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Here's why coffee is good for your skin
A new study now reveals that drinking four cups of coffee every day could dexrease a person's risk of rosacea. The team, led by Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, believes the lowered risk is because coffee has anti-inflammatory properties and narrows blood vessels, which reduces redness. Past research has long linked coffee with combating heart disease, cancer, dementia, diabetes and depression and the authors hope their findings offer further reassurance of java's protective effects.
Eye disorder helped Da Vinci create masterpieces, says study
Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci may have had an eye condition that gave him an unusual ability to recreate three-dimensional shapes in his sculptures and paintings, a study has found. Christopher Tyler, of City, University of London in the UK measured eyes in six masterpieces thought to be portraits or self-portraits of Da Vinci, including his works Vitruvian Man and Salvator Mundi, the most expensive painting of all time.
Walnuts a boon for reigning lifestyle ailments, says study
Walnuts can help in keeping many lifestyle diseases at bay, including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems which are on the rise in India, according to studies. According to a research at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, one ounce of walnuts provides four grams of protein and two grams of fibre. Several studies have also found that regular consumption of walnuts has helped improve male fertility and helped in reducing risk of breast, colon and prostate cancer.
Clemson University students injured as dance floor collapses
Several students were injured after a dance floor collapsed during a party at an apartment building near Clemson University in South Carolina. After the floor collapsed, the students plummeted from the first floor onto the basement of an apartment, reported TMZ. Some of the students tried to jump towards safety as the floor started to collapse. Around 30 students from the Clemson University were injured as a result of collapse and were taken to a nearby hospital.
Cause and Effect: An interview with poet Shalim Hussain
At a session titled Madness of Migration at the recently held Khushwant Singh Literary Fest in Kasauli, poet Shalim Hussain, 31, called migration as natural a human instinct as progress. A poet, writer and translator based in Guwahati, Hussain is also at the forefront of the new wave of 'Miyah movement' back home, a form of protest poetry by Assamese Muslims of Bengali origin. The book is a travelogue set in villages of Assam where Assamese Muslims of Bengal origin live.
Fly Dining @ 160 feet
That won't happen at this swanky glass tabled new Fly Dining experience in the sky at Nagwara in the city. For the rest of the adventure-seeking lot, it promises to be an experience that many millennials are signing up for. The glide up, sitting on a dining table of glass while chomping on chef's specials to see a spectacular view is a surreal experience. Misha Pamnany-Kariappa, a hospitality consultant was excited about Fly Dining, but says, I haven't experienced it yet.
The best body in the business
Even though my preparations were on in full swing, I lacked the money to pay for flight tickets to California and accommodation. In a stroke of luck, some kind people came forward and offered to sponsor my trip, he says. I begin by loading my body with natural amino acids and carbohydrates before heading to the gym at 8 am. The bodybuilder also feels that if things continue the way they are, there is no future for others like him.
The winding tracks of death
1 On November 27, 1956, this famous Indian, the then Railway Minister, tendered his resignation following the Ariyalur train disaster. Prime minister Nehru said, All of us are very unhappy over the tragedy, but probably the unhappiest among all of us is the Railway Minister. The ferocity of the blast was such that windows were reported to have been shattered within a radius of more than 10 km.
High stakes decision-making may cause more cheating: study
The new study revealed the true extent to which a phenomenon called moral licensing can transform how employees self-govern their actions over a course of time. The responses were then measured against the statistically most likely set of results for correct guesses. The researchers first examined how the size of temptation affected cheating behaviour. Consistent with past research, they found that the reward size had a negligible effect on unethical decision-making - in the first instance.
'Angriya' to revive old Mumbai-Goa sea route: Cruise Director
In a bid to boost tourism, India's first-ever domestic cruise 'Angriya' was launched to revive the Mumbai-Goa sea route, which was operational around 40 years ago, said Siddharath Navalkar, the director of the cruise. The ship has been refurbished to help the people understand the coastline, the marine biology and the lighthouses along the route, mentioned Navalkar. Leena Prabhu, who handles the administrative side of the cruise, said that she sees Angriya as a bright future for the cruise tourism despite being a non-mariner.
