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Deutsche Telekom says will slash 10,000 jobs at subsidiary
Deutsche Telekom said Thursday it would slash 10,000 jobs worldwide at its loss-making IT services subsidiary in the next three years as it seeks 600 million euros ($696 million) in savings. It charged that instead of tackling and future-proofing the business, Telekom had opted for an unimaginative austerity programme and a clear-cut with massive job destruction. The union's IT sector official Michael Jaekel said the telecoms behemoth was planning to shift many of the jobs to lower-wage countries such as India.
Lime launches electric scooters in Paris, targets Europe
California-based bicycle sharing service Lime will launch a fleet of dock-free electric scooters in Paris on Friday as part of a wider roll-out in several European cities, the firm said. Paris is our first big-scale deployment in Europe, we have big ambitions in Europe, Lime France director Arthur-Louis Jacquier told Reuters on Thursday. Jacquier said Lime plans to launch in 26 European cities by year-end, but declined to specify in which countries.
Tencent needs to see market gap before international expansion: executive
Chinese internet giant Tencent will only take its social networking platforms, music and gaming services to an international audience if it believes there is a gap in the market it can fill, a senior executive told Reuters on Thursday. Tencent runs China's biggest social network, music and gaming systems, with its billion user-strong WeChat messaging app sitting at the heart of the country's booming internet economy. Speculation has grown that Tencent would expand internationally, following a string of investments and English language content partnerships abroad.
Digital trade should be open, must address privacy concerns: Sunil Bharti Mittal
Sunil Bharti Mittal, former chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), has called for open global digital trade, but one which takes into account the security and privacy needs of citizens in each country. In a digital world, there should no borders. Digital trade cannot be fragmented trade, it has got to be a global trade, Mittal said. You can't have an Indian Facebook, Chinese Facebook and European Facebook. That is the challenge they are having, said Mittal.
Now, a laser with colour-changing feature
As the lizard shifts its colour from turquoise to pink to orange to green, so does the technology. Scientists from the Northwestern University have developed a novel nanolaser that changes colours using the same mechanism as chameleons. The same way a chameleon controls the spacing of nanocrystals on its skin, the Northwestern team's laser exploited periodic arrays of metal nanoparticles on a stretchable, polymer matrix.
Nokia seller HMD looks to smart and feature phones to grow its African business
Feature phones - devices that lie between basic phones and smartphones - remain an important part of the company's strategy, Maier said. HMD Global offers feature phones ranging in price from $18 for the entry-level Nokia 105 to $50 for the premium Nokia 3310 that was relaunched last year, Maier said. According to Counterpoint Research, Nokia was the best-selling brand in low-cost feature phones globally last year and ranked 11th in smartphone sales.
First 4 Fifa games record 16.1 million impressions in India
The first four matches of the ongoing Fifa World Cup have garnered 16.1 million impressions across urban and rural India, with the opening ceremony notching up 2.1 million impressions. Impressions refer to the number of individuals in thousands of a target audience who viewed an event, averaged across minutes. Kerala, Assam/North-East and West Bengal are the top contributing markets to Fifa World Cup viewership. It is truly exciting to be a part of the transformation that this beautiful game is going through in India.
First music festival turns to blockchain
A music festival will for the first time run on blockchain, tapping the fast-growing technology as an innovative way to address longstanding issues such as ticket scalping and fan engagement. Organizers said that the festival would be the first to operate on blockchain, the system that moves chunks of data securely through an online ledger. Blockchain has been put to growing uses from medical records to banking and most prominently as the tool behind crytocurrency Bitcoin.
Google Engineers Refused to Build Security Tool to Win Military Contracts
Known as air gap, the technology would have helped Google win sensitive military contracts. That proposal was easily voted down by shareholders, but the engineers' boycott could actually hamper Google's ability to compete. Big federal contracts often require certification to handle sensitive data-authorizations that rivals Amazon.com Inc and Microsoft Corp. have, but Google doesn't. The feature is not technically very difficult, so Google could easily find other engineers to do the work.
