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YouTube star Colin Furze turned a microwave into a video game console
Internet star and maker Colin Furze has built all sorts of crazy inventions for his YouTube channel, ranging from a working hoverbike to a homemade Iron Man suit built to withstand a barrage of fireworks. In his latest video, he's turned his microwave into a playable game console. His new invention is the Play-o-Wave, a fully-functional microwave with a screen mounted on it. He built a screen into the door, and included a set of inputs for a handheld controller in the body.
Flight of Passage is an incredible immersive ride through the world of Avatar
Pandora's flagship attraction, Flight of Passage, might as well be a case study in how to pull off that kind of challenge. Flight of Passage takes that same basic approach, but amplifies it - particularly when the queue leads guests to the PCI research labs. Audiences first met Pandora and the Na'vi in 3D CG environments, and returning to that kind of world in Flight of Passage feels totally organic.
Lyft and Uber will return to Austin on Monday
Ride-share companies Lyft and Uber plan to resume their operations in Austin, Texas, on Monday, more than a year after both companies pulled out of the state following the rejection of a measure that would have restrictions on the ride-share companies in the city. The return for both companies follows the passage of HB100 by the Texas legislature, which Governor Greg Abbott is expected to sign on Monday. The bill stipulates that the ability to regulate ride-share companies is controlled by the state, not municipalities.
Snap recently acquired Ctrl Me Robotics, an LA-based drone company
Late last year, Snap acquired LA-based drone company Ctrl Me Robotics, according to Buzzfeed. Snap reportedly acquired Ctrl Me Robotics for less than a million dollars last last year, in a deal that included some of the company's equipment and assets, as well as its founder, Simon Nielsen. According to Buzzfeed, it's not clear if Ctrl Me Robotics reached the point where it was developing drones of its own.
How to use Snapchat in 2017
From the beginning, Snapchat has never been a particularly intuitive app to use. Fortunately, I've spent hours puzzling through the labyrinthine digital corridors that make up Snapchat, and I can teach you the tricks. Snapchat gets a bad rap when it comes to its confusing navigation, but if you look at things at a zoomed-out level, it's actually pretty simple.
The unexpected trouble of revisiting old video game screenshots
I bought and assembled the parts, downloaded Steam, and became obsessed with the many features I had never experienced on consoles. I've written a good deal about my complicated feelings around video game violence. I am, to say the least, surprised that I've amassed my own little virtual snuff box. Some of these images were taken for stories about video game violence, and some captured the absurdities of video game worlds - like the bodies piling in the doorway of Hitman.
Europe's Mars Schiaparelli lander crashed due to a software glitch
Last October, the European Space Agency's ExoMars mission lost contact with its Schiaparelli lander as it attempted to land on Mars. As the agency began to investigate, it suspected that a computer problem or bad navigational data was to blame. Now, an independent investigation has issued its final report, confirming that software problems caused the capsule to crash, and provided recommendations for the 2020 ExoMars mission. The lander began free fall at an altitude of just over two miles.
9 new trailers you should watch this week
Between Arrival and the trailers for Blade Runner 2049, Denis Villeneuve is looking like one of the hottest directors right now. Check out nine trailers from this week below. HBO put out a first look at Game of Thrones season 7 this week. If you're interested in more, the other trailer's right here. The film is a dark comedy about a bank robbery, and it looks more and more ridiculous as this trailer goes on.
Watch a working concept of a holographic Cortana assistant
When Microsoft unveiled its digital assistant in 2014, it looked to the Halo franchise for inspiration, naming its system Cortana, after Master Chief's AI companion. One ambitious fan has gone a step further and created his own holographic version of the assistant for his home. Using the Windows 10 version of Cortana, he animated her in a Unity 3D app, drawing on motion capture from a pair of Kinect devices.
The best tech sales of Memorial Day 2017
While not as major as Black Friday, Memorial Day is known for its great sales, and many online retailers are having notable ones to mark the occasion. Below, we've rounded up the tech sales worth checking out during your long weekend, including three of our favorite deals. While they don't appear to have a dedicated Memorial Day sale, there's some really great deals happening this weekend that we wanted to highlight.
