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What To Watch On Amazon Prime That's New This Week
Amazon adds this movie on Aug 25. The movie stars Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz as two forbidden lovers in the Orthodox Jewish community. The community essentially banished Ronit Krushka (Weisz) for her attraction to Esti Kuperman (McAdams) when the two were younger. Kuperman must decide whether to leave her husband and have a new, probably happier life with Krushka. The movie explores the stifling rules within the Orthodox Jewish community as well as the decision to trade off community to follow personal desire.
There Were Zero Things Better This Week Than 20-Year-Old Ronald Acuña's Majestic Homers
Welcome to Good Stuff, HuffPost's weekly recommendation series devoted to the least bad things on and off the internet. Every now and then, someone like Ronald Acua comes along to remind you that baseball is, in fact, good. Acua, a 20-year-old Atlanta Braves rookie, has been one of the most exciting young players in baseball this year. Baseball being baseball, that meant someone was going to take exception to his skill or his sheer funness or something.
Barack Obama Demands 'Respect' From Donald Trump In Aretha Franklin Tribute Mashup
Former President Barack Obama just wants one thing of his successor, President Donald Trump, in this new mashup video: Respect. Obama appears to sing Aretha Franklin's version of the iconic song in YouTube channel baracksdubs latest parody clip, that was shared online Saturday. Franklin died Thursday at age 76 from pancreatic cancer. The clip's creators said the spoof was a statement, in solidarity with women, minorities, and everyone under attack in the Trump era.
Banksy Finds Nothing Funny About This Unauthorized Moscow Exhibition
MOSCOW (Reuters) - British graffiti artist Banksy said a popular exhibition showing his works in Moscow had been organized without his approval, adding that he would never charge people to see his art. Banksy wrote on Wednesday on social media, using the popular acronym for laugh out loud. The artist, who does not sell or seek permission to put up his work, said he had no connection with the exhibition.
Janet Jackson Blows The Roof Off 'The Tonight Show' With 'Made For Now' Debut
Janet Jackson and Daddy Yankee were livin' for the moment' with their debut performance of new track Made For Now on Friday's broadcast of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. They raised the roof with Jackson's first new song in three years.
Bill Maher Taunts Donald Trump Over Omarosa: 'He Lost His One Black Friend'
Bill Maher took great delight in dissecting President Donald Trump's broken-down relationship with former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman on Friday's Real Time. Not such a good week for the president, the comedian said. Manigault Newman this week infuriated Trump with the release of conversations that she secretly recorded during her time working for his administration, which is the subject of a tell-all book she is currently promoting.
Michelle Wolf's Netflix Show Canceled 3 Months After Its Premiere
Netflix has nixed comedian Michelle Wolf's talk show just three months after the first season began. Netflix canceled Wolf's show along with a talk show centered on another popular comedian, The Joel McHale Show. Her popularity skyrocketed after her controversial performance as the host of the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in April. During the black-tie event, Wolf scorched the Trump administration with jokes on porn stars, nondisclosure agreements and White House lies.
Marvel Comics mogul Stan Lee wins renewal of protect order
Marvel Comics mogul Stan Lee won renewal of a protective order on Friday against a onetime business manager accused of subjecting the 95-year-old Spider-Man co-creator to elder abuse after taking charge of his affairs earlier this year. The order further requires Morgan, also known as Keyrash Mazhari, to stay away from Lee's daughter, Joan Celia C.J Lee, 68, and his 86-year-old brother, Larry Lieber.
Follow Lin-Manuel Miranda's Musical Evolution In This Epic Medley
YouTuber Michael Korte created a viral hit in 2016 when he mashed up two of that year's biggest cultural icons the Broadway smash Hamilton and Beyonc in one glorious musical medley. This week, Korte is celebrating the work of Hamilton composer Lin-Manuel Miranda once again with a new video. Lin is the LeBron James of Broadway, Korte told HuffPost of the clip, which dropped Tuesday and can be viewed above. His work as an artist and an activist continues to inspire and inform me.
