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Vaping tied to higher risk that teens will try marijuana
Teens who use e-cigarettes may be twice as likely to smoke pot as their peers who never try vaping, a US study suggests. In the current study, younger teens aged 12 to 14 were 2.7 times more likely to smoke pot once they tried vaping, while the odds of marijuana use were 1.6 times higher for older adolescents who used e-cigarettes.
Wounded soldier gets world's first penis transplant in U.S. operation
A soldier wounded by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan has received the world's first complete penis and scrotum transplant, officials at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore said on Monday. The team transplanted an entire penis, a scrotum without testicles and a partial abdominal wall from a deceased donor. The wounded man, who requested anonymity, has recovered from the surgery and is expected to be discharged from the hospital this week.
Best 40 foods for vitamin K
Vitamin K is an essential vitamin that the body uses to help the blood clot, create healthy bones, and keep the heart strong. There are two types of vitamin K: vitamin K-1 and vitamin K-2. Listed below are some of the foods that contain high levels of vitamin K It is important to note that the levels of vitamin K are measured per 100 grams (g) of food.
Common allergic conditions linked to mental health
In a new, large-scale study, eczema, hay fever, and asthma are linked to an increased risk of developing mental illnesses. A new study, published in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry, uncovers links between mental health and the three A's: asthma, allergic rhinitis, and atopic dermatitis. I've also had a few run-ins with mental health over the years, but I would never have thought that they could be related.
'Whole Again': A Vet Maimed by an I.E.D. Receives a Transplanted Penis
The surgery, performed last month at Johns Hopkins Hospital, was the most complex and extensive penis transplant to date, and the first performed on a combat veteran maimed by a blast. This latest operation transplanted a single piece of tissue that measured 10 inches by 11 inches and weighed four or five pounds. That injury, I felt like it banished me from a relationship, he said in an interview last week.
How vitamin D protects against type 2 diabetes
Vitamin D deficiency may put people at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a new study now published in the journal PLOS ONE. The liver is the main producer of biologically active vitamin D; it converts the inert form into an active form called 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25D). Speculating on the mechanisms that might explain why higher levels of vitamin D might lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, the authors cite a number of studies.
Jilted Akorn sues Fresenius over deal termination
US generic drugmaker Akorn is taking former suitor Fresenius to court after the German healthcare group canceled their $4.75 billion takeover agreement. Akorn shares lost more than a third of their value on Monday, the day after Fresenius pulled out of a deal first announced last April. Akorn shares traded at $13.64 on Monday, compared with the $34 that Fresenius had offered. Fresenius warned in November that weakness at Akorn could continue into 2018, but at the time reaffirmed the logic behind the deal.
Eczema during pregnancy: What to know
Women with eczema may experience flare-ups during pregnancy, or may find their symptoms disappear completely. Even if eczema improves during pregnancy, some women find that their eczema flares up again after childbirth. Eczema is very common during pregnancy, but it is still important or a person to mention symptoms to the doctor. Treating eczema during pregnancy can be challenging because many of the medications can harm the developing fetus.
Trump delays drug pricing speech, no set date yet
US President Donald Trump has postponed a speech on lowering prescription drug prices previously scheduled for Thursday to a date in the near future, the White House said on Sunday. The White House did not provide a date or time frame for when the speech would take place, and did not say why it had been pushed back. The address would have been Trump's first about lowering drug prices, one of the main issues he campaigned on during the 2016 presidential race.
Woodford-backed biotech Prothena plunges as key drug fails
Shares in Prothena, a biotech company backed by British investor Neil Woodford, plunged 70 percent on Monday after its main drug for treating a rare disease called AL amyloidosis failed in a crucial clinical trial. As a result, Prothena is discontinuing development of the antibody-based medicine for the condition. Shares in his Woodford Patient Capital Trust, which has an 8.56 pct stake in Prothena, fell more than 10 percent.
Can the SEC step in to support small businesses if Congress stalls?
Since its enactment, more than 250 biotechnology companies have used the provisions of the JOBS Act to go public. The SEC can act this year to ease the regulatory burden on emerging job creators without having to go through Congress. The SEC is considering a change to its non-accelerated filer definition - a company classification that allows small businesses to avoid the costly compliance burden of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Section 404(b).
Medtech Feeling Stuck? Here Are Three ‘No Regret’ Moves to Ensure Your Sustainable Success
US healthcare is changing, and there are many disruptive forces at play that potentially could affect how medtech companies conduct their business. Medtech companies need to be trying new things to ensure that they're relevant partners to their customers. It's pivotal for medtech companies to start reacting to marketplace forces now, even if their customers' own evolution lags behind. Based on our interviews and analysis, we've come up with three no regret moves that can serve as a starting point.
FDA declines to approve Pfizer biosimilar of Roche's cancer drug
Pfizer Inc said on Monday US regulators declined to approve the company's biosimilar of Roche's blockbuster treatment for breast cancer, Herceptin, and sought additional technical information. The company said the requested information did not relate to safety or clinical data submitted in the application. Herceptin and other complex medicines called biologics are made from living cells, making them difficult to copy with precision. Their similar versions are called biosimilars, instead of generics. FDA in December approved Mylan's biosimilar of Herceptin.
Infinitesimal Odds: A Scientist Finds Her Child's Rare Illness Stems From the Gene She Studies
When an email popped up suggesting that Yuna might have a mutation on a gene called FOXG1, Soo-Kyung froze. She also knew harmful FOXG1 mutations are exceedingly rare and usually not inherited - the gene mutates spontaneously during pregnancy. A basic researcher working on something that might help humanity, and it turns out it directly affects her child. They were plunged into a fast-moving ocean of newly identified gene mutations, newly named diagnoses, and answers that raise new questions.
The New York Times Company
Because of this, it seems reasonable to place warnings on their labels. If a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has his way, California businesses will have to put similar warnings on something else that can be addictive, coffee. His ruling, which is being challenged by coffee producers, is harder to justify in terms of health - if it can be justified at all.
Diabetes: Body fat percentage, not BMI, predicts risk
The results of a new study urge healthcare providers to account for body fat distribution, in addition to body mass index, in their decision to screen people for diabetes and prediabetes. Body fat percentage calculates the proportion of a person's fat mass to their lean muscle mass. According to these guidelines, having a percentage of body fat of 25 and above is considered high for men, and 35 percent is considered high body fat for women.
Artificial sweeteners may damage blood vessels
As sugar's sweet reputation grew steadily more sour, artificial sweeteners took the opportunity to rise to fame. Today, tens of thousands of products include artificial sweeteners, making them one of the most used food additives in the world. They wanted to understand how sugar and sweeteners impact the lining of blood vessels - the vascular endothelium - in both cell cultures and rats. Interestingly, the experiments revealed that sugar and artificial sweeteners both impaired the way that blood vessels worked.
'Biomedical tattoo' might catch cancer early
Often, cancer goes undetected until its advanced stages, when treating it becomes very difficult and the outlook less promising. Researchers from Switzerland are developing an implant that could alert wearers to the presence of cancer early on. A biomedical tattoo that looks like a brown mole when it 'lights up' could alert its 'wearer' to early signs of cancer.

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