has lamented a Senate legislative process that avoided hearings or formal bill-drafting procedures and excluded Democrats. " A bill of this magnitude requires a bipartisan approach," Mr McCain added. It's a loss for Republicans, said Representative Mark Walker of North Carolina, the chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee. The bill would also give states the ability to opt out of insurance regulations under the health law.
Arcus senilis: Causes, symptoms, and treatment
Arcus senilis appears as a white, gray, or blue ring or arc around the cornea of the eye. Arcus senilis is generally harmless, although it can sometimes be a sign of high cholesterol in people under 45 years of age. The vast majority of people affected by arcus senilis are older adults, as the main cause of the condition is aging. Arcus senilis occurs due to fat deposits, often referred to as lipids, forming in the outer part of the cornea.
Caffeic acid: Uses, side effects, and foods
Although the research is preliminary, some studies suggest that caffeic acid might slow cancer development or prevent the disease altogether. Although caffeic acid did slow tumor growth, it was less effective than two other substances, chlorogenic acid and ferulic acid. The promising nature of the research, however, suggests that eating foods high in caffeic acid might support other cancer treatments a person may be receiving. The safest option is for someone to eat a variety of foods rich in caffeic acid.
High fluoride levels in pregnancy may lower offspring IQ
Researchers suggest that high prenatal exposure to fluoride - which is found in tap water and dental products - could hamper child intelligence. A new study suggests that children exposed to high levels of fluoride in utero may be less intelligent than those exposed to lower levels. Dr Hu and colleagues build on such research, after finding that prenatal exposure to higher fluoride levels could hamper a child's intelligence.
OCD: Cognitive behavioral therapy improves brain connectivity
MRI scans show that people diagnosed with OCD who have undergone CBT have intensified connectivity between key brain networks. Researchers have used brain scans to measure changes in the cerebral activity of people with obsessive-compulsive disorder after undergoing a type of cognitive behavioral therapy. They found that the connectivity of key brain networks is improved, suggesting new targets for therapy.
Blocking the 'love hormone' may reduce social anxiety
A new study in the journal Biological Psychiatry suggests that inhibiting the hormone oxytocin may help people to recover from unpleasant, stressful, or traumatic social situations. Studies have shown that, when exposed to stressful social situations, female mice exhibit increased activity in oxytocin-producing neurons and tend to avoid subsequent unfamiliar social situations. The researchers' hypothesis is that oxytocin, rather than simply promoting social bonds, amplifies the effects of both positive and negative social interactions.
Nine ways to raise blood pressure
Most doctors will only describe low blood pressure as a problem if a person has the symptoms of low blood pressure. Most people with low blood pressure do not need medications or other medical interventions to raise blood pressure. There are plenty of natural ways and lifestyle changes to raise low blood pressure, including the following lifestyle changes. People with low blood pressure should consider increasing their sodium intake moderately to help raise blood pressure.
At Florida Nursing Home, Many Calls for Help, but None That Made a Difference
As Irma threatened and then passed, nursing home workers reassured families that their loved ones would be safe. More than 164 assisted living facilities and 29 nursing homes did evacuate after the storm, according to the Florida health department. In 2006, Florida lawmakers considered requiring nursing homes to maintain generators to ensure comfortable temperatures during disasters. The home was right next to the hospital and offered round-the-clock nursing care, two important factors for families choosing a home.
Can you increase your height as an adult?
Unfortunately for most adults, there is not much that can be done to increase height. After age 18, most tricks to increase height will not work, even with good nutrition and exercise. Most females reach their full adult height between the ages of 14 and 15. While adults cannot do much to increase their height, they can take steps to avoid age-related loss of height. No, an adult cannot increase their height after the growth plates close.
How to tell if you've had a good night's sleep
Sleep problems are rife in our society, but how we perceive our sleep quality is very personal. Find out what sleep experts say the telltale signs of a good or bad night's sleep are, and why the data from sleep trackers doesn't necessarily reflect how we feel about our sleep quality. In a 2017 report published in the journal Sleep Health, the National Sleep Foundation assembled a team of sleep experts to define what indicates good-quality sleep.
Coughing at night: Ten ways to relieve a nighttime cough
When coughing occurs at nighttime, it can interrupt sleep and prevent a person from getting a good night's rest. A person can try using a humidifier at night to add moisture to the air where they sleep. Sleeping with the head elevated can decrease postnasal drip and symptoms of GERD, which both cause coughing at night. Coughing at night can be caused by a wide variety of conditions, some of which are short-term and disappear within a week or two.
How purple potatoes could prevent colon cancer
Increasing the intake of purple potatoes and other colorful fruits and vegetables could lower the risk of colon cancer and many other diseases, according to the results of a new study. In a study of pigs, researchers found that supplementing a high-calorie diet (HCD) with purple potatoes led to a reduction in levels of interleukin-6 (IL-6) - a pro-inflammatory protein that studies have shown can promote colon cancer - in the colon.
Roche cancer immunotherapy Tecentriq wins EU approval
Roche immunotherapy Tecentriq has won European Union approval for treating advanced lung and bladder cancer, the Swiss drugmaker said. The European Commission approved Tecentriq, also known as atezolizumab, as a monotherapy for locally advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) after patients have been treated with chemotherapy.
'Mood spreads from person to person via social contagion'
Robert Eyre, a doctoral student at the Complexity Science Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Warwick, led this study. Eyre and team note that existing studies have already started mapping a concept called social contagion, suggesting that our social environments impact our emotional profiles. Some research more specifically targeted teenagers, showing that adolescents with strong friendship groups tend to have better mental health.
Wide-faced people may have a higher sex drive
Multiple regression analyses were carried out, which revealed a strong positive correlation between FWHR and sex drive in both men and women. People with a restricted orientation tend to be uncomfortable with the thought of casual sex or sex outside of an established monogamous couple. Both men and women with a higher FWHR - meaning that their faces are shorter, wider, and more square - reported a higher sex drive.
42 Minutes, £2,600 Lost: The U.K.'s Growing Gambling Problem
The configuration of the machines themselves is unique to Britain, partly because their settings are illegal in some other countries. To comply with British law, the country's bookmakers must voluntarily donate money each year for research into and treatment of problem gambling. The charity has attracted criticism because until recently, roughly half of its trustees were representatives of the gambling industry. Yet others, including Mr Franklin, say the government needs to reform not just machine gambling, but also the industry as a whole.
Yes, Aaron Hernandez Suffered Brain Injury. But That May Not Explain His Violence.
A number of brain states raise the risk of acting out violently, and the evidence so far, while incomplete, suggests that CTE may be one of them. In a recent study of dementia patients, Swedish researchers found that 97 of 281 dementia patients had a history of aggression. Over the past decade, many courts have been reluctant to admit brain scans as exculpatory evidence.

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