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Wearable tech aids stroke patients
Scientists in the US are developing wearable sensors to speed up the recovery of stroke patients. The team developing the system says it could allow therapists to more closely monitor the effectiveness of their care. Details of the study were released at the recent annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Texas. By the end of this year, the research team will have more information than ever before on stroke recovery.
Archaeologists find ancient necropolis in Egypt
We will need at least five years to work on the necropolis, Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani said, This is only the beginning of a new discovery. Archaeologists started excavation work in the area started late last year on a quest to find the remainder of the cemetery of Upper Egypt's 15th nome during ancient times. They found tombs belonging to priests of Thoth, the ancient god of the moon and wisdom.
Facebook pulls gun game from conservative gathering
Facebook pulled a virtual reality gun game from a major US conservative political gathering Friday, saying the demo was a mistake given the recent deadly school shooting in Florida. The Facebook booth at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) near Washington gave attendees opportunities to try Oculus experiences. Outrage erupted, with people questioning the California-based social network's morals and whether money mattered more than morals to the platform.
AI and 5G in focus at top mobile fair
With no major innovations awaited in handsets, analysts expect the four-day Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to focus on new uses for artificial intelligence (AI) and the looming deployment of super-fast 5G wireless networks. The camera seems to have become a major source of differentiation for the latest generation of smartphones, said mobile phone analyst Ben Wood of CCS Insight. We will hear much more pragmatic discussion around 5G, around commercial trials, around what initial 5G networks will deliver.
Dropbox files for public stock offering of $500 mln
Dropbox filed Friday for an initial public offering, seeking to raise an estimated $500 million for the Silicon Valley cloud computing storage startup. The San Francisco company claimed 500 million users in 180 countries and $1 billion in annual revenues in documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Dropbox woos users with a free version of its online file-storing service, then entices with premium features to upgrade to paid subscriptions.
Study sheds light on biodiversity of Anole lizard family trees
While birds can regrow feathers and mammals can regrow skin, lizards can regenerate entire structures such as their tails. Spreading through the Americas, one lizard group, the anoles, evolved like Darwin's finches, adapting to different islands and different habitats on the mainland. Information from these three species is an important contribution to our understanding of biodiversity and the evolution of new species.
Crop-saving soil tests now at farmers' fingertips
As the name implies, these tests detect disease-causing pathogens in the soil that can severely devastate crops. Until now, the tests have required large, expensive equipment or lab tests that take weeks. The soil pathogen analysis process is based on polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests that are very specific and sensitive and only possible in a laboratory.
BMW recalls 12,000 diesel cars over emissions
German high-end carmaker BMW on Friday recalled thousands of diesel cars for a software update, after reports it had admitted to authorities they released more harmful emissions on the road than in the lab. BMW noticed during internal testing that correctly programmed software was wrongly used in a few models that were not compatible, the group said in a statement. Niche motor variants of an already discontinued generation of the 5-series and 7-series built between 2012 and 2017 were affected, BMW said.
Apple loses bid to ban protests by French tax campaign group
A French court on Friday threw out a complaint by Apple demanding a ban on protests at its stores by the tax campaign group Attac. Apple said the demonstration put customers' and employees' safety at risk and sought a court order barring the activists from further protests inside its stores. Attac had previously held protests at stores in Paris and Aix-en-Provence in November, demanding Apple pay billions of euros which the EU says it owes in back taxes.
Scientists examine link between surface-water salinity, climate change
The interplay between surface-water salinity and climate change in Central New York is the subject of a recent paper by researchers in Syracuse University's College of Arts and Sciences. Based on the model's projections, the salinity of the Tioughnioga's east and west branches will start decreasing in 20-30 years. Gutchess' hydrogeological study is one of only a few combining long-term climate variability and salinity management.
