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'Big 4' given top-4 seedings at Wimbledon; Kerber also No. 1
Roger Federer defeated Germany's Alexander Zverev in two sets to win the Gerry Weber Open for the ninth time on Sunday. LONDON (AP) - The Big 4 of men's tennis were given the four highest seedings for this year's tournament at Wimbledon. Third-ranked Stan Wawrinka, who has won the other three Grand Slam titles but not Wimbledon, is seeded fifth. Milos Raonic, Marin Cilic, Dominic Thiem, Kei Nishikori and Alexander Zverev round out the top 10 in the seedings.
The iPhone's smartphone revolution in 4 graphs
It was the first mobile phone to run on software with all the capabilities of a desktop or laptop. Here are four graphs that explain the iPhone's impact on the smartphone industry and how we communicate. In the years since the iPhone made its debut, smartphone ownership has skyrocketed. Samsung also emerged as a key smartphone manufacturer and now controls more of the market than Apple.
Amtrak: 2 people struck on train tracks in Washington
Amtrak says there's been a fatal incident involving two people who were struck while on the train tracks in Washington. Amtrak says none of the train's passengers or crew were injured. In an online statement Wednesday morning, Amtrak says service will be temporarily suspended between Washington and Philadelphia while authorities investigate the incident. No other details were immediately available.
Michael Moore donates $10,000 to Shakespeare in the Park
Filmmaker Michael Moore, who is making his Broadway debut this summer in a solo show, says he will donate $10,000 to New York City's Shakespeare in the Park after it lost funding from sponsors due to its controversial Julius Caesar production. Moore says he's donating the money - his advance pay for the show The Terms of My Surrender - to the Public Theater program after corporate sponsors Bank of America and Delta pulled their sponsorship of Julius Caesar.
'The Bachelorette': Rachel sends a slew of men packing after Kenny and Lee's racially-tinged battle ends
The show began with the racially-tinged feud between black competitor Kenny and white rival Lee ending with a whimper instead of the bang viewers expected. After talking to Rachel, Kenny approached Lee and laughed sarcastically about the Southern singer/songwriter telling her he had been aggressive. Rachel was worried that Kenny was too emotional but he explained himself to her satisfaction and she gave him a rose.
Romania, Bulgarian presidents talk NATO, Black Sea security
The presidents of Bulgaria and Romania have discussed NATO, security in the Black Sea region, trade and European Union issues. Bulgarian President Rumen Radev was greeted Wednesday morning by a guard of honor at the Cotroceni presidential palace in Bucharest ahead of discussions with his counterpart Klaus Iohannis. The leaders talked about the presidency of the EU, which Bulgaria takes over on Jan 1, 2018, and Romania a year later. Radev said the neighbors had bilateral trade worth 4 billion euros ($4.48 billion) last year.
Shonda Rhimes hated the attention she got after losing weight
Anyone who's lost a significant amount of weight knows just how many unwarranted compliments weight loss can bring from friends and strangers, alike. Shonda Rhimes, who has lost a fair amount of weight over the last few years, knows these comments all too well. Even more disconcerting, according to Rhimes, was that all these people suddenly felt completely comfortable talking to her about her body. Rhimes was frustrated by the fact that she received so much more respect only after she'd lost weight.
Does activated charcoal really detox your body?
Recently, activated charcoal has been having a moment as a must-try natural remedy. Apparently some health enthusiasts theorized that if activated charcoal can soak up dangerous substances, it should be used routinely, as a way to cleanse the body of other toxins we're exposed to. Activated charcoal has been making an appearance in a number of bottled beverages, like charcoal water, lemonade and other pressed juices.
Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis buy $10 million beach house in Santa Barbara
Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have come a long way since they were hanging out in Eric's basement on That '70s Show. Kutcher and Kunis recently purchased a $10 million beach house on the California coast, Trulia reports. The area is known for its picturesque beaches and charming ambience, making it a quiet respite for the famous family. Earlier this year, the then-pregnant actress starred in an episode of My Houzz, surprising her parents with a condo renovation.
Billy Joel's former drummer Liberty DeVitto details messy split from 'Piano Man,' dispels rumors about rock lifestyle
The iconic drummer surmised that he'd lost his decades-long gig when he wasn't invited to Joel's 2004 wedding to third-wife Katie Lee. If Billy is the father of those songs, I'm at least the uncle, DeVitto says in the film. DeVitto dished that, in fact, Strine had to interview him again because a lot of the material from his first sit-down was unusable.
