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5 unexpected sources of bias in artificial intelligence
The reality is that not only are very few intelligent systems genuinely unbiased, but there are multiple sources for bias. These sources include the data we use to train systems, our interactions with them in the wild, emergent bias, similarity bias and the bias of conflicting goals. Most recently, this kind of bias has shown up in systems for image recognition through deep learning. A clear example of this bias is Microsoft's Tay, a Twitter-based chatbot designed to learn from its interactions with users.
Soccer fans can watch the MLS Cup live in VR tonight
For instance, the MLS Cup hasn't even been broadcast live on an English-language network since 2008! Fox is airing the MLS Cup tonight between Toronto FC and the Seattle Sounders starting at 8pm ET. To make up for the lack of attention Soccer typically gets, they are even going to stream it in VR. It will be available in Fox's dedicated VR app available for iOS, Android and Gear VR, all of which are powered by LiveLike.
Software is due for a bundling event
Markets have a tendency to cycle from bundling to unbundling, and software is due for a bundling event. The cloud, open APIs, next-generation messengers and machine learning are combining to turn the end-user interface to enterprise software into a unified experience. There have been attempts to do this, ranging from portal servers like Portal Software, to Enterprise 2.0 collaboration software like Jive Software, to communications platforms like Yammer.
Delivery Hero acquires Foodpanda as Rocket Internet shuffles online takeout pack once again
Rocket Internet has shuffled the online takeout pack of cards once again. A move that should help fatten up Delivery Hero a little more for a long-rumoured planned IPO of its own. As a result, Rocket Internet will increase its ownership in Delivery Hero to 37.7 per cent on a fully diluted basis post transaction. In addition, Delivery Hero says foodpanda will enable it to consolidate its market leadership position in the Middle East.
Commerce Dept. to send "digital attachés" to Mexico, South Korea and four other nations
According to Department of Commerce data, services that are delivered online account for more than half of US services exports, and one-sixth of all US goods and services. Third is the rise of fully digital industry segments like virtual reality and augmented reality in games, media and entertainment. Pritzker said the six nations added to the Commercial Digital Attache Program were selected because US companies already have huge engagement there, in terms of trade and commerce overall.
the new design rules for startups
Privacy by design, data minimization and the right to be forgotten are all requirements of the GDPR. If you're based in Australia, you may now be aware of the Australian Productivity Commision's Data Availability and Use Report. Personal data is no longer simply an asset that sits in aggregate form on the balance sheets of large organizations. It is swiftly becoming an asset of the data subject, the human being to whom that data relates.
Segment adds Google BigQuery to expand its customer data platform
Segment helps businesses manage all their data from services like Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Salesforce - and send that data to a variety of destinations, whether it's an attribution product or a data warehouse. The company announced yesterday that it's expanding its offerings on by integrating with BigQuery, Google's data warehousing service. We've noticed a real upsurge in demand for BigQuery, he said.
How our AI called a scenario for Trump being elected and the 'why' behind it
If you are an investor in AI, your ultimate bet is that the process of knowledge and reason will itself be commoditized. Mathematically, it is impossible to know whether a sunrise will occur until it actually does - somewhat similar to the Schrodinger's cat thought experiment. Prior experiences showed that support for Trump surged, following the horrific attacks in Paris and Brussels and after the stock market meltdown in January-February 2016.
SIXA secures $3.5M as it launches its cloud computer for developers
SIXA is aiming to free the PC and move computing to the cloud with its low-latency virtual machines geared towards developers. The recent Y-Combinator grad just closed a $3.5 million round of seed funding led by Tandem Capital. Even in its limited beta, SIXA saw serious demand as thousands of developers swarmed to access the service, said Doug Renert, Partner at Tandem Partners. This funding really allows the SIXA team to respond to this demand quickly by taking the shackles off.
New Michigan law prepares for autonomous future
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder visited the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, MI, which honors the automotive past, to sign a bill that aims to enable the automotive future. The law creates regulations for testing, using, and selling autonomous vehicles in the state and clarifies how these vehicles will be used on public roads. The law specifically allows vehicles that have no human controls - no steering wheel, no pedals - to be tested in Michigan.
Verizon won't push Samsung's Note 7 bricking update
Early this morning Samsung announced plans to finally extinguish the on-going fire that is the Note 7 once and for all here in the States by way of a software update that won't allow the troubled phone to charge at all. Verizon quickly issued a follow up statement, citing the potential risks involved in killing the phone altogether.
Gamer chat app Discord hits 25 million users, can now be used in developers' own games
This voice and text chat app for gamers - a challenger to incumbents like Skype and Teamspeak - has since grown to 25 million registered users, who are sending 100 million messages per day across its platform. It lets players engage with one another, by doing things like posting their game replays, loops and achievements in a text channel. Developers, of course, can pick whichever features they want to use when they integrate Gamebridge into their own applications.

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