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Humans did not come from Earth, claims scientist
Scientists were recently stunned to find two ancient meteorites which crash landed 20 years ago containing the basic building blocks for life. According to experts, life spreads like an interstellar infection and clusters of planets in the galaxy have alien life forms. In his book, Humans are not from Earth, which has been debated online recently, he claims that we were brought here tens of thousands of years ago by aliens. His reasoning is humans appear so unable to cope with life on Earth.
Six herbs to include in your daily diet for a healthier, happier you
Ayurveda texts and modern research say that herbs contain compounds that have beneficial health properties that can help prevent many lifestyle disorders and rejuvenate our bodies. Dr Shruthi M Hegde, Ayurveda Expert, The Himalaya Drug Company, suggests incorporating the following herbs in your daily diet to practice preventive wellness and take a concrete step towards maintaining good health. Including this herb in your daily diet will help increase your body's resistance to stress and illness.
Sonakshi Sinha spreads some monochrome magic in her dazzling midi dress
There is no playing it safe when it comes to Sonakshi Sinha's fashion statements. Though the actor's love for sheer and sequins is well known, she does not shy away from experimenting widely with other trends either. Stylist Mohit Rai kept the accessories simple and amped up the actor's look with a pair of silver strappy heels. Once again styled by Rai, Sinha looked like a vision in a body-hugging Labourjoisie red gown.
Scientists say nearly 60 per cent of your body is not human
Scientists have revealed close to 60% of your body is not human, the BBC reported. There are only close to 43% human cells, while the rest are microbiomes, which is essential for our health. You're more microbe than you are human, Prof Rob Knight, from University of California San Diego, told the BBC. We're finding ways that these tiny creatures totally transform our health in ways we never imagined until recently, Professor Knight explained.
Save elderly people from heat in simple ways
Broths or soups contain sodium, fruit juice, soft fruits, vegetables containing potassium, sports drinks that contain electrolytes, are some options. Save the elderly at your home from adverse effects of summer heat. Take them for a walk in the malls where it is cool or go swimming with them, suggest experts. Be aware of signs of dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The most common signs of dehydration in the elderly are thirst, confusion, irritability and poor skin elasticity.
Kareena Kapoor Khan trends watch: Fringed top, embellished denim, cut-out back shirts
Rare is the time when Kareena Kapoor Khan steps out decked in her finery and does not give us fashion goals. Yes, even her casual style statements are not to be brushed aside easily. Kareena accentuated her look with bold red lips and an orange clutch. She kept the make-up minimal and rounded out her look with a pair of sunnies and a high ponytail. Earlier, we had seen Kareena in a black and blue asymmetrical hem dress from Balenciaga.
'Very' unattractive people earn significantly more money, says study
While it has always been believed that life can be far easier for people with good looks, a recent study published in the Journal of Business and Psychology, has found that there is a caveat to this 'beauty premium. When other traits were taken into account, such as health and intelligence, results showed people who were more conscientious, extroverted and less neurotic earned significantly more than others. Interestingly, participants who were labeled as being 'very unattractive' always earned more than those who were juts 'unattractive.
8 things you probably did not know about UK's Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth II is not only the longest-reigning British monarch in history; she is also the longest-reigning current monarch in the world. Queen Elizabeth, who turned 92 on April 21 is the first UK monarch to ever celebrate a sapphire jubilee, which marked her 65-year reign in 2017. The Queen has at least two family nicknames - 'Lilibet' and 'cabbage': Shawcross wrote in Queen and Country: The Fifty-year Reign of Elizabeth II that her grandfather coined 'Lilibet'.
Here are 10 things you can do to save planet Earth
The year 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day. The world celebrated Earth Day on April 22. The origin of Earth Day dates back to 1970 when Gaylord Nelson, then a United States Senator from Wisconsin, witnessed the damage to the environment caused by the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. Nelson realised that something concrete can be done for the planet if he could merge that energy with rising public awareness about the environment.
