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WHO says India reports cases of Zika virus
India has reported cases of the Zika virus, the World Health Organization said, adding that efforts should be made to strengthen surveillance. The WHO said that on May 15 India's health ministry reported three confirmed cases from the western state of Gujarat. These findings suggest low level transmission of Zika virus and new cases may occur in the future, the WHO said in the statement on its website.
Pain in left arm: Possible causes, other symptoms, and treatment
Though small aches and pains are a normal part of aging, sudden or unusual left arm pain can be linked to a more serious condition. Left arm pain is one of the most common symptoms of a heart attack. This phenomenon, called referred pain, explains why a person experiencing a heart attack might feel arm pain without having chest pain. Women are more likely than men to experience symptoms without the typical chest or arm pain.
Bulgaria to conduct food product checks amid quality concerns
Bulgaria said on Saturday it would conduct checks on different food products of multinational companies sold in the Balkan state and compare them with food sold in richer western European countries, amid concerns over quality. Consumer groups have complained that popular brands use poorer-quality ingredients in products sold in central and eastern Europe than in countries like Germany and Austria. They have had little recourse to complain because the European Union only requires that the packaging contain a clear list of all ingredients.
Eczema herpeticum: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment
A rare and sometimes serious condition, eczema herpeticum causes symptoms that can lead to a medical emergency. It goes on to explore the causes, symptoms, and treatments for eczema herpeticum, the infection that happens when these two conditions meet. Eczema herpeticum is a rare but serious complication, which can happen when skin that is affected by eczema comes into contact with the herpes virus. Symptoms of eczema herpeticum do not appear immediately after exposure to a cold sore or genital herpes.
Latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction: What to expect
While there are several reconstructive options available, latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction is a good option for many women who are not candidates for other reconstructive procedures. In this article, we take a look at what happens in latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction, including what women can expect from the surgery and who may benefit from it most. A latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction does have some advantages, such as being close to the donor site as well as the blood vessels it requires.
Fathers more responsive to toddler daughters than sons
Fathers' brains react differently to daughters than sons, according to a study published in the journal Behavioral Neuroscience. Fathers tend to sing more and discuss emotions more openly with daughters than with sons. Study results showed that fathers of daughters were more attentive and responsive to the child's needs than fathers of sons. While rough-and-tumble is associated with boys, fathers may want to include more of this type of play with their daughters, suggests Mascaro.
Can daith piercings help with a migraine? What the experts say
In this article, we look at daith piercings and examine the available evidence around this treatment. A migraine is the third most common disease in the world and causes severe head pain lasting for hours or days. Before undergoing daith piercing to relieve a migraine, it is wise to speak with a qualified acupuncturist or auriculotherapy practitioner. These alternative therapists may help an individual decide whether daith piercing is a preferable option to the therapies they offer.
'Heat-not-burn' cigarettes still release cancer-causing chemicals
- A new type of heat-not-burn cigarette releases some of the same cancer-causing chemicals found in traditional cigarette smoke, a recent experiment suggests. The smoke released by this heat-not-burn cigarette had 84 percent of the nicotine found in traditional cigarettes, researchers report in JAMA Internal Medicine. Heat-not-burn cigarettes also released chemicals linked to cancer including carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).
Tremors tied to recreational drugs can linger in former users
- Recreational drugs like MDMA and amphetamines have long been linked to a variety of movement disorders, and a new study suggests that basic motor skill impairment may linger even among former users. Both drooping arms and tremors were more common in current stimulant users than in people who never used the drugs. It was previously known that regular central nervous system stimulant use could damage fine motor skills, Parrott said by email.
An Effect of Climate Change You Could Really Lose Sleep Over
Dr Obradovich is a political scientist who researches both the politics of climate change and its likely human impacts, holding appointments at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Sure enough, he found a correlation between higher temperatures in particular cities and disturbed sleep as reported by their residents. Dr Obradovich acknowledged that a survey about sleep over the previous month was subject to the vagaries of memory.