Chinese billionaire Li Shufu buys biggest single stake in Daimler
Chinese billionaire Li Shufu has bought a near 10-percent stake in Mercedes-Benz maker Daimler, making him the German group's largest single shareholder, a stock market filing showed Friday. Li, who chairs auto giant Geely Automobile Holdings, bought a 9.69-percent stake in the carmaker, worth around 7.2 billion euros ($8.9 billion), according to the filing. The size of the stake leapfrogs a 6.8-percent stake in the Stuttgart-based group held by Kuwait and Renault-Nissan's 3.1-percent holdings.
China's two-child policy may exacerbate gender inequality
New UBC sociology research suggests the new universal two-child policy could be negatively affecting women's status and gender equality. The findings have far-reaching implications for gender equality in urban China since motherhood is a major contributor to the gender pay gap, said Qian. Our study suggests the two-child policy may exacerbate a vicious circle of gender inequality in post-reform China, Qian said.
SDO reveals how magnetic cage on the Sun stopped solar eruption
A dramatic magnetic power struggle at the Sun's surface lies at the heart of solar eruptions, new research using NASA data shows. Using data from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, the scientists examined an October 2014 Jupiter-sized sunspot group, an area of complex magnetic fields, often the site of solar activity. The model reveals a battle between two key magnetic structures: a twisted magnetic rope-known to be associated with the onset of CMEs-and a dense cage of magnetic fields overlying the rope.
Prevention is better than cure: Targeted vaccination to halt epidemics
It's an option that is nearly always more effective than either doing nothing or attempting to contain an outbreak through quarantine. Under normal circumstances, the most effective way to prevent illness is to vaccinate according to national immunisation schedules. Widespread immunisation programmes in Europe have made previously deadly diseases such as smallpox and polio a thing of the past. Targeted vaccination was found to be the best option in nearly all epidemic cases.
Volkswagen profit roars back two years after 'dieselgate'
The world's largest carmaker Volkswagen appeared back in racing form Friday, as its 2017 results revved back to levels not seen since before its devastating dieselgate emission cheating scandal. Since then it has paid out more than 20 billion euros for buybacks, fines and compensation. Due to the diesel issue, the firm said-weighed on operating profits, which nevertheless increased 94.5 percent to 13.8 billion euros.
Study: Pro-diversity policies make companies more innovative and profitable
A variety of businesses large and small have launched initiatives to attract a more diverse and inclusive workforce. They showed that pro-diversity policies enhance future firm value by spurring innovation. Top corporate leaders, academics and policy makers have long been wondering about the real economic benefits of corporate diversity policies, Zhao said. Now we have strong evidence that creating a more diverse workplace today results in more innovative outcomes for companies tomorrow.
Combating sulphuric acid corrosion at wastewater plants
Accordingly, the concrete elements can be destroyed in a matter of only a few years, causing significant damage to wastewater systems. In Germany alone, the economic impact of wastewater system repairs is put at around EUR 450 million per year. Microbial induced acid corrosion (MICC) in wastewater treatment facilities results from a sequence of biogenic sulphate reduction reactions, followed by reoxidation. Initially, sulphate in pressure pipelines or standing wastewater is reduced by bacteria under anaerobic - or oxygen-free - conditions, forming hydrogen sulphide.
Iron-corroding bacteria shown to possess enzymes enabling them to extract electrons from extracellular solids
A research team led by NIMS and RIKEN has discovered that sulfate-reducing bacteria responsible for anaerobic iron corrosion in petroleum pipelines, etc possess a group of cell surface enzymes which enable them to directly extract electrons from extracellular solids. Current anticorrosion methods involve the use of antibacterial agents which kill a broad spectrum of bacteria. Electron uptake agents such as surface redox enzymes have not been identified in these bacteria, leaving how they extract electrons from solids unknown,.
New method could help quantify untapped natural gas reservoirs
More than 30 states have shale formations that harbor natural gas underground, according to the Energy Information Administration. That's because natural gas and other hydrocarbons lie inside nano-scale, difficult-to-measure pores in shale rocks, which have properties that are not yet understood. This method can help natural gas experts to better understand shale samples by examining the compositional distribution on porous surfaces inside the shales that directly influences the storage and transport of hydrocarbons.

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