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Google hit with lawsuit alleging fraud in ad-scam refunds
Online advertising agency AdTrader has sued Google in federal court, accusing it of fraud and deceit for not refunding or crediting advertisers whose ads were targeted in scams. The agency claims Google made fraudulent promises of refunds, while the company just kept the money. What Google apparently forgot, however, was that AdTrader also helps companies place online advertisements on various advertising platforms, says the lawsuit, filed in US District Court for Northern California.
Disney-Fox deal may create a new nerdy nirvana
For years, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four have battled bad dudes from the studios of 20th Century Fox. Meanwhile Iron Man, Black Widow and other Avengers vanquished villains in another corner of the galaxy run by Disney. That would make the Disney juggernaut a more powerful theatrical force to be reckoned with than ever before. After Fox's deal to send its movies to HBO ends reportedly in 2022, its films will also move to the Disney streaming platforms.
Inflammatory letter sheds light on Uber's alleged misconduct
The letter also has become evidence in a criminal investigation being conducted by the US Justice Department. The letter alleges that two Uber security executives, Joe Sullivan and Craig Clark, played central roles in putting together the company's clandestine operations. Uber itself tried to hack into its rivals' computer networks in an effort to scoop up valuable information, Jacobs' letter alleges. Waymo is focused on a section of the letter alleging that Uber's espionage unit sought to steal its trade secrets.
With Christmas nearing, retailers feel pressure to deliver
With Christmas on a Monday, most retailers have one less day to get packages delivered on time. Research firm StellaService says Dec 19 is the most popular cutoff date for retailers, two days earlier than last year. Retailers have been trying to speed up delivery as they try to replicate the service offered by Amazon. Holiday spending is turning out to be stronger than expected, putting more pressure on stores to get it right.
Civil engineer patents integrated sensor and algorithm to monitor stiffness in soils
Puppala's algorithm works with an integrated moisture sensor and a time domain reflectometry, or TDR, probe. The sensor, which has bender elements, is integrated with the time domain reflectometry strip. This integrated sensor is placed in the soil and measures the soil stiffness and moisture content when the soil begins to heave. When stabilizing soils with chemicals, which is typical in road construction, soil stiffness generally increases over time.
Net Neutrality rules swept aside by Republican-led FCC
READ: SA net neutrality rules 'could boost Netflix' Dozens of Democratic lawmakers expressed opposition, while Republicans lauded Pai's plan. The FCC with its 2015 rules claimed powers that could include regulating rates charged by internet service providers. The commission should maintain its existing net neutrality rules and must not weaken their firm legal basis. Opponents of Pai's rules are expected to ask US judges to overturn the ruling and restore the old rules.
Wary of Trump, some foreign-born tech workers choose Canada, not Silicon Valley
Unlike many liberal-leaning technology workers in Silicon Valley, Axolotl doesn't consider herself anti-Trump. It's considered 'on-shoring' because we're so close to the US Silicon Valley isn't yet panicking about the politics-driven brain drain, though. Recruiters from Canada say Silicon Valley has lost some of its shine over the last year among workers from outside the United States. Foreign-born tech workers once adamant about going to or staying in the Bay Area are now more receptive to job offers from Canada, they say.
Bitcoin, WhatsApp crashes and Nokia 3310 took centre stage in 2017
Johannesburg - This year was one of ups and downs for the tech industry and cyber space with surprising smartphone launches and massive data breaches taking centre stage. The price of one Bitcoin rose astronomically during 2017, despite huge fluctuations seen in the performance of the cryptocurrency. In January 2017, the cost of one Bitcoin was between $800 and $1 150, but December 2017 saw the cost of one Bitcoin surge to $18 000.
Companies turn your Facebook friends into a sales force
That's when her Facebook feed started filling up with new direct sales posts touting cosmetics, jewelry and leggings. Friends Stover hadn't seen in years had added her to private Facebook groups promoting body oils and makeup. It simply follows where people are gathered, and now that people communicate on digital forums like Facebook, it has invaded social networks. LuLaRoe, which was founded in 2012 and surpassed $2 billion in annual sales this year, called the lawsuits baseless.
Dalai Lama turns to iPhone to spread app-iness
Tibetan spiritual leader, The Dalai Lama. New Delhi - He already has millions of Twitter followers and has spoken of the wonders of new technology. Now the Dalai Lama has launched a new iPhone app so devotees can keep track of his travels and teachings. It does not appear on Apple's China app store, meaning most Tibetans will not be able to access it. The technology giant has previously blocked iPhone applications related to the Dalai Lama and other exiles from its China store.