Statins may improve heart structure, function
Statin treatment may improve the structure and functioning of the heart, a new study shows. Statins are a type of drug commonly used to lower cholesterol levels in people with a higher risk of heart disease. They can improve the function of blood vessels by preventing them from building up additional plaque, as well as reduce inflammation. The study examined the link between statins and the structure and functioning of the heart, looking at 4,622 people with no history of cardiovascular disease.
The Lazarus phenomenon: When the 'dead' come back to life
In 2014, a 78-year-old man from Mississippi was declared dead after a hospice nurse found him with no pulse. The Lazarus phenomenon, or Lazarus syndrome, is defined as a delayed return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) after CPR has ceased. Since 1982, when the Lazarus phenomenon was first described in medical literature, there have been at least 38 reported cases. The Lazarus phenomenon is a grossly underreported event, notes nephrologist Dr Vaibhav Sahni in a 2016 report.
Several non-drug options help with fatigue during, after cancer treatment
Non-drug approaches that work best at relieving cancer-related fatigue may differ during and after cancer treatment, according to an analysis of past trials. During treatment, relaxation practices had the strongest fatigue-reducing effect, but after cancer treatments are complete, yoga provided the biggest benefit. Relaxation seems to be an important part during cancer treatment, Hilfiker said. Saligan is researching cancer-related fatigue and interventions from a biological perspective, aiming to understand what happens in the body to reduce the fatigue.
Old drug points to promising new direction for treatment of autism
A small trial involving 10 boys with autism spectrum disorder showed promising results from treatment with a drug called suramin, which was originally developed 100 years ago to treat African sleeping sickness, a parasitic disease. Boys who received a single dose of the drug showed measurable, though not permanent, improvements in autism spectrum disorder symptoms. New research shows that a drug developed over a century ago could successfully treat autism.
Older adults might be able to stave off arthritis knee pain with fiber
Older people who eat the most fiber are at lower risk of developing knee pain and stiffness due to osteoarthritis (OA), new research shows. The current average fiber intake among US adults is about 15 grams, she noted. This is the first study to show that consuming more dietary fiber is related to lower risk of painful knee osteoarthritis, Dai said. Changing diets by increasing intake of dietary fiber seems to be one of the most economic ways to reduce the risk of knee osteoarthritis.
EpicGenetics looks north to expand landmark fibromyalgia study
For four years, EpicGenetics has been selling its diagnostic for fibromyalgia in the US Now it can list Canada among its international markets for the test. The Santa Monica, California, company made waves when its FM/a blood test for fibromyalgia secured a CLIA certification and became the first test available for fibromyalgia, which often goes undiagnosed because its symptoms can be so diverse.
McConnell May Have Been Right: It May Be Too Hard to Replace Obamacare
The challenges facing Senate Republicans are so great that overhauling the tax code is starting to look easier by comparison. This week, the normally circumspect Mr McConnell conceded that it was going to be difficult to get the votes needed from Republicans to pass a health care bill. Every week brings word of insurers seeking big rate increases or announcing plans to pull out of another market in 2018.
Stress rash: How stress affects the skin
The development of rashes on the skin is a common physical symptom of stress that can occur in us all. Stress can play a big or small part in peoples daily lives, but it may also manifest in physical ways as well. One of the places where stress may have an impact is on a person's skin. Stress can trigger an outbreak of hives that can make up a stress rash.
Safe Sex: Chinese buy condom business as savvy youth spur demand
April Zhang, a 21-year-old student from Shanghai, reflects the fast-shifting attitudes of China's younger generations toward sex. This sex savvy generation is set to spur sharp growth of the country's condom market, a key driver behind a deal by Chinese investors to buy the world's No 2 condom business for $600 million from Australia's Ansell Ltd (ANN.AX). This is a very important product, if it goes wrong just once then the consequence is severe, she said.
U.S. college teaches veterans to heal each others' mental wounds
She finished her four-year enlistment and enrolled in William James College, which says it is the only US psychology graduate school focused on training veterans as counselors. We don't believe by any means that only vets can help vets, but we think it's a good career pathway. Estimates of how many of the country's 19 million veterans experience mental health problems vary widely.

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