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Start-ups have an unlikely competitor
Among the first to do so was Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, which launched mobile app Aajiveeka last year. Local people in a tier-II city will have far greater trust in a government than a start-up, said Sreedhar Prasad, a partner (e-commerce and start-ups) at advisory firm KPMG India. To attract a digital Indian to download the app, that's what start-ups tend to do well. There are currently more than 450 start-ups in this space both at the local and national level, according to market estimates.
Algorithmic zoning could be the answer to cheaper housing and more equitable cities
Zoning codes are a century old, and the lifeblood of all major US cities, determining what can be built where and what activities can take place in a neighborhood. Housing is not enough to satiate the modern knowledge economy worker though. In Larson and Clippinger's world though, rules-based models would be thrown out for dynamic, self-regulating systems based around what might agnostically be called tokens.
Life sciences startup Avro aims to deliver drugs to children and the elderly through skin patches
Avro, a life sciences startup in Y Combinator's current batch, is banking on a method to deliver medications to populations unable to swallow or chew - It will administer them through the skin. Starting with allergy medications, the startup is developing skin patches that release drugs commonly used in seasonal allergies for children. The patches act much like nicotine patches, which deliver nicotine to those trying to quit smoking, but can deliver a variety of drugs, such as allergy medications, through our body's largest organ.
As global juggernaut rolls into Indian digital payments, local peers fret and fuss over retaining position
They enable most payments and also have critical user data on social interactions, purchasing habits, payments and financial situation. They have started with P2P payments and will expand to other areas as Google Tez already has, enabling bill payments. Even the National Payments Corporation of India, which controls payments, clarifies WhatsApp will follow all norms when it actually launches. Even as it plans on-the-ground staffing, WhatsApp - along with internet heavyweight Google - have shaken and stirred the local peer-to-peer (P2P) payments market.
OYO Vs ZO Rooms Battle Wages On: OYO Files Criminal Complaint Against Zostel Founders For Blackmailing
As the SoftBank-backed OYO and ZO Rooms merger falls flat, OYO has once again filed a complaint against Zostal Hospitality Pvt Ltd alleging continuous inconvenience and harassment by Zostel and its directors. It is absolutely false to suggest that OYO benefited from talks of the deal since the Zo business had been faltering at that stage. An OYO spokesperson indicted, Since more than one-year, we've been continuously inconvenienced and harassed by Zostel and its directors.
Startups that raised funds from angel investors face tax scrutiny
Although the income tax department has been instructed not to harass startups unduly, those that raised funds from angel investors through rights offers rather than via private placements in the past few years are coming under scrutiny along with their investors, said people aware of the matter. Some startups had opted for rights offers because of the complexities involved in the private placement method, they said. After the rights issue, the existing investors in startups had renounced rights in favour of the new investors.
Kidtech startup SuperAwesome is now valued at $100+ million and profitable
SuperAwesome says it hit profitability for the first time in Q4 2017, and has reached a booked revenue run-rate of $28 million, after seeing 70 percent growth year-over-year. This year, it expects to grow 100 percent, with a revenue run rate of $50 million. Sources close to the company put its valuation at north of $100 million, as a result. Before SuperAwesome, Collins founded gaming platform Jolt, acquired by GameStop, and game technology provider DemonWare, acquired by Activision.
Molly wants to use your online presence to create an automated knowledge base
The startup wants to make information more easily accessible, primarily by cross-pollinating information posted on your various online profiles and making it available in one central location. The startup was founded by Chris Messina, Esther Crawford and Ethan Sutin over the summer, and is now part of Y Combinator's Winter '18 batch. Molly will also occasionally will send users quizzes to take, with the answers being being recorded in their knowledge bank for future audiences to access.
Join me for an evening of crypto with writers Paul Vigna and Michael Casey
Next week I'm pleased to announce that I'm going to have Paul Vigna and Michael Casey, authors of The Truth Machine, on stage with me at Knotel, a co-working and event space in Manhattan. It's happening on February 28 at 7pm and it will feature a 35-minute talk with two of the top writers in crypto. These guys literally wrote the book on Bitcoin and their new book is about to hit store shelves.
Elon Musk's Boring Company gets preliminary permit for NYC-D.C. Hyperloop
That isn't stopping Elon Musk from pushing forward with plans to build a Hyperloop along the eastern corridor. While it's a very small, very vague step forward, Musk's Boring Company has received a permit for preparation and preliminary excavation of a site in the nation's capital. In July, Elon Musk tweeted that he had received verbal government approval to build a multi-state underground Hyperloop on the East coast.
Tamil Nadu Government Seeks Industry Inputs On Draft Startup Policy
The Tamil Nadu government has taken a step forward with regard to its startup policy and has sought inputs from industry stakeholders to prepare the state's draft policy. Shajeevana announced that the state will launch its startup policy when it releases the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) policy. The NEED scheme was launched in 2013 by then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J Jayalalithaa to assist educated youth to become entrepreneurs.
MedTech opportunity pushes Israel-China romance to next level
We see a lot of great opportunity, said Kelvin Yu, managing director of Hong Kong-based Enter Venture Partners, who has invested personally in some Israeli med-tech companies. We want to get Chinese companies to use Israeli technology and commercialize it in China, a win-win for all parties. The convergence of artificial intelligence and high tech is transforming health care, said Morris Laster, an OurCrowd MedTech venture partner.
Startup Events To Attend This Week: TiE Global Summit, Retail Leadership Summit And More
We bring to you the latest edition of the startup events to attend this week!. TiE Global Summit is the largest Global Entrepreneurial Leadership Summit that takes place once a year across the Globe. TiE Global Summit II further looks to set up the first step towards the next 25 years of business and innovation. The Retail Leadership Summit has been formulated to educate and inform entrepreneurs about customer acquisition and retention.
Blockchain And IoT Will Have A Profound Impact In The Way We Live And Work: PM Modi
Reiterating Finance Minister's take on blockchain technology, PM Modi while speaking at WCIT India 2018 stated, Disruptive technologies such as Blockchain and the IoT, will have a profound impact in the way we live and work. The other technologies in focus will be virtual reality, robotic process automation, IoT, big data analytics, 3D printing, cloud computing, social and mobile. With the advent of new technologies like AI, Blockchain and IoT, reskilling of young professionals is critical.
SpringRole appoints Alex Waters as advisor
Waters has been an active member and entrepreneur in the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem since its inception. Alex's varied experience with bitcoin, technology and entrepreneurship will be invaluable to SpringRole, and will help us develop our product into the best version of it possible, said Kartik Mandaville, CEO, SpringRole. I've always believed that blockchains are the future, and it excites me to see how SpringRole can leverage it to fulfil their vision, said Waters on his appointment.
Investments Master Mark Mobius Joins Equanimity Investments, Announces The Launch Of A Fund Management Firm
Mumbai-based Equanimity Investments has announced today that Mark Mobius, former Executive Chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group and a prominent emerging markets fund manager, has joined the funds' Investment Committee (IC). On the occasion, Mark Mobius said, I am excited about the investment opportunity in the Indian early stage ecosystem. Equanimity is the ideal partner given the team's strengths, their focus, credibility and most importantly, their experience.

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