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Florida homeowner uses martial arts to stop burglar
A Florida homeowner said he used his martial arts training to apprehend a burglar who was stealing from his home. Brian Burch told WBBH that he used his Brazilian jiu-jitsu training on Josue Ortiz after he found Ortiz stealing from his garage. Burch said he walked into the garage to see Ortiz holding his jackhammer and airgun cases. That's when Burch said he stopped Ortiz with jiu-jitsu, which he studied for over 2 years.
Republicans in Washington Are in Control, but Not in Agreement
It wasn't supposed to be this way with Republicans in control of Congress and the White House for the first time since 2006. Many Republicans may have complained that the crowds at angry town hall meetings over the recent recess were organized by political opponents, but that doesn't mean Republicans aren't paying attention to them.
Trump speech was 'detached from reality' say Democrats
President Donald Trump preached a message of unity in his Congress address but fails to back that up with action, top Democrats have said. Mr Schumer said the Democrats had sent the president a plan on improving the country's infrastructure but had not heard back. The speech and reality have never been more detached in a presidential speech, he said. Mr Trump was also criticised by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for saying the violence in the city was unacceptable.
White House supports renewal of spy law without reforms: official
The Trump administration supports renewing without reforms a key surveillance law governing how the US government collects electronic communications that is due to expire at the end of the year, a White House official said on Wednesday. We support the clean reauthorization and the administration believes it's necessary to protect the security of the nation, the official said on customary condition of anonymity.
White House lawyer: Nothing 'nefarious' in Conway's Ivanka Trump plug
Top White House aide Kellyanne Conway did nothing nefarious when she promoted Ivanka Trump's fashion line on television, a White House ethics lawyer said in a letter released Wednesday. A White House inquiry concluded that Ms Conway acted inadvertently and is highly unlikely to do so again, Passantino said. Other federal employees would likely be suspended for engaging in this conduct, and White House officials should not be held to a different standard, Cummings said in a statement.
5 trendy health foods that aren't worth your money
More often than not, the of-the-moment foods can set you back a pretty penny too. Whether it's just overpriced or overrated, here are five food trends you may want to think twice about. While made of whole, raw fruits and veggies, the fiber from these foods is often stripped during the juicing process. Just because jackfruit can taste and look just like pulled meat doesn't necessarily mean it's a great source of protein.
Inside WWE legend The Big Show's incredible weight loss
In a profession where most athletes are encouraged to continue to make their physiques bigger, scarier and more outlandish, WWE superstar Big Show's dramatic weight loss has captured the imagination of many. Billed for much of his career as the world's largest athlete, Big Show's weight has been listed as high as 500 pounds at various stages of his career. Despite working 200 days a year for two decades in a physically rigorous environment, Big Show wasn't exactly a picture of health.
David Cassidy reveals heartbreaking message to son after dementia diagnosis
David Cassidy's loved ones alerted him to his dementia before his doctors did. The former Partridge Family star revealed that he was diagnosed with dementia about two-and-a-half years ago. Cassidy, who's struggled with alcohol abuse in the past, also used the forum to refute allegations that he'd relapsed, citing a specific incident in which he'd tripped onstage. When you have spotlights in your eyes and you've had five eye surgeries, as I've had, and I've talked about it - I tripped on.
Casey Affleck addresses sexual harassment allegations, best actor win backlash
Casey Affleck was awarded the best actor Oscar on Sunday for his role in Manchester by the Sea, but not everyone was thrilled to see the star take home the golden statue. Criticism of Affleck stems from a 2010 sexual harassment lawsuit against the actor, which was filed by two women who worked with him on I'm Still Here. Many in the Twitterverse referenced the years-old allegations when Affleck won his Oscar. Of the backlash Affleck said, There's really nothing I can do about it.
'Big Bang Theory' stars reportedly taking pay cuts to increase pay for Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch
Rumor has it the Big Bang Theory cast is sticking together like never before to try to earn better pay for actresses Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch. The future of The Big Bang Theory has been uncertain as contract negotiations for two additional seasons have been dragging on for months. In August 2016, Gellar told the reporters at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, there would likely be more Big Bang Theory.
