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Huge numbers of job postings in China specify 'men only' or dictate women's appearance
Gender discrimination may be a hot-button issue here in the US, but we don't have a monopoly on the practice by a long shot. The report looked at 36,000 job descriptions posted in the last few years, including 2017 and 2018 listings for civil service and government jobs. Thousands of the listings included such language as men only, suitable for men, or the like, for example need to work overtime frequently, high intensity work, only men need apply.
Vera Whole Health aims for 'healthcare revolution' as it raises $5M, plans six new clinics
The vision is to create a health revolution, Vera CEO and Co-founder Ryan Schmid told GeekWire. Schmid started Vera when he was an MBA student at Seattle University, but the guiding principles behind the company have much deeper roots. To combat that problem, Vera and other newcomers to the health space are employing a fee-for-value model where caregivers are rewarded for actually improving health.
Apply today to exhibit in Startup Alley at Disrupt SF 2018
Spring may have barely sprung, but if early stage companies want an exhibitor's table in Startup Alley at Disrupt San Francisco 2018 you need to apply now. More than 1,200 exhibitors and sponsors will showcase the very latest technology products, platforms and services in Startup Alley. If you want to show your stuff in Startup Alley, you have two ways to secure a spot - and both require an application.
Indian lending platform Capital Float raises $22M Series C extension from Amazon
Capital Float, the fintech startup that says it is India's largest online lender, announced today that it has raised $22 million in new funding from Amazon. At the end of last year, reports surfaced that Amazon was considering an investment in Capital Float as an extension of its $45 million Series C, which was announced last August. Amazon India is among several e-commerce platforms that the company has partnered with to provide loans to sellers, including Snapdeal and Shopclues.
Blockchain Enhanced Video-Sharing Platform, Verasity, Already An International Hit
April 23, 2018- Verasity, a video-sharing platform enhanced with blockchain technology, has reached an important milestone in growing their global audience. Over 155,000 people have joined the Verasity community in just over a month with interest captured from over 160 countries. The traction around Verasity's blockchain-enhanced video platform shows that people are ready for a new video revolution. By changing the paradigm of the video content ecosystem, Verasity is also drawing the attention of video advertisers, media agencies and broadcast platforms.
Net neutrality is officially dead today, but the fight to revive it lives on
Restoring Internet Freedom may have taken effect, but the truth is that the 2015 net neutrality rules have been out of effect since the FCC was shuffled under the new administration. State laws: Several states have already begun legislation establishing their own net neutrality policies. Many politicians are calling for net neutrality to be presented as a major voter issue. Tell us, or tell one of the advocacy organizations that has been fighting on your behalf all these years.
RapChat raises $1.6 million to help you make and share your def jams
The first thing to understand about media sharing app RapChat is that co-founder Seth Miller is not a rapper and his friend, Pat Gibson, is. Together they created RapChat, a service for making and sharing raps, and the conjunction of rapper and nerd seems to be really taking off. The team has raised $1.6 million in funding from investors out of Oakland and the midwest. In short, their little social network/sharing platform is a millionaire in the making, boss of team, bringin home the bacon.
To win back consumers, big brands should invest in R&D and innovation
Consumer tastes are becoming more and more fragmented and big incumbents continue to lose market share to upstart brands. Replace Kellogg's with the name of PepsiCo, Estee Lauder, Nestl, Kraft -Heinz or countless other big brands and the observations should still resonate. An uncomfortable but proactive step would be to sell the legacy cash cows that are dying and invest the cash windfall into innovation.
Ride-hailing app Careem reveals data breach affecting 14 million people
Careem, the ride-hailing company based in Dubai, revealed today it was the victim of a cyber breach. Hackers accessed the names, email addresses, phone numbers and trip data of anyone who signed up for Careem prior to January 14. While the breach involved access to Careem's data storage system for 14 million riders and 558,800 drivers, according to Reuters, the company said it hasn't seen any evidence of fraud or misuse. Careem says it's the leading ride-hailing app in MENA, Turkey and Pakistan.
Razer will pay $61 million for virtual currency firm MOL Global
Gamer gear company Razer said it plans to acquire the remaining 65 percent of shares of virtual currency firm MOL Global for $61 million in cash. Razer already owns 34.9 percent of the Malaysia-based MOL Global, which has a virtual credits platform that is popular in Asia. Razer invested $20 million in MOL Global in June 2017. Through the virtual currency program, gamers can now earn zSilver currency by playing their favorite PC games launched with Razer Cortex.