Fourth of July festivals: 7 different ways to celebrate America
There are even more ways to celebrate July Fourth in this museum-filled city, like seeing the original Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the National Archives. At the Four Seasons Resort Vail, guests can attend the Vail America Days parade celebrating Great Moments in American History. Hit the ski slopes in California where you can Catch the Winter Wave on July Fourth.
Activists protest for legal migration policies ahead of G20
More than 30 activists have protested against the upcoming Group of 20 summit in the northern German city of Hamburg by hanging a large banner from a bridge across the Elbe river that reads Build bridges, not walls. Thousands of people have drowned in recent years trying to cross the Mediterranean from poor, war-torn countries to the shores of Europe.
Top US admiral warns: ISIS-linked militants seek new fronts in Asia
The commander of US Pacific forces said Wednesday that ISIS-linked militants returning from the Middle East are intent on opening a new front in Asia, The Wall Street Journal reported. Harry Harris used the battle in the southern Philippines as a prime example. He warned that the militants may be losing ground in Syria and Iraq, but their supporters are still willing to fight. Marawi is a wake-up call for every nation in the Indo-Asia Pacific, he told the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.
Nuclear waste containers shipped on river in Germany
A transport of three containers carrying nuclear waste is being shipped on the Neckar river in southwestern Germany with heavy police protection. The shipment of Castor containers on Wednesday is the first transport of highly radioactive material on a river in Germany. Police were protecting the barge with helicopters, police boats and officers on the banks of the rivers against possible protests by anti-nuclear activists. The nuclear waste is being taken from the closed-down nuclear plant of Olbrigheim to an interim storage facility in Neckarwestheim.
Amazing space photobomb: SpaceX Dragon and Falcon 9 Rocket photobomb each other
When SpaceX launched a Dragon cargo ship to the International Space Station this month, the spacecraft popped up in a selfie taken by the upper stage of the Falcon 9 rocket that launched the ship into orbit. Stage 2 returns the favor, SpaceX tweeted with the image, which shows the Falcon 9 second stage backlit by a dazzling blue Earth as seen by a camera on Dragon.
Newborn star gorges on a 'space hamburger,' belching spinning jets
Astronomers have observed the eating habits of a newborn star - and like any youngster, it has an affinity for fast food. A protostar is the earliest stage of star evolution, just before the star begins nuclear fusion in its core. Since the jets are very narrow and their spinning motion is very small, we had not been able to confirm their spinning motion. It looks like a baby star spits a spinning bullet each time it takes a bite of a space hamburger.
Caitríona Perry: Irish reporter's unexpected encounter with Trump
Irish reporter Caitriona Perry had an unexpected encounter with US President Donald Trump during his telephone conversation with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. Mr Trump told Mr Varadkar Irish media were in the Oval Office and called over RTE's Washington Correspondent. Footage from Tuesday shows Mr Trump beckoning to Ms Perry and telling Mr Varadkar we have all of this Irish, beautiful Irish press here. Mr Varadkar raised the issue of the undocumented Irish, while there was also a conversation about climate change and trade.
Raw: Wildfire east of Los Angeles still burning
A wildfire in Riverside County, California, east of Los Angeles was reported to be not yet contained late Tuesday. The fire was covering 5,800 acres and nearby residents were warned to be ready to evacuate.
Law schools 'hunkering down' as enrollment slips
Whittier Law School in California is closing its doors for good next spring, and students and faculty are stunned. As several trends hit the law profession - fewer graduates, fewer jobs and the specter of growing automation in legal services - experts say more law schools could take a hit. Like many schools hovering below the top tier, he said, They're hunkering down just long enough until it thins down at the bottom.
Strange Gelatinous Sea Creatures Invade Northern California Coast
In recent weeks, seemingly alien creatures have been found washed up in Monterey Bay, according to SF Gate. Pyrosomes, also referred to as sea pickles or fire bodies, are made up of multicellular creatures called zooids. Researchers have also noted that the organisms are asexual, as stated in The Guardian, but not much else is known. Regardless of the reason, inflation of these creatures has already had a pronounced impact in some areas.

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