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Awesummly is India’s first AI powered fastest short news app. It brings news from around the world and multiple sources to the users in less than 80 words and that too at real time.

Awesummly - Short News App
Awesummly - Short News App

How is Awesummly different from any other news app

  • Awesummly is the fastest short news app in India
  • Awesummly brings short news instantly from around the world and at realtime
  • Awesummly will help you build your personal feed with the news you are interested in
  • Get more out of Awesummly with nightmode, bookmark, audio news and much more
  • Cricket live will take your cricket experience to the next level from live scores and commentary to live score notification
  • Awesummly is a completely ads free platform

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Awesummly - Short News App

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Latest News

Dawood Ibrahim changed house in Pakistan 4 times since Modi govt came to power: Iqbal Kaskar News

Iqbal Kaskar, the brother of fugitive don Dawood Ibrahim, has revealed that 1993 Mumbai blasts accused is in Pakistan. The brother of Dawood also told the police officials that the underworld don has four times changed his whereabouts in Pakistan ever since the Narendra Modi government came into power. Iqbal Kaskar was taken into custody from his home in south Mumbai on Monday night in a high-security operation involving multiple police agencies.

Dawood Ibrahim changed house in Pakistan 4 times since Modi govt came to power: Iqbal Kaskar
Japan Open: PV Sindhu loses to fierce rival Nozomi Okuhara in second round

Japan Open: PV Sindhu loses to fierce rival Nozomi Okuhara in second round News

The see-saw of win and lose continues between fierce rivals PV Sindhu and Nozomi Okuhara as the local favourite defeated Indian ace in the second round match of Japan Open on Thursday. Okuhara defeated Sindhu with a massive margin in the second set with the final score of 21-18, 21-8, in Tokyo. During the match, Okuhara didn't give any chance to Sindhu to play net shots and often banked on her defence when Sindhu was on the attack, reports Firstpost.

CBI Officer Lands up at The Residence of Wrong Judge, Slapped With Trespassing, Other Charges News

The officials of the security agency left the spot after identifying their mistake, claimed the CBI. A case has been registered against CBI officer PK Mishra and his team under sections 448 (trespassing), 353 , section 511 and 34 of the IPC. The retired judge is accused of plotting to settle down a case in favour of Lucknow based Institute of Medical Science. In regards to this case, CBI had scanned other places in the country including the residence of Biswanath Agrawala in Bhubaneswar.

CBI Officer Lands up at The Residence of Wrong Judge, Slapped With Trespassing, Other Charges
6 Years After Major Crash, China Raises Bullet Train Speed To 350 Kms

6 Years After Major Crash, China Raises Bullet Train Speed To 350 Kms News

China today increased the maximum speed of bullet trains on the Beijing-Shanghai line to 350 kilometres per hour, six years after a fatal accident led to a speed cap. The speed limit had been reduced to 300 kilometres per hour after 40 people died in a high-speed train crash near Wenzhou in July 2011. The acceleration cuts the 1,318-kilometre (819-mile) Beijing-Shanghai journey to 4 hours and 28 minutes, saving passengers nearly an hour.


How does Awesummly summarize news?

Awesummy uses their own proprietary Natural Language Processing(NLP) and Machine Learning algorithms which can summarize any news article in 80 words or less preserving the context and the gist of the article.

How frequently the content gets updated?

Awesummly gets updated around the clock as news breaks. You can view all the latest news in short at almost real-time.

Do you accept freelance articles or photos and videos?

We do not accept ad hoc freelance contributions. If you would like to supply an idea for a story or a news-worthy photo or video (in which you hold the copyright), please use our Contact us section. Please note that you will not be paid for unsolicited story ideas or photographs.

Is there an app for my mobile device?

Yes. You can download the free Android version of the mobile app from Google Play store. We will also be releasing our IOS version in the coming weeks. We also have a Chrome Extension which can be used to summarize any article.

How does Awesummly protect my privacy?

We recognise the importance of protecting the privacy of personally identifiable information collected about our customers, including visitors to our website. The full text of the policy can be found by visiting our Privacy policy page.

Why is Awesummly better than other news app?

Awesummly is the fastest short news app and brings content from multiple sources across the globe and that too in short. Also, Awesummly is completely ads free.

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