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Facebook acknowledges social media's risks to democracy
Facebook acknowledged Monday that widespread use of social media can be harmful to democracy, while pledging to work to minimize these risks. He added that Facebook is constantly working to balance the value of openness and transparency with efforts to stop manipulation. Chakrabarti added that Facebook is also struggling with hate speech, and limiting the spread of violent propaganda while remaining an open platform.
3-D printing improves cell adhesion and strength of PDMS polymer
Most research is done using casting or micro molding, but this fabrication yields materials with weak mechanical properties and also weak cell adhesion. PDMS is used to make lab-on-a-chip devices, organ-on-a-chip devices, two- and three-dimensional cell culture platforms, and biological machines. Sylgard 184, an elastomer of PDMS, is not viscose enough to use in 3-D printing-the material simply flows out of the nozzle and puddles.
Inverse-design approach leads to metadevices
Imagine an aerodynamic sensor that can conform to the exact slope and angle of a jet airplane wing. These visions of future technologies emerge from a technical paper titled Inverse-designed broadband all-dielectric electromagnetic metadevices published online today in Scientific Reports. There's a lot that needs to be done in the research part, but we're going in the right direction. It is truly a breakthrough in the way you can solve problems in a seamless and convenient way.
SAP unveils big push into French tech start-ups
Europe's biggest software company SAP on Monday said it will spend up to two billion euros investing in and nurturing French start-ups as part of its push into cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence. In a statement, SAP said it will spend 150 million euros ($180 million) annually over the next five years on research and development in France. It plans to focus its efforts on emerging areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain-the technology that underpins bitcoin.
Waymo adds Atlanta to its self-driving car roadmap
CLOSE See how self-driving cars prepare for the real world inside a private testing facility owned by Google's autonomous car company, Waymo. Waymo, the commercial name of Google's nine-year-old self-driving car program, has been shuttling passengers around in the Phoenix area for the better part of a year now. Waymo has already started driving its sensor-laden cars around the city in order to 3D map its streets and highways.
Bitcoin tanks 11% to fall below $11,000; South Korea announces details on crypto tax
Bitcoin briefly tumbled to a low near $10,234 on Coinbase around 11 a.m., ET, marking a loss of about 11% over the last 24 hours. Bitcoin traded near $10,487 as of 11:56 a.m. on Coinbase, the leading US marketplace for buying and selling major digital currencies. Ethereum fell below the psychologically key $1,000 level again and traded about 6.5% lower near $980, according to CoinMarketCap.
Alstom testing automated freight train
French train engineering giant Alstom is to test automated freight trains in the Netherlands this year. The automated train prototype can travel for about 100km without driver intervention. Automation will free the train driver to focus on supervising the train's progress. The test's purpose is to provide a live demonstration that the train and the signal system can communicate effectively to drive the train.
Triple treat: Supermoon, blue moon and lunar eclipse all coming to a sky near you next week
Even without the supermoon, it's the first blue moon total lunar eclipse in the US since March 1866, less than a year after the Civil War ended, according to EarthSky.org. A blue moon - which occur about every 2 years - is another term for the second full moon in a single calendar month. The full moon will take on a dark, reddish appearance during the eclipse, so another word to describe it is a blood moon.
Amazon Go: Lines form in Seattle to be among the first to try checkout-free shopping
SEATTLE - Amazon's checkout line-free convenience store Amazon Go opened Monday morning in Seattle to crowds of press and the curious. Amazon employees walked down the line of those waiting to hand out bright orange Amazon Go shopping bags. An Amazon Go app and sensors track everything the customer has taken, charging their Amazon account as they leave. Just Walk Out shopping mugs for sale at the Amazon Go convenience store at Amazon's headquarters in Seattle.
SpaceX's Big Rocket, the Falcon Heavy, Finally Reaches the Launchpad
On July 16, 1969, a towering Saturn 5 rocket sat on Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Falcon Heavy will be able to carry more than 140,000 pounds to low-Earth orbit, or more than twice as much as current competing rockets. The Heavy - described by SpaceX as far back as 2005 - is essentially a Falcon 9 with two additional Falcon 9 boosters attached to the sides.
Montana Governor's Executive Order Would Force Net Neutrality
Most efforts underway to restore so-called net neutrality face big obstacles and would take many months, if not years, to succeed. In Montana, the governor plans to use the stroke of a pen to bring the rules to broad parts of his state. Governor Bullock said in an interview that he expected to sign the order on Monday. The new rules say that states cannot create net neutrality laws. The agency did not respond to a request for comment about the potential Montana action.
The History of Wine in 442 Podcasts
Wine is enjoyable enough if you know no more about what you are drinking than what's in the glass. While he also records podcasts on location while visiting wine regions, the interviews are always conducted face to face. Another podcast, Wine for Normal People, produced by a wife-and-husband team in Atlanta, tries, as the title suggests, to eliminate anything that sounds like wine snobbery. GRAPERADIO In business for more than a decade, GrapeRadio is like a talk show where the subject is wine.
Overwatch pro player punished for gay slur
E-sports team Dallas Fuel has also suspended him for the rest of the first stage of the competition. During his suspension, Mr Lengyel will receive focus training, physical training and support from the team. According to technology blog Engadget, Mr Lengyel directed a homophobic insult at rival team Houston Outlaw player Austin Muma Wilmot, in response to being taunted over a victory. Football players tend to toe the line a little - they don't speak out the way they do on the pitch, he said.
Sim card shoes send alert if wearer falls.
E-vone has developed a smart connected shoe for elderly or frail people. Friends or relatives of the wearer receive an alert if the person falls or is struggling to walk or stay on their feet.
Icahn, Deason Push Xerox to Explore Sale, Fire CEO
The two investors together control more than 15% of Xerox's shares. Billionaires Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason urged Xerox Corp. XRX 1.01% to explore a sale and refresh its top ranks in a letter made public on Monday. The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday evening that the two, Xerox's first- and third-biggest investors, had formed an alliance and planned to encourage the printer and copier giant to explore a potential sale and remove CEO Jeff Jacobson.
WiFi-equipped school buses help students get online
WiFi school buses are one new approach to help students without access to fast broadband at home get connected. The school buses are equipped with routers and students use a public network to connect to the internet. Richmond County School System in Augusta GA is one of the school districts piloting a WiFi school bus program. Many households in the community did not have broadband access so the district, which has more than 30,000 students, introduced two WiFi school buses in 2016.
Twitter is now 280 characters. Here's how to not be annoying
Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Just because we HAVE more than 140 characters doesn't mean we have to USE more than 140 characters in every single tweet.

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