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Gold prices hold steady amid firm dollar
Gold prices were steady early on Tuesday, after dipping below $1,300 an ounce in the previous session, as the dollar held firm on strong US Treasury yields. Spot gold was unchanged at $1,293.60 an ounce at 0055 GMT. US gold futures for December delivery fell 0.5 percent to $1,296 per ounce. Trump will meet with Fed Chair Janet Yellen on Thursday as part of his search for a new candidate for her position, a source familiar with the planned meeting said.
Emotional Sen. John McCain blasts 'half-baked, spurious nationalism'
PHILADELPHIA - An emotional Sen. John McCain on Monday leveled a blistering attack on what he called the half-baked, spurious nationalism that seems to have inspired President Trump's administration to retreat from the world stage. McCain emphasized the need for the United States to preserve its ideals at home and champion them abroad. That leadership has had its costs, but we have become incomparably powerful and wealthy as we did, McCain said.
Donald Trump reportedly joked about VP Mike Pence wanting to "hang" gays
In a profile of Vice President Mike Pence published Monday in The New Yorker, Jane Mayer reported on a meeting among an unnamed legal scholar, President Donald Trump and Pence in which Trump joked that Pence wants to hang gay people. Mayer also cited two sources who told her Trump routinely enjoys needling the conservative former Indiana governor about his views on abortion and homosexuality.
Dollar supported as US yields rise on Federal Reserve leadership speculation
The dollar held to gains against the yen and euro on Tuesday, supported by a rise in Treasury yields following a report that US President Donald Trump was favouring a policy hawk as the next head of the Federal Reserve. The dollar was under pressure as Treasury yields declined last week. The dollar index against a basket of six major currencies stood little changed at 93.299 after rising 0.25 percent overnight.
Donald Trump mocks Mike Pence: 'He wants to hang all gay people'
During a discussion about LGBT rights, US President Donald Trump joked his vice president wanted to hang all gay people. Trump, talking to a legal scholar during a White House discussion on gay rights, mocked Mike Pence's religious beliefs and social conservatism, The New Yorker magazine reported. According to the magazine, two sources said Trump was known to needle Pence about his views on abortion and homosexuality.
Trump "Joked" That Pence Wants To Hang All Gay People & LGBTQ Allies Are Terrified
On Monday, The New Yorker released its long-awaited profile of Vice President Mike Pence, entitled The Danger Of President Pence. The comment that is catching the most attention is not actually from Pence himself - it's from President Donald Trump. According to Jane Meyer's reporting, Trump once joked that Pence should not be asked about issues that affect the LGBTQ community because he wants to hang them all.
McCain, in speech, denounces 'spurious nationalism'
John McCain delivered a condemnation of spurious nationalism on Monday night in Philadelphia, using his acceptance speech for the National Constitution Center's Liberty Medal to issue a call to American ideals. Despite the lighter moments and spirit of thanks, his speech was one of warning, and seemed very much directed at the leadership approach of President Donald Trump and his supporters. America is about what America stands for, McCain said.
Why I went to North Korea
Getting a visa to North Korea is always tough, and my latest attempt involved long and delicate negotiations with North Korean diplomats - and with my wife. ) The only way into North Korea is on daily flights from Beijing on creaky Russian planes. Just in August, North Korea sentenced two South Korean journalists and their publishers to death in absentia for their writing.
Oil prices firm as Iraq tensions escalate, shares extend rally
Oil prices held firm on Tuesday after Iraqi forces seized the oil-rich city of Kirkuk from largely autonomous Kurdish fighters while Asian shares look set to extend their bull run on optimism about upcoming earnings. N225 gained 0.6 percent, extending its 10-day winning streak until Monday while MSCI's broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan. US crude CLc1 traded at $51.85 a barrel, little changed on the day, after having hit a high of $52.37 on Monday.
President Trump Urges Former Rival Hillary Clinton To Again Seek Presidency
US President Donald Trump on Monday suggested he would beat former rival Hillary Clinton in a 2020 rematch, encouraging the Democrat to try her luck against him in the next presidential campaign. I hope Hillary runs, he said during a press conference. Honestly, it's that thinking and that is the reason she lost the election, Trump said, after dubbing Clinton's position on the issue wrong.
