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Callisto to launch sexual harassment tracking for tech startup founders
Callisto today announced plans to launch a platform for tech startup founders to report incidents of sexual harassment. Callisto's tech startup founder offering will focus on sexual harassment and unwanted sexual contact of any kind. When a match is identified in the tech industry version, the victim is notified by a Callisto Options Counselor. We are proud to support Callisto as they scale their impact and change the culture of sexual violence that has persisted for far too long.
February NPD 2018: Monster Hunter repeats as top game in the U.S.
Nintendo was February's leading publisher in software dollar sales, while Capcom remains the top-selling publisher of 2018. While Nintendo Switch is filling in the gaps left by the other platforms, Capcom's Monster Hunter is one of the main reasons we are seeing year-to-date growth. After leading the market in January, Monster Hunter: World repeated as the month's top-selling title overall, once again leading on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, said Piscatella. Unsurprisingly, Monster Hunter: World is currently 2018's best-selling game.
Zuck and Sandberg go M.I.A. as Congress summons Facebook leadership by name
The bad thing about making your face synonymous with with the company you run: When you go MIA, everyone tends to notice. Without any kind of public statement from one of the faces of the company, Facebook users are starting to feel stood up too. Sandberg specifically was named in a damning bit of the New York Times story on Stamos's near rage-quit. It's likely that Wyden, who issued Facebook an April 13 deadline for his questions, supports Warner's zeal for getting Zuck under oath.
Hackers gain access to 880K credit cards from Orbitz customers
Today, online travel agency Orbitz disclosed that hackers managed to get both credit card data and personal information from users who made their travel purchases on the site between January 1, 2016 and December 22, 2017. In total, the company says, that's about 880,000 payment cards that were access from what the company calls a legacy Orbitz platform.
Taking command of voice: What the new channel means for marketers
The two brands have created voice marketing content that answers questions from their expertise as leaders in their respective fields. The brand is taking a creative approach to its transition to voice by pairing voice activation features with video. Their virtual bar assistant app uses a combination of video and voice to convey more information without overwhelming voice searchers. Whatever you do, it's important to start planning for voice as a channel for your consumers.
Salesforce is buying MuleSoft at enterprise value of $6.5 billion
Salesforce today announced that it intends to buy MuleSoft in a deal valued at a whopping $6.5 billion. That's not the selling price, but the amount the company has been valued at based on stocks, bonds and cash on hand. What's more, the deal values each Mulesoft share at $36 in cash and 0.0711 shares of Salesforce common stock. It gives Salesforce a mature company to add to its arsenal with 1200 customers.
CryptoKitties blockchain sensation raises $12 million
CryptoKitties became a sensation after it debuted in November as a collectible game built on top of a blockchain and the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Now the Axiom Zen game studio is spinning it out as a separate company, and it has raised $12 million funding for this endeavor. The idea behind CryptoKitties is to make blockchain technology accessible and relevant to everyday consumers. Rather, the company calls them cryptocollectibles, which use blockchain technology to authenticate ownership of a particular CryptoKittie character.
Sea of Thieves is mesmerizing and hilarious
Microsoft and developer Rare launched Sea of Thieves last night for Windows 10 and Xbox One. Sea of Thieves has a simple mission structure where you and your fellow pirates grab missions from various factions. A lot of what makes Sea of Thieves fun so far is how you fill in the time between these fetch quests. Another aspect of Sea of Thieves that has me looking forward to spending more time with it is its beauty.
Tradewind Bioscience attacks the physiology of tumors to treat cancer
By contrast these treatments look to stop the growth of tumors by focusing on inhibiting the biological processes that encourage that growth. Tradewind Bioscience, which is launching today at Y Combinator's winter demo day, is taking this approach. Bishop's lab was one home for novel cancer research, but UCSF wasn't alone in breaking new ground on cancer research. That Tradewind's therapy is potentially able to treat two very different kinds of cancer is remarkable because cancer is considered to be a very unique disease.
Sotheby's debuts augmented reality home staging app using Google ARCore
Working in partnership with VR/AR developer Rooomy, Sotheby's today launched Curate, a virtual staging app that enables an empty home to be filled with the prospective buyer's choice of interior decor and furniture, then viewed in real-time 3D. Historically, agents and sellers have used pricey professional staging services, filling a home with sample furniture that is chosen for inoffensiveness to prospective buyers. Sotheby's notes that this step lets buyers see a house as their own home, increasing confidence in any purchasing decisions.