Murder-carjacking suspect captured in Kansas: police
A man accused of killing his girlfriend and another woman in Mississippi last week was captured on Wednesday after he crashed his stolen car while being chased by police on a highway in Kansas, authorities said. Alex Deaton, 28, also wounded at least three people in a multi-state crime spree, according to police. By Wednesday morning, Deaton was leading police on a car chase through Pratt City, Kansas, Duke said.
Oprah realizes you don't need government experience to be president
It's not totally out of the question. You can thank David Rubinstein for raising the question that we all want the answer to. The question, which drew applause from the audience, gave media mogul Winfrey pause. I never considered the question even a possibility, she replied a moment later. I thought, 'Oh gee, I don't have the experience.
What do men get that women don't? Here are a few things
The women asked for affordable childcare, equal pay for equal work and that the federal government fund abortions for women who could not afford the procedure. Overall, women earn 80 cents for every dollar earned by men, according to the National Partnership for Women & Families, with black women earning 63 cents and Latinas earning 54 cents. Women are also less likely to ask for high compensation and studies show they are penalized more than men for trying to negotiate.
Simone Biles will dance with a boy for the first time on 'Dancing with the Stars'
Simone Biles may be an Olympic gold medalist, but she's never danced with a boy before. The gymnast is about to start a series of firsts as she gears up to compete on Season 24 of Dancing with the Stars. I think just generally dancing in heels and dancing with a partner because I've never experienced that before. We know the long hours you have to put in to do the job that you want, Biles said.
Storm that spawned 24 tornado reports barrels east; 3 dead
Expand / Contract Surveying the devastation in Naplate, Ill. Tornado reports emerged up and down the state of Illinois on Tuesday. In Ottawa, Illinois, state Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman Patti Thompson said a tornado victim was killed by an uprooted tree. Another person was killed when a tornado ripped through Perry County, Missouri, about 80 miles south of St Louis. Thompson said it wasn't clear how many people were hurt by the storm, but that it was relatively few.
Penis spray claims to help men last longer in the bedroom
A new spray that promises to treat premature ejaculation in just five minutes, is now available in the United Kingdom. The condition, which affects hundreds of thousands of men across the country, can cause misery in the bedroom. The product's manufacturer, Plethora Solutions, claims that the more men used the product, the longer they lasted in the bedroom. The spray is a combination of two medicines - lidocaine and prilocaine - both of which are anaesthetic drugs.
Norway did not violate mass killer Breivik's human rights, court finds
The ruling overturned a 2016 verdict by a lower court that Breivik's near-isolation amounted to inhuman and degrading treatment under the European Convention on Human Rights. The appeals court said that the strict conditions were justified because there is a high risk that Breivik will resort to violence in the future. It said the conditions were also necessary for his own safety, as other prisoners might attack him. MASS MURDERER GIVES NAZI SALUTE IN COURT.
Hollywood makeup artist's wedding on hold after dog disappears
Theo became a beloved member of the household and soon had fans of his own with an Instagram page titled babybeard. A social media push aided by dog rescue groups and a Brussels Griffon network helped bring in a dozen tips a day. Then two people called to report a dog resembling Theo at a department store in a shopping cart. Theo was my best friend, we did everything together - grocery shopping, the dog park - we slept nose-to-nose, King said.
Making it rain: Drones could be the future for cloud seeding
Seeding clouds involves releasing flares of silver iodide from a plane's wing to generate more ice particles in a cloud. They hope to have drones conduct cloud seeding flights in the future. I believe we are the first in the country, potentially in the world that are using drones for cloud seeding, he said. Skeptics of the science of cloud seeding would admit that it is difficult to verify increased snowfall or rainfall from cloud seeding versus what would fall naturally.
Was Trump's Speech Before Congress A Pivot Point?
President Donald Trump does not readily admit errors. For him to make major changes in the way he presents himself is probably as close as he could ever come to admitting that his administration might have started off on the wrong foot. In his inaugural address little more than one month ago, the new president launched a frontal attack on Washington politicians of all stripes. Politicians prospered-but the jobs left, and the factories closed.

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