This home-sharing startup is taking on Airbnb, using cryptocurrency instead of dollars
Airbnb may be the biggest home-sharing game in town, but a new startup is trying to push its way into the market. Enter CryptoBnB: the online home-sharing platform that wants you to pay for your couch-surfing stays using digital currency. The CryptoBnB team says the advantages of cryptocurrency go beyond having a slick, high-tech way to pay for your room. The startup will use blockchain-the technology behind bitcoin and other digital currencies-to power its home-sharing platform.
Tech support scams hitting more computer users online
For many users, the scams begin with pop-up warnings saying their computers have been infected by viruses or malware. The computers may lock up, issue piercing alarms or even mimic the dreaded blue screen of death that appears when a computer has crashed completely. Beyond the initial fee, the tech support scammers may take advantage of remote computer access to view online bank accounts and other sensitive financial information to directly take money from the victims.
Twitch will stream NBA G League games and let its livestreamers do play-by-play
Over the past two years, the Amazon-owned property has expanded its offerings to include livestreams of artists, musicians and even knitters. On Friday, the video platform will begin regularly broadcasting games of the NBA G League, pro basketball's minor league, formerly known as the D League. What's unusual about the arrangement is that the broadcasts will not only be available on the G League's Twitch channel, but also on channels belonging to select Twitch personalities who can try their hand at play-by-play announcing.
Seattle imposes new limits on Airbnb, other short-term rentals
The City Council decided to try the strategy Monday, voting 7-0 to enact new regulations for short-term rentals, including those listed on platforms such as Airbnb and HomeAway. Representatives for Puget Sound Sage, a nonprofit organization concerned about short-term rentals contributing to gentrification, urged the council to take action. Though online platforms are challenging the traditional hospitality industry, both Airbnb and the Seattle Hotel Association praised the regulations.
Fast lanes may be coming to web: End of net neutrality could bring new fees for speed, reliability
Whether those fast lanes are coming, and what they ultimately deliver for Americans, is unclear. Those included no blocking of legal content, not throttling data speeds and no unfair discrimination-but did not mention paid prioritization. From 2014 until this spring, Comcast had a net neutrality web page that included among the company's commitments that Comcast doesn't prioritize internet traffic or create paid fast lanes. As an example, he suggested a $5 monthly fee that would allow faster delivery of college sporting events to fans.
Can you fight traffic tickets from an app? The Florida Supreme Court will decide
The ongoing battle between start-up traffic ticket website TIKD.com, the Florida Bar and The Ticket Clinic has gotten the green light to go to the Florida Supreme Court. The Florida Supreme Court will be tasked with making a final decision. The company, which began operating early this year, sued the Ticket Clinic and the Florida Bar in federal court, alleging the two are conspiring to drive it out of business.
7-Eleven testing mobile ordering, delivery and in-store pickup in some Dallas stores
7-Eleven has created its own smartphone app for on-demand ordering and delivery and is testing it first with 10 of its Dallas stores. The use of Now is an obvious nod to Amazon's Prime Now, the internet shopping juggernaut's speediest delivery service. 7-Eleven customers have been able to order on-demand deliveries of select items including hot dogs and Slurpees through Postmates for a while. Customers can chose delivery or in-store pickup and pay through the app.
Shared autonomous vehicles have uncertain effects
The next revolution in transportation is expected to be shared autonomous vehicles, with personal cars yielding to driverless cars summoned on demand. It's true that shared autonomous vehicles have the potential to make road travel faster, easier and cleaner. Now is the time to ensure that these shared autonomous vehicles contribute to a sustainable transportation future. Second, public transportation agencies should rethink their services so that shared autonomous vehicles complement public transportation rather than compete with it.
Million Britons lack 'decent' broadband
The UK's digital divide has narrowed but more than one million homes and offices still struggle to get good broadband, says an Ofcom report. The Connected Nations report found that about 4% of properties cannot get a broadband speed fast enough to meet their needs. Ofcom said the problem of poor broadband was most pronounced in rural areas, where about 17% lack decent broadband. More broadly, said the report, access to superfast broadband services that run in excess of 30Mbps was improving.
The psychology of Christmas shopping-how marketers nudge you to buy
By drawing on a plethora of psychological and sociological research, marketers subtly give us permission to buy and not to think too much, or too deeply, about why we're buying. Christmas is a hard deadline, so we are limited in our freedom to delay the purchase decision. We feel that if we don't participate in the Christmas ritual, we will miss out on a significant social experience.

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