Hasan Minhaj Reveals The Heart-Stopping Moment That Changed His Career
Hasan Minhaj, the Peabody Award-winning comedian who famously roasted Trump as the host of last year's White House Correspondents Association dinner, was once left speechless himself. Minhaj is exiting his role as correspondent of The Daily Show as he prepares for the premiere of his own Netflix show, Patriot Act. To commemorate the occasion, Minhaj shared the moment that previous host Jon Stewart hired him. Before the recording begins, Stewart apparently tells Minhaj See you Monday, signaling that he, in fact, got the job.
Eddie George Says Tim Tebow's a Great Producer, Could Win Oscar
Eddie George is singing the praises of his new boss - saying it was a PLEASURE starring in Tim Tebow's new movie. FYI, Eddie is one of the main roles in Run the Race - a story about two brothers who use sports to overcome personal tragedies in their lives. It's a faith-based, feel-good story - so, it's perfect for Tim Tebow who produced the flick with his brother, Robby Tebow.
Sam Smith And Calvin Harris Make No 'Promises' On Dancey New Track
Sam Smith capped off an eventful week by dropping a brand new song. The Grammy winner teamed up with Calvin Harris for Promises, released early Friday. The upbeat, club-friendly tune is a bit of a departure for Smith, who previously delved into dance music as a featured vocalist on Disclosure's Latch in 2012. The two men teased Promises on social media for days before its release.
Artist Creates Frightening Depiction Of How Homer Simpson Would Look In Real Life
3D artist, cartoon fan, nightmare architect. We've seen real-life Homer Simpson creations before, but none this striking or disturbing. Miguel Vasquez, a 3D computer artist in Ontario, California, loves to make alarmingly lifelike recreations of classic cartoon characters. Not sure The Simpsons would have gone on for 29 seasons if the family was rendered in this way. See more of Vasquez's 3D modeling on Instagram and in the dark corners of your bedroom in the middle of the night.
Aretha Franklin funeral set for August 31 in Detroit
A funeral for the late soul music star Aretha Franklin has been scheduled for Aug 31 in Detroit, following a two-day public viewing of her casket, and her body will be entombed at a family gravesite, relatives announced on Friday through a publicist. Franklin, the preacher's daughter whose powerful voice made her the long-reigning Queen of Soul with such hit songs as Respect and Chain of Fools, died on Thursday at the age of 76.
How Chinese Covers Of Madonna And Coldplay Made The 'Crazy Rich Asians' Soundtrack
Living up to its title, Crazy Rich Asians takes place in a pop-chic material world defined by the breadth of one's fortune. This is a romantic comedy full of impossibly beautiful people, there's only one way to do that: a well-soundtracked makeover. Madonna never weighed in on the use of her 1985 hit, at least not with Hilfer and Chu. Crazy Rich Asians has Madonna and Coldplay, repurposed as cross-cultural revelries that follow Rachel on her journey eastward.
Cast Of 'Wonder Woman 1984' Recreates Classic 'The Breakfast Club' Photo
The cast of the upcoming sequel Wonder Woman 1984, along with director Patty Jenkins, took us back to that Saturday in detention. Stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristin Wiig, Pedro Pascal and Jenkins recreated the famous Breakfast Club movie poster and you can almost hear Don't You by Simple Minds blasting in the background. A tip of the cap to ComicBookMovie.com for finding it. Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters Nov 1.
Rejected 'Catwoman' Pitch Starring Michelle Pfeiffer Sounds Truly Incredible
ENTERTAINMENT Executives wanted Sarah Michelle Gellar to play the iconic role instead. Time & Life Pictures via Getty Images This is why we can't have nice things: the Catwoman edition. After pitch, exec insisted it needed to be Sarah Michelle Gellar and involve hair-washing scene, then showed me Matrix trailer. Pfeiffer eventually did return to the superhero genre decades later, however, starring as Janet van Dyne in this year's Ant-Man and The Wasp.
Smokey Robinson remembers Aretha
When Motown great Smokey Robinson saw his lifelong friend Aretha Franklin play music for the first time, he said he was struck by the talent of the young girl who would become the Queen of Soul. Robinson, now 78, described how he and a friend visited their home on the city's Boston Boulevard that same day. You know she had that voice and she was the original and she could sing anything, Robinson said.

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