DoD clarifies winner-take-all cloud contract
When the Department of Defense announced in March, a 10-year winner-take-all cloud contract that could be worth up to $10 billion, it raised a few eyebrows. Last week, they clarified some of the conditions, and it turns out that much like a modern baseball free agent contract, there are a couple of points where the DoD can opt out of the deal. In a press conference last week, chief Pentagon spokesperson, Dana W White, indicated that the original contract award is for just two years.
Bluedot Innovation gets $5.5 million in funding to track smartphone users more precisely
When it comes to the promises of persistent location hyper-awareness, the promises of mobile have largely fallen flat. Bluedot Innovation wants to tackle this by building out tech that can zero-in on smartphone users' locations in the background. Bluedot announced today that they have raised $5.5 million in Series A funding led by a major toll road company, Transurban. The Melbourne startup has raised $13 million to date.
European Commission opens in-depth investigation of Apple-Shazam deal
Apple's $400 million acquisition of music identification service Shazam will likely be delayed, due to a just-announced decision by the European Commission to open an in-depth investigation into the deal. The EC expects to determine whether Apple's purchase and integration of Shazam will discourage music streaming deals and options, harming European consumers. Our investigation aims to ensure that music fans will continue to enjoy attractive music streaming offers and won't face less choice as a result of this proposed merger.
Deliv now offers same-day delivery for Shopify retailers
Deliv, which partners with retailers like Macy's, Best Buy and Petsmart to offer same-day delivery, is enabling Shopify retailers to offer scheduled, same-day delivery to customers. This is thanks to a partnership with Zapiet, a store pickup and local delivery plug-in for Shopify. This greater expansion into small businesses comes a couple of months after Deliv launched DeIiv RX for same-day delivery of prescriptions. For the retailers without storage of their own, Deliv partners with third parties like on-demand fulfillment startup Darkstore and others.
Glowforge opens public orders for its desktop 3D laser cutter
Hardware startup Glowforge, which makes a desktop laser cutter and engraver for home or office use, has finally opened up sales to the general public. With a starter price-tag of $2.5k Glowforge is clearly not for everyone. Though arguably it does offer more creative bang for your buck than, say, the equally expensive Skydio face-tracking selfie drone. Glowforge now at least appears confident it can fulfill orders in a timely fashion - it's offering a May 3 shipping date to new buyers.
Join Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin at our blockchain event on July 6
We're delighted to announce that Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum and a true blockchain visionary, is confirmed to speak at our upcoming TC Sessions: Blockchain event. You can get your hands on tickets now - they're priced at 495 Swiss Francs, or around $510 - from the event website here. The 24-year-old whizzkid created Ethereum, which has taken the tech world by storm to become the second most valuable cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin.
Slite raises $4.4M to create a smarter internal notes tool
Slite is more or less an attempt at a replacement for a Google Doc or something in Dropbox Paper that is sprawling and getting a little out of control. We now have to develop this product enough to show we can actually replace large amounts of things, co-founder Christophe Pasquier said. Today we have more than 300 active teams, and we have to show that we can make it scale.
The future of e-commerce in India increasingly looks like an all-American affair
Bloomberg reports that Walmart is poised to acquire 60-80 percent of the company for $12 billion. At stake is a growing online sales market as more of India's 1.4 billion population comes online for the first time. India is tipped to reach 500 million internet users by June 2018, according to a report from the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Kantar IMRB. That deal also saw Walmart work closely with JD.com, essentially using the company as a storefront to reaching Chinese consumers.
Let's meet today in New York for some ICO talk
I'll be helping build a larger meetup focused on pre-ICO companies in New York on April 23 and I'd love to see you there. It will be held at Knotel on April 23 at 7pm and will feature a pitch-off with eight startups - I will write about the best ones - and two panels with some yet-unnamed stars in the space. I'd love to see you there, so please sign up here. We'll have some beers and pizza for the attendees.
Facebook face recognition error looks awkward ahead of GDPR
A Facebook face recognition notification slip-up hints at how risky the company's approach to compliance with a tough new European data protection standard could turn out to be. On Friday a Metro journalist in the UK reported receiving a notification about the company's face recognition technology - which told him the setting is on. That it had intended to send the person a similar notification - containing the opposite notification, that is, that the setting is off.

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