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Charge for online instant transfer to be waived next year
The 50 cent charge imposed on instant online fund transfers will be waived starting July 1, 2018. According to Bank Negara Malaysia, this is to encourage more parties to use digital payment methods instead of cash. Bank Negara Governor Tan Sri Muhammad Ibrahim says, it is time for Malaysia to accelerate its transition from cash to digital. As a nation, we need to rise and seize this exciting opportunity, take a proactive rather than reactive role.
Jerusalem as Israels capital Malaysia wants US to reconsider its decision
Malaysia is extremely concerned at reports that the United States has announced its decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Such a decision would put to an end all efforts made towards a resolution of Palestinian question. It would have grave repercussions not only towards the security and stability of the region, but would inflame sentiments, making efforts to combat terrorism all the more difficult.
MITI Total trade in October 2017 surged by 19.8 percent
The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) today announced Malaysia's external trade statistics. This periodical announcement see the country's total trade in October 2017 surged by 19.8 percent to RM154.26 billion compared with the year before. Exports in October 2017 rose significantly by 18.9 percent to RM82.41 billion, exceeding RM80 billion mark for the third time in 2017. Trade surplus widened to RM10.56 billion, the highest value since April 2016, making it the 240th consecutive month of trade surplus since November 1997.
AirAsia resumes limited flights to and from Lombok
AirAsia has resumed today the operations of several flights to and from Lombok following the reopening of the Lombok International Airport on Friday, December 1, 2017. In a statement issued today, the low-cost carrier said it will also continue to operate limited flights to and from Bali. AirAsia will also continue to monitor the situation closely and update its passengers on any developments. They also have the option of rerouting to another destination within the AirAsia network with fare difference applicable.
From Dec 27 Malaysians dont need visa to visit Morocco
This is in accordance with the agreement on 'Partial Abolition of Visa Requirement' signed in Putrajaya on July 19 between the Government of Malaysia and the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco. After all internal requirements have been fulfilled by both countries, this Agreement will come into force on 27th December, 2017. The partial abolition of the visa requirement is expected to encourage more Malaysians and Moroccans to visit each other's countries.
Oxford University lecturer wins 2017 National Premier Maulidur Rasul
Lecturer of Islamic Studies at the Faculty of Theology, Oxford University, Datuk Dr Muhammad Afifi Al-Akiti was named as the recipient of the National Premier Maulidur Rasul Award 2017. Previously, there was a perception that Islamic scholars were students who failed in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or secondary school. He also urged Muslim scholars and scientists to play a big role in clearing the image of Islam which was being badly represented by irresponsible parties.
Tan Sri Zakri Abdul Hamid awarded Global Competitiveness award
Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Professor Tan Sri Zakri Abdul Hamid received the Global Competitiveness Award for his endless contributions in the nation's development rate, competitiveness and sustainable innovation and global prosperity through investments in science and technology. Zakri is also the co-chair of the Malaysian Industry - Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT). The Award was presented at the prestigious Global Innovation Summit 2017 Gala Dinner held here today.
Foreign funds return to Bursa Malaysia but marginal
Foreign investors gave some respite to Bursa Malaysia last week, although not by much. Based on data provided by the local bourse, international investors bought RM88.6mil net of Malaysian equities last week, excluding off market trades. According to MIDF Research, this represents the highest weekly inflow since the week ended September 15. The research house however, concedes that this was not enough to offset foreign fund outflows in the preceding week of RM297.1mil net.
WIEF13 Muslim countries must relentlessly fight terrorism
Malaysia has called for relentless commitment from Muslim countries in dealing with terrorism and violent extremism as well as fighting Daish. The scale of suffering and strife that has taken place cannot be allowed to go unchecked. As Muslim, we are enjoined to fight injustice and evil, and this is a sacred duty that we are tasked with, he said at the 13th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) here today.
It makes no sense to ban the headscarf
The local management of international hotel chains should request their headquarters to waive the ban on frontline female Muslim staff from wearing the headscarf. Rightfully, the hospitality industry should reflect the country's diversity, that has been a major draw for foreign tourists over the years. Islam is a major religion in this country and it makes no sense to ban the headscarf. Just because the rule has been in place for a long time does not make it right.
Penang floods Learn from HK Taiwan and Japan
The Penang state government should come up with a proper and detailed standard operating procedures (SOP) when facing with flood incidents or any natural disasters, said a former Penang Island City Council (MBPP) councillor. He said, not only Penang, but Malaysia as a whole should come up with a proper and detailed SOP to meet such challenges which are expected to occur more often now.
Heres why we need a cyclone warning system
This cyclone was still small and in the developing stages of becoming a tropical storm, a full-blown cyclone. A typhoon is also known as a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean and a cyclone in the Indian Ocean. The Penang cyclone was not the first cyclone to hit Peninsula Malaysia since another cyclone, Typhoon Vamei, struck Johor in December 2001. In fact, calls to set up a cyclone warning system had been made repeatedly since 1998 but they seemed to have been ignored by relevant authorities.
Would women truck drivers solve shortages in truck drivers
Some truck manufacturers have changed their built design of their trucks to cater for physically smaller truck drivers, and this includes designing the interior of trucks to be built for women drivers. At the Tokyo Motor Show, UD Trucks showcased women truck drivers during their product launch. Taking things back to the present situation, the shortages of skilled truck drivers are growing year on year as present drivers continue to age, with no replacement of younger drivers joining this occupation.

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