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Stars come out for London once more
The Royal Observatory Greenwich (ROG) is to start studying the sky again after a break of 60 years. British astronomy's historic home has installed new telescopes in its Grade II listed Altazimuth Pavilion, which has also undergone a restoration. Its purpose was to map the stars and compile tables that could then be used for navigation at sea. Users will be able to study the Sun and the planets in our Solar System, but also look beyond to more distant stars and planetary nebulae.
War, wine and wonders: hopefuls vie for place on UNESCO heritage list
Inuit hunting grounds, World War I cemeteries, Art Deco heritage in Mumbai and Italy's wine-producing Prosecco hills are among 30 hopefuls in the running to join UNESCO's famous list as the World Heritage Committee meets from Sunday in Bahrain. Getting on the World Heritage List could be a major boon for the nominees, as being deemed of outstanding universal value can boost tourist numbers and bring in funding.
Dozens of last blue macaws to be reintroduced to Brazil
About 50 of the last Spix's macaws, the blue parrot made famous in the hit animation movie Rio, will be reintroduced to the wild in Brazil from captivity in Europe, officials said Saturday. The Spix's macaw originates from north-east Brazil but is considered extinct in the wild, with only scores remaining in captivity. Other needed measures include preparing the local population for coexistence in Brazil's Caatinga region, where the parrots come from originally, the group says.
Discarded napkin helps US police crack 32-year-old murder mystery
The mystery of the sexual assault and murder of a US teenager in Washington state has been resolved 32 years after the crime thanks to a discarded napkin, DNA tests and genetic genealogy. It began on March 26, 1986, when 12-year-old Michella Welch disappeared while playing with her two young sisters at a park. Fast forward to the 21st century, when advances in the research field of DNA-the human genetic code-helped reinvigorate the probe.
As Facebook ages, teens look elsewhere to connect
Manon, 17, has a Facebook account but to connect with her friends she turns to other social networks like Instagram or Snapchat. While Facebook has become one of the world's most valuable and powerful companies, it's no longer seen as a cool destination for teens, who are turning to Snapchat and Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.
Hundreds march in Berlin to demand an end to using coal
Hundreds of protesters are marching through the German capital to demand an end to burning coal to produce electricity. The demonstrators-many of them families pushing strollers, people on bikes and samba bands-walked through the Berlin's government district on Sunday ahead of next week's first meeting of Germany's commission on exiting coal use. Germany has invested a lot in renewable energy but still heavily relies on coal, which creates harmful carbon emissions when burnt.
Ikea bets big on India but keeps meatballs off the menu
Furniture giant Ikea is set to open its first store and restaurant in India after years of trying but arguably its most famous item is off the menu-Swedish meatballs. The restaurant will be Ikea's largest and will cater to local tastes, with religious sensitivities in India dictating that beef and pork, staples of Swedish meatballs, will not be served.
Researchers create one of the smallest nanoparticle stabilized nanoemulsions with new technique
Now, the researchers have taken their research to a new level by creating ultra-small (100-400 nm in sizes) nanoemulsions formed by self-assembly of nanoparticles around droplets. The traditional way to make nanoemulsions has multiple steps, but Anand and his team have developed a single-step technique for creating nanoemulsions that is faster, more energy efficient, and smaller. There is a growing interest in making surfactant-free nanoparticle stabilized emulsions, said Anand.
Online sellers consider how to comply with sales tax ruling
While a Supreme Court ruling on sales taxes will create more obligations and expenses for many small online retailers, owners are already thinking about how they'll comply. The ruling potentially means thousands of small businesses that never collected sales tax except in their home states will be responsible for tax in some 10,000 state and local jurisdictions nationwide. The decision overturned two decades-old Supreme Court decisions that allowed companies without a physical presence in a state to avoid collecting sales tax.
Young Urban Birders, Open Your Hearts to the Treetops!
By Penelope Green June 23, 2018 Image On Global Big Day last month, birders around the world counted all the species they could spot in 24 hours. We are seeing lots of males today, she said, because they are the first to arrive and establish territory. They are drawn in by the visual seductions of Instagram, as well as a desire for community inflected by environmentalism.
