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Keeping it simple: Uncomplicated tech, and why it's always worth your money
The pen is fun to use and a great example of uncomplicated tech. In many ways, it's a model of how all consumer technology should be, and what sets the tech that stands the test of time from the gear that's forgotten in a year or two: It's uncomplicated. How to Identify Tech That's Worth Using, or Will Last. This can be expanded to any tech product, from desktop computers and TVs to wearable fitness trackers and apps.
In battle of premium smartphones, people prefer iPhone XR over Pixel 3
On September 12, Apple, a Cupertino, US-based technology giant announced the next generation iPhone X-series, with iPhone XR being the most affordable smartphone in the series. The XR edition shares most of its specifications with elder siblings, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Before iPhone XR sales begin, global search engine and technology giant Google also unveiled its Pixel 3-series. Named the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, the prices of these premium smartphones start at Rs 71,000 and Rs 83,000, respectively.
When remedy is the problem: Cybersecurity apps could be worse for privacy
It's a good reminder that not all security apps will make your online movements more secure - and, in some cases, they could be worse than doing nothing at all. It's wise to do your due diligence before you download that ad-blocker or VPN - read on for some tips. VPNs are commonly used to access geo-blocked content, and for additional privacy. Another study showed that 18% of mobile VPN apps did not encrypt user traffic at all.
Samsung Galaxy A9s to launch in China on October 24
Samsung will launch the Galaxy A9s, its first phone with four rear cameras, on October 24 in China. This has been reported by GizmoChina, that has spotted an official poster from the South Korean company for the launch event. Galaxy A9s had recently been unveiled in Malaysia, where it is called Galaxy A9 (2018). As per the Samsung poster, Galaxy A9s will debut in China at 19:00 local time, and the launch event will give an indication of its pricing in India.
68% Indians experienced tech support scams in 2018: Microsoft survey
Additionally, the cost of these scams goes beyond monetary loss, with people reporting higher stress levels after dealing with this type of fraud. Since 2016, India is experiencing fewer tech support scams, with 68% in 2018 versus 80% in 2016. While these scams are not going away, the best thing you can do to help protect yourself is to educate yourself. Microsoft will never proactively reach out to you to provide unsolicited PC or technical support.
Former Chinese internet chief pleads guilty in bribery trial
Lu Wei also made a final statement to the court, and admitted guilt and expressed regret, Xinhua said. At the height of his influence, Lu, a colourful and often brash official by Chinese standards, was seen as emblematic of increasingly pervasive internet controls. The crackdown has not just been focused on issues like bribery and using public money to fund lavish lifestyles. It has also taken aim at those whose political loyalty is found lacking or who express doubt about party policies.
London gold association plans to approve blockchain trackers
The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) is planning to help modernise and improve transparency in the industry with an approval process for companies using blockchain technology to track the movement of gold. The embracing of the blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin, aims to exclude from the global supply chain metal that is illegally mined or traded or used to finance conflict. It comes after the revelation last year that a US refinery had accepted billions of dollars' worth of gold smuggled from South America.
TCS restructures its business units to focus on long-term strategy
The second round of restructuring will help the company's topmost executives - from the CEO to the EVPs - focus on delivering the future plans. TCS is a well-run organisation with a deep bench of executives ready and capable of taking on these responsibilities, Bendor-Samuel said. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has restructured its industry solutions units (ISUs), giving almost 200 employees control of them and quarterly target goals as it looks to free up senior executives to focus on long-term strategy.
N Chandrasekaran's salary almost doubles in leap from TCS to Tata Sons
Tata Sons chairman N Chandrasekaran's remuneration nearly doubled in FY17-18 after he joined the holding company of the Tata group from Tata Consultancy Services. The new chairman had received Rs 30.15 crore for 11 months he served as TCS managing director. Insiders say that as a Tata Sons nominee on board, Mistry chose to cap his remuneration with the holding company's profitability. Cyrus, scion of the Pallonji Mistry family, is Tata Sons' largest individual shareholder along with his brother Shapoor Mistry, with 18.4%.