New 'e-skin' brings sense of touch to prosthetic hands
It's inspired by what is happening in human biology, with receptors for both touch and pain, said Osborn. The work - published in the journal Science Robotics - shows that it is possible to restore a range of natural, touch-based feelings to amputees who use prosthetic limbs. The ability to detect pain could be useful, for instance, not only in prosthetic hands but also in lower limb prostheses, alerting the user to potential damage to the device.
High Court: Online shoppers can be forced to pay sales tax
States will be able to force shoppers to pay sales tax when they make online purchases under a Supreme Court decision Thursday that will leave shoppers with lighter wallets but is a big win for states. The decisions made it more difficult for states to collect sales tax on certain online purchases. Large retailers including Apple, Macy's, Target and Walmart, which have brick-and-mortar stores nationwide, already generally collect sales tax from their customers who buy online.
Moustaches make girl power win at Cannes
Cannes Lions is one of the most coveted and established awards in the creative and marketing communications industry since 1954. It's exciting to see how ITC's brands touch people and their lives in small yet significant ways, she said. After studying communications at MICA, Ahmedabad, she joined Metro Cash and Carry India Pvt Ltd as a management trainee. The girls spent time on understanding and analysing the past years' Cannes winning case studies and conducted mock sessions to test each other.
Facebook expands fact-check effort to photos, videos
One challenge in fighting misinformation is that it manifests itself differently across content types and countries, said a blog post from Facebook product manager Tessa Lyons. Lyons said Facebook's fact-checking efforts is now in place in 14 countries, with more to be added this year, using independent partners to verify information. These certified, independent fact-checkers rate the accuracy of stories on Facebook, helping us reduce the distribution of stories rated as false by an average of 80 percent, she said.
Loopholes in cloud security exposed online 50 per cent of corporate databases
Cloud security has grown into a major issue for enterprises, as only one company in six encrypts all data, according to a Bitdefender survey. Organisations are excited about cloud services because they allow them to back up large amounts of big data at smaller rates. Even though businesses are widely adopting the cloud, they completely neglect security and privacy, allowing the attack surface to expand. What's more, some 24 per cent are exposed to major security risks because their public cloud has not been patched.
Ericsson needs industries to embrace 5G to underpin its recovery
Ericsson needs a range of industries to embrace 5G network services if the equipment maker is to get a long-term boost that would allow it to progress from cost-cutting to expansion. Ericsson is betting that new business models enabled by 5G technology could drive an increase of up to 36 percent in telecom industry services on top of current businesses. Ericsson will not project how this may translate into growth for the company.
Rapoo unveils K2600 wireless touch keyboard
Rapoo has launched K2600 Wireless Touch Keyboard, which appears to be slim, compact and designed with a large touchpad on the right. It has a reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection that offers up to 10m of working range. Despite the compact design, the company offers a sealed membrane of the product to ensure a longer keyboard lifetime. Lastly, the wireless touch keyboard will allow users to surf on their PC while connected to the PCs as well.
Intel CEO out after consensual relationship with employee
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has resigned after the company learned of what it called a consensual relationship with an employee. Intel said Thursday that the relationship was in violation of the company's non-fraternization policy, which applies to all managers. Chief Financial Officer Robert Swan will take over as interim CEO immediately. Earlier this month, Guess Inc co-founder Paul Marciano stepped down following a company investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and assault.
Samsung smartphone user base still far higher than Xiaomi: CMR
Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi lags Samsung by a long way in terms on installed base, despite having overtaken the Korean major in terms of quarterly shipments, according to data from Cyber Research, an independent mobile-market analysis firm. Micromax remained the only Indian brand among the top five in terms of installed base with 8.63% of the market share among smartphones, according to CMR.
Google Chrome for Android will now automatically save articles for offline viewing
Google's Chrome browser will now offer offline content on Android smartphones when the user is connected to an unmetered Wi-Fi connection. The new Chrome browser update will be made available to over 100 countries, including India, Brazil, Indonesia and more. It targets those locations that do not provide continuous internet coverage, and is currently limited to articles alone. Under the Chrome app update, Android users will receive notification of content related to the popular articles in a user's location.

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