Xiaomi seeks to raise up to $6.1 billion in Hong Kong IPO
The initial public offering in Hong Kong would value the Beijing-based company at as much as $70.3 billion, according to details released Saturday. Xiaomi will raise less than the $10 billion industry observers had expected, which would have valued the company at $100 billion. It will still be among the biggest tech IPOs since Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba raised $21.8 billion in 2014. We are one of a kind, CEO Lei told reporters, standing before a presentation that described Xiaomi as a new species.
When an Iowa Family Doctor Takes On the Opioid Epidemic
Opioid overdoses are killing so many Americans that demographers say they are likely behind a striking drop in life expectancy. Yet most of the more than two million people addicted to opioid painkillers, heroin and synthetic fentanyl get no treatment. If the country is really going to curb the opioid epidemic, many public health experts say, it will need a lot more Dr Gastalas. Iowa is no Ohio or West Virginia in the breadth of its opioid problem; meth addiction remains more common here.
The Trump Appointee Who's an Addiction Specialist
There are pediatricians who get the waiver; OB-GYNS who get the waiver; pain specialists who get the waiver. Then, of course, there are addiction specialists who get the waiver - addiction medicine or addiction psychiatry. We know that many, many people with opioid problems have other medical problems, and sometimes they have psychiatric problems, too. In recent years, medical schools have been putting more hours of training on addiction in place.
From One Mineral, Brilliant Reds and Bright Blues
Both rubies and sapphires are mostly the same clear mineral: aluminum oxide, in a crystalline form called corundum. Trace elements present in varying amounts cause the different colors by altering which wavelengths of light are absorbed and reflected by the stone. Chromium also absorbs ultraviolet wavelengths of light, but re-emits some of it at a lower energy in the red wavelengths. Iron would absorb this light; without it, the finest rubies are fluorescent in the red range.
She Wanted You to See a Family, Not Just a Pregnant Man
I was interested in exploring stories within the transgender community and wanted to work with Tanner, but it wasn't yet the right time. The bravery of Tanner's announcement really moved me, and I knew then that I wanted to tell this chapter of his story. Above all, I didn't want this story to just be about the fact that Tanner was pregnant. I wanted audiences to see a family.
Five groups get $250,000 to research Florida lionfish removal
Scientists tether lionfish to Cayman reefs April 18, 2014 Research done by US scientists in the Cayman Islands suggests that native predators can be trained to gobble up invasive lionfish that colonize regional reefs and voraciously prey on juvenile marine creatures.
James Gips, Who Extended Computer Use to the Disabled, Dies at 72
Dr Olivieri suggested that they come up with a list of 100 projects; his colleague, James E Gips, thought that was overly ambitious. Dr Gips's daughter, Amy Gips, said the cause of death was not clear, although he had recently had surgery related to his pancreas. Hoping to try EagleEyes on her son, she called Dr Gips, who was resistant, since the technology was still in a developmental stage.
Justices adopt digital-age privacy rules to track cellphones
Chief Justice John Roberts, joined by the court's four liberals, said cellphone location information is detailed, encyclopedic and effortlessly compiled. Roberts wrote that an individual maintains a legitimate expectation of privacy in the record of his physical movements as they are captured by cellphone towers. Roberts said the court's decision is limited to cellphone tracking information and does not affect other business records, including those held by banks.
Starving seabirds 'full of plastic'
New footage of the devastating impact of plastic pollution on wildlife has been captured by a BBC team. Seabirds are starving to death on the remote Lord Howe Island, a crew filming for the BBC One documentary Drowning in Plastic has revealed. They captured hundreds of chicks - as they left their nests - to physically flush plastic from their stomachs and give them a chance to survive.
IMERG examines flooding in southern Texas from tropical disturbance
While Tropical Storm Bud was lashing parts of western Mexico and causing flooding that extended into the American Southwest, a tropical disturbance was spinning over the Gulf of Mexico and straddling southeastern Texas. More than 15 inches of rain fell in Hidalgo County, Texas between June 18 and 22. IMERG estimates showed extremely heavy precipitation fell over southern Texas and the northwestern Gulf of Mexico.

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