Regular exercise should be part of cancer care for all patients, researchers say
According to a study, every cancer patient should keep regular exercise as part of their routine. The researchers stated it can significantly improve symptom management, quality of life and fitness during and after treatment. Even among patients at highest risk of poor quality of life, exercise can make a difference. Patients are often fatigued and have started to lose muscle before they are diagnosed with cancer, so it is essential to start exercise as soon as possible after the first consultation.
Parents' education impacts their children's health
Turns out, parents' education matters more than their income when it comes to their child's health. Lead researchers, Alan Monheit and Irina Grafova, found that parental education beyond 12 years is associated with increases in family health care spending and decreases in specific health conditions and poor health status, including hypertension, diabetes, and asthma.
Kanpur: Artificial pond for idol immersion poses health scare
Artificial pond created to immerse Goddess Durga's idol in Kanpur failed to achieve its aim of eco-friendly celebration as it poses health scare among locals here. The residents of Kanpur's Golaghat area have been facing health problems for last three years due to idol immersions in an artificial pond dug up under the National Mission for Clean Ganga initiative. Idol immersion, which is a ritualistic part of Durga Puja, marks the end of the celebrations.
Mumbai-based couple says 'I Do' onboard India's first cruise liner
The concept of organising weddings on a cruise in India has finally kick-started, as the Captain of the country's first cruise service 'Angriya' plying between Mumbai and Goa has solemnised a marriage onboard. The couple, Prabir and Sayali Correa, got married in a Mumbai court on October 20, the day Angriya set to sail. I feel happy that on India's first cruise I got this chance, he said.
Meditation can help lower eye pressure in glaucoma patients: AIIMS study
Meditation can help lower eye pressure in patients suffering from glaucoma, according to a recent study by doctors at the premier All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) here. Lowering of intraocular pressure (IOP) is the only proven therapy for glaucoma and this is currently achieved with eye drops, laser therapy or surgery. As a part of the study, which has been published in Journal of Glaucoma , 90 glaucoma patients were selected and randomly divided into two groups.
Heads roll as #MeToo stories gather storm
As women finally break their silence to name and shame sexual predators, the country is going through a combined catharsis right now. You have to understand the simple truth that when one person blames another, you may question it. There are all kinds of people floating around so it is important to condemn such behaviour. It's also a hopeful signal that we as a society are moving towards a zero tolerance attitude to sexual harassment at the workplace.
Outerwear makes all the difference
For those looking to spruce up their wardrobe collection and turn a drab outfit into a stylish one, investing in outerwear is the way to go. There are many outerwear options available and some taking the fashion industry by storm, says Shaila. The fabric of your outerwear she opines is the most important to look for among other things. Outerwear is a one stop fashion saviour and one that requires little to no effort in wearing and teaming with other pieces of clothing.
Why Sharif endorsed Pervez's Kargil misadventure
Of all the ill-conceived wars between these two neighbours in their often brutal 71-year old history, Gen. Musharraf's Kargil misadventure must rank as the most foolhardy. Clearly leavened with huge doses of flattery, it was also meant to give Mr Sharif very little room to manoeuvre. Zehra's book lays the blame for Kargil, and rightly so, at Gen. During the presentation, when Pakistani and Indian positions were pointed out to Prime Minister Sharif, he was unable to fully comprehend the locations of these posts.
A devil's advocate who speaks to power
It is an angry outburst of a screed when he feels being cornered into silence. If a sunflower thrives in sunlight, Thapar, at whom life seems to have thrown very few bad lemons, sought, and got, perpetual limelight. FOUR PMs Karan Thapar understands pace; each second on TV has a premium, and he maintains it. Above all, his book impresses that there once was a journalist who dared to speak to authority.

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