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Yes, at this point in the bull market your portfolio should have FANGs
CLOSE These mobile apps will do some serious good for your financial future, especially if you're a Millennial. Once legendary investor John Templeton famously said, Bull markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria. We could have four more years of bull market gains. This late in any bull, you want stocks scaredy cats will feel most comfy owning-before the scaredy cats finish going FOMO.
A crew member on a fake Mars mission details what it was like to say goodby to Earth for 8 months
This was the crew of HI-SEAS - an experiment simulating what it might be like to live on Mars for an extended period of time. I had to quit to take my job as a crew member with HI-SEAS. I think for me the most difficult part was being cut off from Earth, so we had no live communications. I was the mission specialist in IT, so I was responsible for keeping the IT-related systems in the habitat working.
How to set up a new iPhone the right way
CLOSE In this week's surf report, Marc Saltzman looks at a new back up options for your iPhone - the iXpand Base. To get the most out of your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus - available as of Friday - consider these following suggestions right off the bat. A woman looks at an iPhone 8 Plus at an Apple Store in San Francisco, Sept.
Cool personal finance apps that just might save you money
Splitting the cost for tickets for an upcoming football game or concert is super easy with apps like Venmo, Square Cash and Zelle. We're going to hear more about sending money via smartphone after Apple launched its iOS 11 system Tuesday. Some apps - such as Wela - offer advice when it comes to how to pay off debt or save for retirement. The ever-popular Mint.com has an app on how to track how you're spending your money and how to budget, too.
Yes, there's a Scottish Christmas zombie musical
The film probably won't win over anyone who's tired of zombie films, the rash of musical entertainment that followed Glee's breakout TV success, or seniors-facing-the-future stories in general. It's rare for a zombie movie to have a human villain who isn't a soulless military figure, a rich out-of-touch elitist. As slight and silly as the story is, and as familiar as the zombie beats are, the performers give it all a lot of heart.
Forget iPhone 'wireless' charging. Try a battery pack, instead.
A better option for iPhone users suffering from battery pangs may be a battery case, a proven technology that doubles usage of your device. If you're buying a new iPhone and want a battery case, you should try it before you leave the store to make sure it fits. Battery cases made specifically for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have yet to be released.
Amazon plans to double staff in New York City
It's not a second headquarters, but Amazon.com says it will add about 2,000 employees in New York City during the next three years, more than doubling an outpost focused on the online retailer's advertising business. Sweetening the deal for Amazon are up to $20 million in tax credits. New York Gov Andrew Cuomo's office said Amazon had committed to investing $55 million in the space.
Facebook to Turn Over Russian-Linked Ads to Congress
Mr Zuckerberg, 33, noted that Thursday was his first day back from parental leave after the birth of a daughter. The Times also found Facebook accounts that appeared to have been created by ordinary Americans but were actually concocted by Russian agents. Facebook has said some of the ads were targeted to particular geographic areas but has not given details. The last thing Facebook wants to do is give the government an inch, because then they'll probably take a mile.
Uber loses its license to operate in London
Uber's license to operate in London won't be renewed because its practices endanger public safety and security, the local regulator said Friday. London's mayor, Sadiq Khan said he supports the decision.
London wants to boot Uber, which will keep running as it fights move
CLOSE Uber's license to operate in London won't be renewed because its practices endanger public safety and security, the local regulator said Friday. Uber says it will appeal the decision and will continue operating during that process as per TfL rules. It also cites Greyball - an Uber tactic that allowed Uber to deceive regulators - as a reason for declining to renew the permit.
Google signs $1.1bn HTC smartphone deal
Alphabet's Google has struck a $1.1bn (PS822m) deal with Taiwan's HTC to expand its smartphone business. Google will not take a stake in the firm, but some HTC staff will join the Silicon Valley giant. Google expects the deal to close by early 2018, provided it gets the all clear from regulators. According to HTC half their smartphone research and development team - about 2,000 people - will go to Google.
Instagram still hasn't finished rolling out its archive feature
I feel like I'm going to be the last person on Earth to get Instagram's archive feature. Most got the tool way back in June when Instagram announced that the feature would accompany its 10.21 release for iOS and Android. I've had the same Instagram account since college, and I want to archive some of my older posts and then make my account public. Feeling left out is a bummer, especially when it involves the one feature Instagram has introduced recently that's actually interesting.
You can now use two-factor authentication to secure your Nintendo account
To enable the authentication method, users are prompted to download Google Authenticator, which will provide them with a code when logging in. Sony implemented two-factor authentication last year after a number of hacks that compromised user details, while other companies such as Steam and Microsoft have utilized the system for years. Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security for online accounts, which verifies a login attempt with a phone or an e-mail. It's not foolproof, but it does help add some additional protection.
Debate swirls as power of US tech giants grows
With a handful of US technology giants growing more powerful and dominant, debate is intensifying on whether big tech's growth is healthy or not. Along with stalwarts like Microsoft and rising stars like Netflix, the tech firms exercise enormous control over what people see and how they live. Increasingly, policymakers and others have begun to consider breaking up or regulating the biggest technology companies, although imminent action appears unlikely.
Smiletime now Pop.in for video chat rooms
Smiletime is now pop.in, emphasizing chat rooms. Smiletime was a website and app looking to capitalize on live broadcasting via Facebook, letting multiple folks in with their friends for shows. The pop.in app, available via Apple IOS at first, looks to bring back the AOL style chat room, where anyone can join a discussion. The difference is that the chats are on video - so people use the camera on their iPhone to join in.
A bluetooth scoop for Fido
The entire dog food industry right now is set up to have your dog eat more and more, he says. Customers can also get a bright red bluetooth smart scoop, which tracks when Fido was fed and how much he was given. YaDoggie's smart bluetooth scoop monitors how much food Fido gets. YaDoggie, offering three types of grain-free kibble, starts shipping nationally in November, but Lipman says folks who sign up now will get the $49.99 scoop for free.
Homeland Security informed 21 states that hackers targeted their election systems
For the first time, the federal government has officially informed states that their election systems might have been targeted by foreign actors. The Department of Homeland Security told Congress this summer that it suspected that 21 states were targeted, but it wasn't until Friday that they told local election officials, according to the Associated Press. While the AP notes that being targeted doesn't necessarily mean that information was manipulated, hackers did steal information or plant malware in Illinois and Arizona in 2016.
One Surprise Standout for Uber: Food Delivery
There is also the threat of Amazon, which has tried food delivery in a few markets. Uber has built a great company focused on black car service and human transportation, but succeeding in food delivery is a different game, Mr Maloney said in a statement. Uber first dabbled in food delivery in Los Angeles in 2014 under the name UberFresh, offering prepackaged lunches and dinners from restaurants. For one, Uber has a network of more than two million drivers who can also deliver food.
Push for Gender Equality in Tech? Some Men Say It's Gone Too Far
While many in the tech industry previously dismissed fringe men's rights arguments, some investors, executives and engineers are now quietly testing them out. Few were willing to talk openly about their thinking, for fear of standing out in largely progressive Silicon Valley. Some in tech have started identifying as contrarians, to indicate subtly that they do not follow the diversity dogma. In the aftermath, many stood up for gender equality in tech.
iFixit's iPhone 8 teardown shows that you really don't want to crack that glass back
The iPhone 8 has finally arrived, and iFixit got a jump on its teardown of the updated device by traveling to Sydney, Australia to pick it up a bit early. Its examination of the phone shows that while it's similar in some respect to the iPhone 7, you really want to make sure that you don't break that glass back. The phone's wireless charging coil is attached to a reinforcement panel, which is securely glued to the back.

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