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Facebook buys weeks-old app for teens to be nice to each other
An app that encourages teens to be nice to each other has been acquired by Facebook for an undisclosed fee. The app - called tbh, meaning to be honest - is just nine weeks old, but had already been downloaded 5 million times. The app's creators said it will remain a standalone program but will now have more resources thanks to Facebook. We were compelled by the ways they could help us realise tbh's vision and bring it to more people, tbh said.
Mother who taped toddler to wall reportedly pleads guilty to charges
A mother in Ohio, who was arrested after she taped her 2-year-old son to the wall so she could clean, reportedly pleaded guilty to attempted child endangering on Monday. Rudolph posted a video on Jan 1 that showed her son stuck to the wall, with packaging tape over his head and arms. Rudolph was arrested by authorities on Jan 19 and her son was taken into the custody of children's services.
Happy Dhanteras 2017: Wish your loved ones on WhatsApp, SMS and Facebook with these photos, greetings and quotes
Dhanteras, also known as Dhanatrayodashi, marks the first day of the five-day Diwali festival. This festival of wealth is celebrated in the month of Karthik, on the 13th day of Karthik Krishna Paksh. To pay respect to them, devotees pray to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber on the auspicious day of Trayodashi. Along with buying new metals, people also decorate their homes with colourful and intricate rangoli designs to welcome Lakshmi.
Facebook Authorization in a React App - Peter Papadimitropoulos
The Facebook API documentation is a great source of information for accomplishing most Facebook partnered related tasks. Having a Facebook user sign into your app and using their basic information to perform user related tasks. This App ID will look like a string of numbers and will be available under My Apps when logged in. We will have to adjust the value so that instead of 'your-app-id', we have our new Facebook App ID listed.
AI Biweekly: 10 Bits from Oct (Pt 1) - Synced
The company went through lengthy permission granting processing from the California state government, followed by insurance assessments. Deutsche Bank is using the IBM Watson cognitive system to implement a new Artificial Intelligence Client Communication Center (AI-C3). DAMO is the sequel to Alibaba's NASA plan announced earlier this year, which involves more than 20,000 scientists and engineers. Gluon is an apparent counter to Google's popular open-sourced AI framework TensorFlow, first released in 2015.
Why does your company need a Facebook bot?
A Facebook bot is known to be a great tool to engage the users. A Facebook Messenger Bot, is a chatbot that lives within Facebook Messenger. Yes, Facebook is very interested in assisting and in the popularity of Facebook bots. Sephora saw an 11% increase in booked makeup session when directing people to their Facebook bot. Rogers reported a 60% increase in customer satisfaction when implementing a Facebook support bot.
Amazon will move into Macy's building in landmark Seattle real estate deal
Now Amazon has ensured that it will continue into the next generation of retail, leasing a big chunk of office space in the building. Amazon confirmed Monday that it has leased six floors of office space above the downtown Seattle Macy's store. As Amazon has thrived in retail, expanding both online and in brick-and-mortar, its future neighbor Macy's has struggled. In fact, a report last year predicated Amazon will pass Macy's as the nation's top clothing retailer this year.
Facebook buys app that lets teens send each other compliments
Facebook has acquired tbh, an iOS app that's popular among teens for delivering compliments. Tbh lets you send prewritten compliments to friends, a method aimed at preventing people from writing nasty comments and cyberbullying. The app presents prewritten compliments like Could win an Olympic gold medal for their eyeliner game with four of your phone contacts as possible answers. The app includes compliments like who has the best smile and who makes me laugh the hardest, to help teens feel more validated and positive.
Here's why "Me Too" is trending on Facebook, Twitter
Your full date of birth If you think that sharing your full date of birth on Facebook cannot pose a problem for you, you're wrong. When you share your date of birth online, you are giving out information that may prove useful for hackers. Your phone number Social media sites, especially Facebook, is encouraging you to share your phone number.
Facebook acquires anonymous teen compliment app tbh, will let it run
Today, Facebook announced it's acquiring positivity-focused polling startup tbh and will allow it to operate somewhat independently as it's done with Instagram and WhatsApp. In a statement to TechCrunch, Facebook wrote tbh and Facebook share a common goal - of building community and enabling people to share in ways that bring us closer together. Tbh already limits you to a answering a few questions at a time so you beg for more.