U.S. Pushes `Fair Trade' as Japan Economic Talks Advance
The Trump administration is advocating for a more balanced trade relationship with Japan as high-level economic talks with the Asian nation advance this week in Washington, according to Vice President Mike Pence. Pence made the comments Monday during the US-Japan Dialogue's second round of talks, which include discussions between White House Cabinet members and top Japanese government officials. Pence showed great interest in a free-trade deal at the talks, according to a Japanese government official in Washington, who decline to elaborate on the details.
PhRMA: We're working to protect patients
CLOSE President Donald Trump went after the prescription drug prices at a cabinet meeting on Monday morning. Prescription drugs Ensuring patient access to medicines that are revolutionizing how we fight disease is critically important. Equally so is understanding when additional safeguards are required to ensure a medicine's benefits outweigh its risks. We believe we can further improve patient access and affordability through reforms that promote competition and modernize the drug discovery and development process.
Stop Big Pharma from 'getting away with murder'
CLOSE President Donald Trump went after the prescription drug prices at a cabinet meeting on Monday morning. Americans under 65 are projected to pay an additional 11.6% this year, while seniors are expected to see increases of 9.9%. As President Trump put it Monday, prescription drug prices are out of control and the big pharmaceutical companies are getting away with murder. An even fuller solution is to give big buyers more leverage in negotiating prices, starting with the federal government's purchase of drugs for Medicare.
The New Yorker: Trump jokes Pence wants to 'hang' gays
In it, Pence's anti-LGBTQ stance is highlighted, as well as a joke made by Trump to a legal scholar that the scholar shouldn't ask Pence about gay rights because Pence wants to hang them all. The piece also talks about how Trump often mocks Pence's religious beliefs, and recounts stories of anti-Catholic prejudice that Pence faced as a child.
Senate Republicans gain moment on tax reform budget measure
US Senate Republicans on Monday gained crucial support for a vote on a budget resolution that is vital to President Donald Trump's hopes of signing sweeping tax reform legislation into law before January. Two Republican lawmakers, once seen as potential 'no' votes, said they would likely support the measure. ' Both the Senate and House of Representatives must agree on a budget resolution to unlock a legislative tool known as reconciliation that Republicans need to move tax legislation through the Senate without support from Democrats.
Trump declines to express confidence in drug czar nominee who helped weaken DEA
Democrats also called on Trump to drop Marino as his pick to lead the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Speaking in the White House Rose Garden, Trump defended Marino as a very early supporter of mine and a great guy. Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y, said nominating the Pennsylvania lawmaker for drug czar is like putting the wolf in charge of the hen's house.
Trump keeping options open as Republican feud rages
Like the deal-maker he says he is, US President Donald Trump appears to be keeping his options open as his Republican Party threatens to erupt into full-scale war. In the White House Rose Garden, Trump played down any conflict, saying the two were closer than ever before. Trump would not disavow Bannon's pledge to take down Republicans who are not fully behind Trump's agenda and to drive McConnell from the Senate's leadership.
Hillary Clinton, the N.F.L., Roy Moore and Other Asides From the President
In praising his record in naming judges to the federal bench, Mr Trump was eager to assess quality and quantity. Saying his judicial appointments will set records, Mr Trump called this one of the big unsung things of this administration. Mr Trump had campaigned against Mr Moore and headlined a rally for the incumbent who lost, Senator Luther Strange. Mr Trump was said to have been upset with members of his staff who had encouraged him to back Mr Strange.
Right and Left React to Bannon's Harsh Words for McConnell
Perhaps, he writes, Mr Bannon is focusing his efforts on senators willing to impeach the president. It is possible that the public friendliness between Mr Trump and Mr McConnell is about the Republicans' desperation to pass tax reform, suggests Mr Sargent. He is wary of the narrative supplied by Mr Bannon and more establishment figures like Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.
Trump declares Obamacare 'dead,' urges Democratic help for short-term fix
US President Donald Trump on Monday declared Obamacare dead and gone, but urged Republicans and Democrats in Congress to craft a short-term fix of healthcare markets under the 7-year-old law that critics say he has effectively sabotaged. It's gone, Trump said of former Democratic President Barack Obama's signature 2010 healthcare law that Republicans have repeatedly tried and failed to repeal. Trump also said he would work to lower prescription drug prices, which he said were out of control.

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