Why Facebook's biggest boondoggle is hyping video
Facebook has been accused of misleading advertisers about the viewership of its video content. The higher number led advertisers to believe that users had a higher engagement with their content than Facebook actually achieved. What matters is whether users want all the video that's being dumped on them today - or whether media managers should rethink the pivot. At the same time, other platforms, such as SnapChat and Twitter, were also reporting growing video viewership.
'75 per cent HD channels in India are already available with Dolby audio'
There is a popular belief that the Dolby Audio experience is only meant for cinema halls and movies. This is what Dolby hopes to change in India in association with its partners like Sony, starting this festive season. A: The journey has been quite successful and rewarding for Dolby in India, especially on the B2B front. Almost 75 per cent of the HD channels available on DTH in India are Dolby enabled.
New sensor to detect unborn baby's heart
Scientists have developed an effective sensor that can allow pregnant women to measure the heartbeat of their unborn baby from the comfort of their homes. This technology will give peace of mind in providing answers very quickly and ultimately ensuring the baby's wellbeing, Aviles-Espinosa. The technology can record the information required to calculate foetal heart rate values and variability with high accuracy.
'Earliest known flesh-eating fish identified'
Researchers have identified a new species of piranha-like fish that lived in the sea about 150 million years ago during the time of the dinosaurs. This is an amazing parallel with modern piranhas, which feed predominantly not on flesh but the fins of other fishes. Feed on a fish and it is dead; nibble its fins and you have food for the future, Bellwood said. It comes from a group of fishes that are famous for their crushing teeth, said Martina Kolbl-Ebert of Jura Museum.
Britiain's former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg faces flak for joining Facebook
Former British deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who earlier criticised Facebook for paying too little tax in Britain, is now facing flak for joining the social network as its head of global affairs, the media reported. A couple of years ago, Clegg, who lost his seat in Parliament in the 2017 general elections, said that he was not especially bedazzled by Facebook. Though that's as much the fault of governments who still haven't got their tax act together, he was quoted as saying.
Google Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 seem to have an audio issue; company claims that it is by design
A number of new reports have emerged on the internet in the past couple of days reporting audio problems with the latest flagship smartphone lineup by Google, the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. These reports indicate that similar to the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, the 2018 lineup is also plagued by microphone and audio issue. The problem is noticeable in audio comparisons of the Pixel 3 lineup with its rivals including the iPhone XS and XS Max.
First smartphone from Hollywood camera maker suffers leak, starts shipments
Pre-orders start shipping this week for RED's Hydrogen One smartphone - an entire season later than expected. According to Jamin Jannard, founder of RED, as posted Wednesday in a Hydrogen forum, Some going out tomorrow. It's predicted to be impressive given the tech of the display, but it is also expected to be compatible with professional lenses. 9to5Google also reports that there's a movie tie-up with Warner for full-length 3D movies including Ready Player One.
VW's future cars could feature headlights that project info on the road
Volkswagen engineers and designers are currently testing a set of interactive HD-LCD headlights and tail-light clusters that project information on the road to enhance driver and pedestrian safety. The HD-LCD headlights that are undergoing testing on a VW Touareg feature a new lighting function: the ability to project information on the road via 30,000 light points. VW taillights are also being reinvented to increase driver safety with a new matrix tail light cluster system.
Postman, shopper, builder: In Japan, there's a robot for that
At the World Robot Summit in Tokyo, the focus was on down-to-earth robots that can deliver post, do the shopping and build a house. Omron showcased a robot that can be programmed to glide around a supermarket and place various items into a basket. Possibly useful for a lazy - or infirm - shopper but more likely to be put to use in a logistics warehouse.
Chinese scientists develop nanogenerator to power wearable electronics
Chinese scientists have developed a new nanogenerator that can harvest energy from human motions to continuously power wearable electronic devices, state-run media reported. Scientists at Zhengzhou University have developed a washable and wearable nanogenerator based on hydrophobic nanofiber. It has a woven structure and can be attached to clothes to convert the mechanical energy generated by human activities into electrical energy, according to state-run China Science Daily.
Facebook posts may help predict depression risk: Study
The language people use in their Facebook posts can predict the future risk of depression as accurately as the tools clinicians use in medical settings to screen for the disorder, according to a study. Analysing social media data shared by consenting users across the months leading up to a depression diagnosis, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Stony Brook University in the US developed an algorithm that could accurately predict future depression.

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