How Does Facebook Compare To Amazon, Netflix And Google?
While Facebook (FB), Amazon.com (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX) and Google parent Alphabet (GOOGL) are collectively known as the FANG stocks, these tech titans don't travel in the same herd when it comes to fundamental strength and chart action. The streaming giant's climb will be put to the test after the close when it reports Q3 earnings. Alphabet is scheduled to report third-quarter numbers on Oct 26, the same day as Amazon.
Airbnb eyes expansion with affiliate program for sites with 1M+ users, new API
There's a fundamental incongruency between being inflexibly pro 'free speech' and operating a global social network for civil public discussion. It can't be solved by a little more transparency or by hoping average citizens will do the right thing. Those who disagree with you or that you condemn still have the right to walk away or change the channel. Women and people of color have been attacked this way for years and have been demanding change for years.
Challenging the Flux architecture - Raul-Sebastian Mihăilă
The Flux documentation from Facebook claims that the Flux architecture makes it easier than MVC to handle derived data. In this article I want to challenge the Flux architecture, starting with that idea. This article is based on the Flux documentation, and a few other resources mentioned in the article. The Flux architecture doesn't recommend against having a flag like this. ' By reading the Flux documentation it's difficult to say what exactly would be considered a cascading update.
'Me Too' stories of sexual harassment, assault surge on social media
Many wrote that they had never known a woman who had not been sexually harassed or assaulted. Lived a life in a world where it was expected, grew thinking I deserved it, wrote another. Many on Twitter and Facebook simply wrote Me Too, including actresses Anna Paquin, Patricia Arquette, Debra Messing and Anika Noni Rose and singer Lady Gaga. Many women wrote of getting fired or being forced to quit after shunning advances by bosses.
An addict's tale: My week without social media
Hi, my name is Ines and I'm a social media addict. Social media algorithms are tailored to our interests - and to show us content that may interest us. The need to be up-to-date with the social media world has become an addiction - and it's not one that should be taken lightly. Millennials are the main ones affected, admitting they spend more time than they'd like to on social media. Just like everything else in life, social media is good in small doses.
IT'S OFFICIAL: Mammootty Announces Maamaankam!
Mammootty, the megastar has always been highly enthusiastic to work with the new film-makers and technicians. Recently, Mammootty officially announced his collaboration with yet another debutant film-maker, Sajeev Pillai, through his official Facebook page. Interestingly, the megastar is joining hands with Sajeev for the most expensive project in his career, which has been titled as Maamaankam. Maamaankam, the title of the movie is adapted from the title of the 1979-released Prem Nazir starrer, which was produced by Navodaya.
Indians love to share personal data on social media platforms
People in India are a happier lot when it comes to connect via social media platforms and 39 per cent of them trust the information they see on social media channels as compared to 32 per cent globally, new research said on Monday. Just 27 per cent objected to connected devices monitoring their online activities, compared to 43 per cent globally. Kantar TNS surveyed 70,000 people across 56 countries and conducted 104 in-depth interviews as part of the 2017 Connected Life study.
'MeToo' hashtag lights up Twitter and Facebook with sexual assault stories
To say the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal has been making waves would be to downplay it. Ever since the story in the New Yorker where the women who'd encountered him spoke out, others on social media have been speaking out. As the stories rolled in from other women who've been victimized by Weinstein, others also spoke up about their own experiences with sexual assault and harassment - men and women alike. To me, the hashtag is significant because it's not inherently a gendered one.
Facebook pays over Rs 64000 to India woman for finding bug in Workplace
Facebook has a well-known bug bounty program and its latest bounty recipient is an Indian woman. While using Facebook Workplace she stumbled upon this serious bug in the tool that posed a big security risk to an organisation using it. Unlike Facebook, which is a service for everyone and their aunts, the Facebook Workplace is a tool that that is for organisations to use. While using the tool, Vijeta found that there was some problem with the way permissions worked in the Facebook Workplace.

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