Cannes: VR exhibit shines sympathetic light on illegal immigration
CANNES, France - One of the best things at this year's Cannes Film Festival isn't a movie, at least in a traditional sense. Carne y Arena (Flesh and Sand) is a groundbreaking virtual-reality exhibit that invites visitors to step into the shoes of illegal immigrants crossing the US-Mexico border. There, they are asked to remove their own shoes and socks before entering a giant square room filled with coarse, cold sand.
New species of meat-eating sponge found off the coast of Canada
Canadian researchers have discovered a new species of meat-eating sponge in the North Atlantic Ocean. The carnivorous sponge, named Cladorhiza kenchingtonae after Canadian research scientist Ellen Kenchington, is about 6.5 feet long. The sponge has been studied since then and will be described in a study coming out this summer. In 2014, scientists discovered four species of killer sponges off the coast of California, nearby undersea volcanoes and deep-sea vents.
British Airways flights disrupted worldwide due to 'system failure'
A major IT system failure is causing British Airways some headaches today. The airline reports that the computer issues are causing problems worldwide, and that flights out of London's Heathrow and Gatwick airports have been canceled. The airline is advising passengers to avoid going to the airport if they have a flight schedule before 6PM, to mitigate already crowded terminals, and that it's unable to rebook passengers to other flights at this time.
Farhad's and Sheera's Week in Tech: The Dark, Terrifying World of Hackers
Everybody has one foot in vacation, so basically very little is happening in the industry we cover. The points he made about people voting online and making the world a better place were not very controversial. If he is running for office then we still have no idea what his platform would be. It's standing at the center of a lot, and yet its users rarely get insight into what its managers are thinking about the world.
British Airways: Computer problems cause flight delays
Computer problems are causing delays for British Airways passengers worldwide, the airline has said. The carrier apologised for the global system outage and said it was working to resolve the the problem as quickly as possible. It is not known how many flights are affected but passengers have reported issues at a number of airports on social media. Philip Bloom said he had been waiting on board a Heathrow-bound flight at Belfast for two hours.
The Rise and Fall of Yik Yak, the Anonymous Messaging App
The lawsuit was just the latest twist in the rocky road the messaging app has traveled in its short life. The high point for Yik Yak came in 2014, when its founders raised $73 million in venture-capital funding. App Annie estimates that Yik Yak had 1.8 million downloads in September 2014. The group did ask the university to request that Yik Yak place a virtual fence around its campus to disable the app.
AlphaGo retires from competitive Go after defeating world number one 3-0
In a statement, DeepMind co-founder and co-CEO Demis Hassabis said the reason was that this week's summit represented the highest possible pinnacle for AlphaGo as a competitive program. AlphaGo rose to prominence a little over a year ago when it unexpectedly defeated legendary player Lee Se-dol 4-1 in a match held in Seoul. Although AlphaGo has played its last competitive match, DeepMind will release the data from 50 games of the AI playing against itself for the Go community to study.
Is China Outsmarting America in A.I.?
China's private companies are pushing deeply into the field as well, though the line between government and private in China sometimes blurs. The difference is that China seems to think it's a race and America doesn't. He received a grant six times larger than what he might have gotten in Europe or America. Artificial intelligence may help China better censor the internet, a task that often blocks Chinese researchers from finding vital information.
Apple opens first official store in Southeast Asia
Apple opened its first Southeast Asia store in Singapore on Saturday, drawing hundreds of excited fans to the swanky two-storey site in the city's upmarket shopping district. Hundreds of shoppers camped out in anticipation of the launch, while more than a thousand thronged the store soon after the doors opened, an AFP reporter observed. I have participated in the official store openings in Macau, Guangzhou and Nanjing, he told AFP. Apple, which has a staggering $256.8 billion cash stockpile, celebrated its 40th anniversary last year.
Chipotle says malware hack stole customer payment info
CLOSE Chipotle announced on Tuesday that it has become the only national restaurant brand to use no added colors, flavors, or preservatives in its food options. LOS ANGELES - Chipotle Mexican Grill on Friday said new information on a May-April data breach at its restaurants indicates hackers using malware stole customer payment information. On January 4th, the first trading day of the year, Chipotle stock traded for $381 a share.

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