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Hospital operators in merger talks to form U.S. industry leader: WSJ
That would surpass the current largest US hospital operator, HCA Healthcare Inc (HCA.N), a for-profit company. The two have been in talks about a deal for months but have not reached an agreement, the Journal reported. The paper said that unlike for-profit companies, mergers of nonprofit hospital operators do not typically involve one entity buying the other. Last week, Catholic Health Initiatives CAHEA.UL and Dignity Health announced that they had signed a definitive agreement to align their organizations.
Inadequate regulation for vaginal mesh products has exposed women to unnecessary harms, warn experts: Regulation of implanted devices needs to recognise the higher potential risk -
Inadequate regulatory processes for vaginal mesh products used to treat stress incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse have exposed women to unnecessary harms, warn experts in The BMJ today. In the US, transvaginal meshes were initially class II devices, allowing them to be marketed on the basis of equivalence to existing devices despite important changes, they explain. They also show that evidence consistently pointed to a lack of long term data to inform use of vaginal mesh devices.
Simple blood test may predict recurrence of breast cancer
A simple blood test that detects tumor cells circulating in the blood shows promise as a new way to predict high or low risk of a breast cancer relapse. Currently, the test is FDA-approved for use by physicians to monitor response to treatment in patients with advanced breast, colon or prostate cancer, but not early stage cancer.
New assay may help predict which pancreatic lesions may become cancerous: Detection of telomere fusions in pancreatic tumor specimens and cyst fluid will help physicians decide whether to resect or wa
These guidelines are useful but pancreatic imaging does not provide sufficient information about the neoplastic nature of a pancreatic cyst. In this report, investigators describe a PCR-based assay to detect telomere fusions in samples of pancreatic tumor or cyst fluid. The assay incorporates two rounds of PCR with the second round using a telomere repeat probe to detect the fusions. The researchers analyzed tissues from IPMN tumor samples taken from patients undergoing resection, surgical cyst fluid samples, and normal pancreas.
Family members without inherited mutation have increased risk of melanoma
In families who carry certain inherited mutations that increase the risk for melanoma, members who do not carry the mutation also have an increased risk of melanoma, a study from Karolinska Institutet published in Genetics in Medicine reports. The researchers studied whether family members who have not inherited the mutation have any higher than normal risk of developing melanoma or other cancers. Previous studies have shown that people with the mutation who also have certain pigmentation variants run an even higher risk of melanoma.
First study to measure the carbon footprint of surgery suggests where emissions reductions are possible
The health sector is one of the largest service industries, with a considerable carbon footprint. The researchers measured direct emissions, indirect emissions, and other emissions, according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The average emissions per operating theatre, based on this study, were 188 tonnes of CO 2 e per theatre per year. The study did not include emissions involved in the manufacture, sterilisation or transport of surgical items so the study likely underestimates the emissions.
Philippines defied experts' advice in pursuing dengue immun
The experts also recommended that Dengvaxia be bought in small batches so the price could be negotiated down. That's a fact, said Susan Mercado, a former Philippines health department undersecretary and former senior official at the World Health Organization (WHO). A criminal probe is underway into how a danger to public health came about and two Congressional inquiries have been convened in the Philippines. Duque told Reuters he was concerned that the programme was paid from an off-budget allocation, meaning it bypassed Congressional scrutiny.
What's in a name? How Taking a spouse's surname can define power in marriage: UNLV study analyzes power dynamics in marital relationships and reveals perceptions of men whose wives retain their own su
It reflects subtle gender-role norms and ideologies that often remain unquestioned despite privileging men, said Robnett, an assistant professor of psychology at UNLV. Using a variety of research methods, researchers found a connection between gender-typed personality traits and perceived power dynamics. Traditionally, instrumentality or aggressive and dominant traits are associated with higher status and power and are often ascribed to men. In study 1, the researchers surveyed US undergraduates and asked them to characterize a man whose wife retains her surname after marriage.
France orders international recall of Lactalis baby formula
France has ordered banned the sale and ordered a recall of several baby formula milk and baby food products made by French dairy giant Lactalis after the discovery of salmonella bacteria, consumer protection agency DGCCRF said in a statement. The recall follows 20 cases of salmonella infection of infants in France during early December, which had already prompted a limited recall of 12 Lactalis products. One of the infants had consumed a Lactalis product that had not been on the first recall list.
Gilead's new drug keeps 56 percent of lymphoma trial patients alive
Follow-up on 108 patients treated with Yescarta showed that 42 percent remained in remission after a median of 15 months, and 56 percent were still alive, according to research presented in Orlando at the annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology. After analyzing tumor tissue from before and after treatment in patients who relapsed, the researchers found that in a third of patients the CD19 protein targeted by Yescarta was no longer present on cancer cells.
Canola Oil Can Harm Your Brain
According to the study, consuming two tablespoons of canola oil daily may worsen memory, learning ability as well as cause weight gain in people with Alzheimer's disease. Canola oil, is basically a vegetable oil derived from rapeseed. Consuming canola oil for over a period of six months also led to impairments in working memory. The study, conducted on mice, suggested that the long term consumption of the vegetable oil which is often promoted as a healthy cooking oil may actually harm the brain.
'Unheard of' responses to bluebird CAR-T therapy seen in myeloma study
This is unheard of, something that we haven't seen with any drugs approved for myeloma in this type of population. The excitement among all the myeloma providers is crazy, said Berdeja, director of myeloma research at the Sarah Cannon Center for Blood Cancer in Nashville. Bb2121 belongs to a potentially revolutionary new type of one-time treatment called CAR-T therapy that involves genetic manipulation of a patient's immune system.
Mindful yoga can help troubled youth reduce risky behaviours
Dariotis found a small number of the youths were already engaging in constructive coping behaviours on their own that will have positive outcomes later in life. The study revealed that in spite of early life stressors, positive coping behaviours, either learned or self-generated, can actually have a protective effect. Testosterone can be influential in dominance and aggressive behaviours, but if directed through prosocial behaviours like sports, yoga or healthy competition it can have very positive outcomes.
Top Low-calorie Foods You Can Eat Without Worrying About Your Weight!
Food is one of the most vital necessities of life and there are many people who really live for eating tasty foods. There are many foods with an amazing taste that are very low in calories, which can be eaten in plenty without any tension of gaining body weight. Actually, some changes in all types of foods can show wonderful effects in making absolutely low-calorie foods for the health-conscious and overweight people.
Night owls have wider social networks than morning people: Study
People who go to sleep late - tend to have wider social networks than morning persons, according to a study which showed that our inherent periods of sleep is linked to how we interact with others. The study also showed that night owls are more central in their own networks. Data collected and linked together from mobile devices, active social media use and other digital platforms could work as indicators for different mental disorders.

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