Milwaukee's startup community is growing with help from local and national organizations
While there has been a lot of recent growth in the Milwaukee startup scene, the startup community has historically faced challenges. Many have reported a lack of support resources available to local startups, including a lack of capital. These established companies have helped aid recent organic growth in the Milwaukee startup community, giving small, emerging companies the means to grow their businesses. While Milwaukee's startup scene is still young, some of its most notable organizations now have several years' worth of experience.
Get ready to start seeing more local ads on YouTube
This is significant expansion, in terms of reaching potential YouTube advertisers who would have otherwise not had the resources to write, film and edit a professional ad for YouTube. It's available at no charge for any business that commits to spending at least $350 to advertise the video on YouTube. The YouTube Director onsite website also features a number of other ads created via the service, to showcase the professional quality of what can be produced.
Cambridge Analytica CEO Andrew Nix has reportedly been suspended
Andrew Nix, the CEO of the London-based voter profiling company Cambridge Analytica - which harvested private information from more than 50 million Facebook users without their permission to analyze their voter behavior - has been suspended from his job, according to Bloomberg's David Meyers. We've reached out to the company for more information but have yet to hear back from our sources there. In one minute-long clip, Nix boasts of entrapping politicians to meet its clients' needs.
Crowdvilla will leverage blockchain to rejuvenate the timeshare industry
If ever there was an industry that needed an overhaul, it is this one. That's precisely what Reidao, the Singapore-based company that is digitizing real estate assets on the blockchain, is hoping to achieve. Today, Reidao has announced Crowdvilla, its not-for-profit organization (NPO) for sharing holiday homes on the blockchain. We are using blockchain technology for the ability to create digital assets and tokens, Kurniawan said.
Witcher developer opens new studio in Poland to work on Cyberpunk 2077
Polish developer CD Projekt Red is starting a third team in that country to help it finish its upcoming sci-fi roleplaying adventure, Cyberpunk 2077. This new studio is CD Projekt Red Wrocaw, which the company is starting the Polish city of the same name. CD Projekt Red is bringing in 18 veterans from Polish studio Strange New Things to serve as the core of the Wrocaw team.
Amazon surpasses Alphabet in market value
Amazon is currently the second biggest company in the world when it comes to market capitalization. The company is currently worth $763.27 billion while Alphabet is only worth $762.98 billion. If you look at today alone, Amazon is up 2 percent, while Alphabet is flat. Alphabet can still pass Amazon again before the stock market closes. There's still quite a long way to reach Apple as Apple's market capitalization is.
This tortoise shows kids that robot abuse is bad
When humanity's back is against the wall and the robots have us cornered I'd say I'm all for whanging a few with a baseball bat. Until then, we must be kind to our mechanical brethren and this robotic tortoise will help our kids learn that robot abuse is a bad idea. Researchers at Naver Labs, KAIST, and Seoul National University created this robot to show kids the consequences of their actions when it comes to robots.
Pornhub: Fortnite searches are up 834%
Searches for Fortnite on adult entertainment site Pornhub jumped 834 percent from September to March, according to Pornhub's statisticians. As you might expect, the popularity of pornographic Fortnite searches is correlated to the release and success of the game's battle royale mode. After Fortnite launched in July of 2017, it only resulted in a handful of searches, reads Pornhub's blog. Pornhub notes that people often search for other related terms just before and after Fortnite.
Oracle's cloud biz heading in the wrong direction right now
Oracle announced its quarterly earnings last night, detailing that its cloud business grew 32 percent to $1.6 billion in the quarter. It didn't get better throughout the day today with Oracle's stock plunging over 9 percent as of this writing. When you consider that enterprise business is shifting rapidly to the cloud, and that the cloud business in general is growing quickly, Oracle's cloud numbers could be reason for concern.
Toyota pauses automated driving testing on U.S. roads following Uber accident
Automaker Toyota has temporarily ceases its public road testing of its fully autonomous 'Chauffeur' system in the US after an accident earlier this week saw an Uber self-driving test vehicle strike a pedestrian, which ultimately resulted in her death. Toyota has been working on both its 'Chauffeur' fully automated driving system, as well as 'Guardian,' an advanced-driver assist system that is designed to institute fail-safes for intervening to prevent accidents when a human driver's behavior puts themselves or others in danger.

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