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The iPhone's smartphone revolution in 4 graphs
It was the first mobile phone to run on software with all the capabilities of a desktop or laptop. Here are four graphs that explain the iPhone's impact on the smartphone industry and how we communicate. In the years since the iPhone made its debut, smartphone ownership has skyrocketed. Samsung also emerged as a key smartphone manufacturer and now controls more of the market than Apple.
Firms scramble to recover from wave of cyberattacks
Thousands of computer users across the globe scrambled on Wednesday to reboot after a wave of ransomware cyberattacks spread from Ukraine and Russia across Europe to the United States. The new attack appeared much smaller in scale, with global cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab estimating the number of victims at 2,000. Some IT specialists identified the newcomer as Petrwrap, a modified version of ransomware called Petya which circulated last year.
Philips buys US cardiac-implant firm for 1.9 bln euros
Dutch electronics giant Philips Wednesday announced it was buying for 1.9 billion euros ($2.2 billion) a specialist US company manufacturing ground-breaking treatments for heart and vascular diseases to broaden its health portfolio. The Amsterdam-based company said it would acquire Spectranetics, which has developed a range of lasers and balloons for treating blockages in cardio and arterial vessels.
This man had the chip from his travel card implanted under his skin
This Australian can now tap in and out at train stations with a travel card chip implanted in his left hand. Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow says he had it put under his skin by a professional piercer. The chip in his Opal card was cut down to 10mm by 6mm for the procedure and is one of several implants. An Opal card is the Sydney alternative to an Oyster card in London.
Facebook to livestream Champions League football games
Facebook will broadcast Champions League matches for American internet users under a deal with Fox Sports, which will host the livestreams on its pages, the channel said Tuesday. The partnership will involve two group matches per day, four round of sixteen games and the four quarter-finals of the 2017-18 season, in the social media giant's latest foray into sportscasting. Facebook will act only as a host for the streams, with the images and content produced by Fox Sports.
'Ransomware' wave seemed aimed at old flaw and Ukraine
A global wave of cyberattacks exploited an already patched vulnerability in Windows software and appeared to have Ukraine as a primary target, according to computer security specialists. The first reports of trouble came from Ukrainian banks, Kiev's main airport and Rosneft, in a major incident reminiscent of the recent WannaCry virus. The bedeviling onslaught Tuesday was also being referred to as ransomware by US software titan Microsoft and security specialists.
Toshiba pushes back closing deal on memory unit sale
Japanese electronics and energy giant Toshiba has delayed its deadline for reaching an agreement on selling its lucrative computer memory chip business. Tokyo-based Toshiba had hoped to have an agreement in time for Wednesday's shareholders meeting, being held in a city east of Tokyo. Financially ailing Toshiba is facing the risk of having its shares delisted and needs the cash from selling Toshiba Memory Corp.
Nest's new home camera is an interesting toy
It has a higher resolution camera than prior Nest Cam models, but it doesn't use that to output a larger video feed. Adding a camera to the 10 day plan is $5 per month; additional cameras on the 30 day plan are $15 each per month. Between the cost of the camera itself and the fees for its service, the Cam IQ's intelligence has a lot to prove.
A New Kind of Tech Job Emphasizes Skills, Not a College Degree
We need new approaches, or we're going to leave more and more people behind in our economy, said Brad Smith, president of Microsoft. It is unclear whether a relative handful of skills-centered initiatives can train large numbers of people and alter hiring practices broadly. Without a college degree, Ms Clark said, her horizons seemed confined to low-wage jobs in fast-food restaurants, retail stores or doctors' offices. The TechHire program, she said, could be a doorway to a good-paying job, which is everything here.
Toshiba Misses Its Deadline for a Deal for Its Microchip Unit
Toshiba had intended to sign a final agreement with the group before its annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday. The company needs a deal to fill a vast hole in its balance sheet. The company is an owner, with Toshiba, of a NAND production operation in Japan that is part of Toshiba's larger microchip subsidiary under negotiation. It did not disclose terms, except to say that it was willing to provide Toshiba with debt financing.
How to protect your Windows computer from the Petya ransomware attack
Ransomware attacks could have an impact on your computer or small business if you do not protect your systems. SAN FRANCISCO -A new ransomware named Petya hit high-profile targets in multiple countries, including the United States, on Tuesday. While Petya has not infiltrated as many machines as ransomware WannaCry did in May, it is more dangerous and has the power to create more damage. Microsoft released a patch to protect against the vulnerability on its Windows XP system in March.
Apple just got deeper into AR with purchase of eye-tracking tech firm
The iPhone 7 models featured new hardware updates and an updated 12 megapixel rear-facing camera. Notably, Apple removed the 3.5 mm headphone jack in the 7 and 7 Plus models. SAN FRANCISCO - Apple wants to make AR a reality. Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans, the company said in an email statement.
Pretty Little Liars prop master Chris Vail explains season 7's sinister hacker device
It even uses AR to show the Liars where a missing corpse has been buried. The show's prop master, Chris Vail, who also worked on the Austin Powers film series, recently talked to me via email about the process of making the device. For each one of those things, we built a specific device, so we were constantly modifying the underside of that board. As people who make television, we rely on our skills at manipulating the medium to create these magic moments.
Use Google to shop? Here's what you should know after the big EU fine
Google Shopping logos on a phone as European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager (R) speaks during a press conference on an antitrust case against Google Shopping. SAN FRANCISCO -Google was levied a record $2.7 billion fine by the European Commission for allegedly favoring its Google Shopping results over other comparison shopping services. These ads are popular and account for a big chunk of Google search ad spending. Google Shopping results It was a big boost in revenue for Google.
AMD's all-new Vega Frontier Edition graphics card is now available for $999
AMD promised to start shipping its new generation of video cards in late June, and now here we are with Radeon Vega Frontier Edition cards in our virtual shopping carts. The air cooled model is $999, while the liquid cooled version is $1499. As Anandtech points out, it's still a little unclear who this card is for. This makes the most sense for game and VR developers who need both types of acceleration on a daily basis.
Lexar memory cards are dead as parent company closes retail division
Lexar memory cards have been a staple of the storage industry for over 20 years, but that time seems to be coming to an end as parent company Micron announced earlier this week that it's discontinuing retail operations. According to Micron's statement, the company is killing the retail memory division to focus on increasing opportunities in higher value markets and channels.
Australian police blame WannaCry for spoiling 8,000 traffic cam tickets
Australian police have had to suspend upward of 8,000 tickets for speeding and running red lights after learning the cameras that caught the acts had become infected with a virus. Doug Fryer, the assistant commissioner, said the tickets may still be issued at a later date if no problems are detected. Earlier last week, police said only 55 cameras had been infected and decided to withhold tickets from those cameras only.
Electric Objects shutters digital art display business and sells app to Giphy
In a Medium post today, Electric Objects founder and CEO Jake Levine announced that his digital art display company is shutting down. The hardware business will completely cease to exist while Giphy has acquired the Electric Objects iOS / Android app. The display was also a novel way to approach digital art, and I still think there's a market for it. Maybe a display is in its future, or maybe it's building its digital art repertoire for something bigger.
Sick Of Streaming Services, This Crew Crowd-Funded An IRL Video Store
Normal store exchanges and many repeat visits led to lasting and meaningful friendships and collaborations, he told HuffPost in an interview. Between them they've cobbled together a bevy of classic and hard-to-find films, which will be available at their soon-to-open store, Beyond Video. Barresi and his Beyond Video colleagues think fostering a community is among the several advantages to brick-and-mortar video stores. Streaming services can only offer you the movies they can negotiate the rights for, Golinski said.

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