Water may have cognitive benefits in elderly, says study
Oldies, you may want to drink more water as according to a recent study, doing so can help you reap the full cognitive benefits of exercise. The study explored the association between hydration status before exercising and exercise-enhanced cognition in older adults. Middle-age and older adults often display a blunted thirst perception, which places them at risk for dehydration and subsequently may reduce the cognitive health-related benefits of exercise, a team of New England-based researchers wrote.
New hope for better wound healing in diabetics
A recent study has offered new hope for the diabetic patient with slow-healing wounds. The Yale University research uncovered the role of a particular protein in maintaining the wounds and suggested that reversing its effects could help aid wound healing in patients with diabetes. To determine whether TSP2 contributes to delayed wound healing, we genetically removed TSP2 from a mouse model of diabetes and observed improved wound healing.
Artificial sweeteners too may lead to diabetes, obesity
Artificial sweeteners may seem like they can be one answer to diabetes and effective weight loss, but a recent study suggests that you may want to rethink. Researchers also looked at impacts on vascular health by studying how the substances affect the lining of blood vessels. Despite the addition of these non-caloric artificial sweeteners to our everyday diets, there has still been a drastic rise in obesity and diabetes, said lead researcher Brian Hoffmann.
Actress Gul Panag and her dad s 14 day regimen will give you major fitness goals
It was these exigencies of life - long working hours, shoot schedules, frequent travelling - that put fitness enthusiast Gul Panag's exercise regimen on the back-burner. Having been brought up in a family where being physically active is a way of life, she knew she could do better. Her companion throughout the challenge was her father, Lt General HS Panag (retd), who in turn has been her role model for fitness, among many other things.
A personal transit lounger!
Sunil Mishra's book Transit Lounge changes the monotony of travel!. I also learnt that each place I went has some traces of Indian culture like the Kohinoor Diamond in London. Another episode was a bit alarming but funny, Ladies in Tehran are expected to wear a burkha at all times. Sunil took over three years to write Transit Lounge, Most of my writing is based on recollection, a few notes and a little research.
A flair of Lucknawi ANDAAZ
Visiting it recently, threw up many surprises, one of which was how yoga and meditation are entrenched in its ethos. On an early morning walk into the beautiful National Botanical Gardens and Research Institute, we found a hub of health and nature. We had taken our mats, and it was asanas, as birds chirped, the most calm and meditative of starts to a day.
Study finds drinking could also contribute to reducing lifespan
It's not just smoking that kills but drinking also contributes to reducing lifespan. The report estimated that a 40-year-old drinking four units a day more than the recommended daily limit reduces life expectancy by approximately two years, which is about 20 per cent of the lifespan of the individual. Smoking is believed to reduce about 15 minutes of life each day, which is equivalent to each unit of alcohol above the normal level.
Coming soon, book of science stories that changed lives
Behind each one of them are little known stories of scientific innovation and enterprise that have marked the progress of Indian science in the last 70 years. These stories, and many more like them, are now being recounted in a new book 'Indian Science: Transforming India' published by the Indian National Science Academy (INSA), the largest organisation of scientists in the country. The stories in the book are not about India's greatest scientific accomplishments.
Four reasons to switch to stevia, a plant ideal for a sweet, healthy lifestyle
The stevia plant's leaves contain naturally sweet molecules called steviol glycosides, which can be up to 400 times sweeter than sugar, but studies have shown that stevia has no effect on blood glucose levels. Stevia leaves have almost no calories: It's a gift of nature that has been used in various parts of the world. The leaves have been used by Guarani Indians in Paraguay for several hundreds of years to sweeten their matte (tea).
Indians consume far too less calcium than required
Adults in India consume on an average about half the amount of calcium than required for healthy bones, according to a global map of dietary calcium intake launched on Friday. Calcium is a major component of bone, accounting for between 30-35 per cent of its mass and much of its strength. Low calcium intake has been linked to lower bone-mineral density, which increases the risk of osteoporosis and broken bones.

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