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Watch Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 Unpacked event live right here
The company is about to unveil its new big phone - the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. While there has been leaks of the new device, the company could surprise everyone with new software features and new components. It is going to be live-streamed by Samsung and I'm going to embed the player right here. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a great phone, but it was also a phone that caught fire.
Here is Uber's first pitch deck
Garrett is the founder of Expa, a startup studio that works with founders to develop and launch new products. After 10 years of designing and building consumer services, Garrett and the Expa team have identified many techniques that help create successful companies. This experience has been integrated into a platform to help founders increase their startup's chance of success.
LinkedIn opens video uploads to all as part of a bigger video push
Now Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is hoping to muscle in on the party with its own video strategy. Launching user-generated video is a long time coming, but for the 500 million of us who use LinkedIn, being late isn't too much of a surprise. Earlier this year, LinkedIn quietly hired a product manager from Facebook Live called Peter Roybal, who is heading up the video service.
CrashPlan shuts down its popular cloud backup service to focus on business customers
Code42, the company behind CrashPlan, just announced that it would stop selling home subscriptions in order to focus on business and education clients. CrashPlan has been a popular cloud backup service for years. Chances are you're already backing up your computer to an external hard drive using Apple's Time Machine, Windows Backup and Restore or another app. That's why Code42 is giving its customers a lot of time to move away from CrashPlan.
Walmart and Google partner on voice-based shopping
Walmart and Google are today announcing a new partnership that will enable voice shopping through Google Assistant, Google's virtual assistant that lives on devices like its smart speaker, Google Home. Specifically, consumers will now be able to take advantage of Walmart's Easy Reorder feature through an integration with Google's shopping service, Google Express. Google believes its fees were limiting adoption and were particularly cumbersome when it came to enabling voice shopping.
This European country may hold an ICO and issue its own cryptocurrency
Estonia, a small country in Northern Europe, just floated the idea of potentially raising money by issuing a token called estcoins. The country is pretty forward thinking when it comes to technology - they are first nation to offer an e-Residency program. The program is almost like a digital citizenship, and lets participants take advantage of a host of government services, including start a European Union-based company without actually setting foot in the country.
New wearable tracker can transmit vital signs from a soft, tiny package
Now they can be as thin as a Band-Aid and about as big as a coin. This tiny package replaces many bulky sensor systems and because the wires are suspended in the silicone you are able to create a denser electronic. The researchers liken the design to a winding, curling vine, connecting sensors, circuits and radios like individual leaves on the vine. The researchers can power the device wirelessly which means it can sit almost anywhere on the body.
Billionaire Netscape founder Jim Clark is back with a new, self-funded startup
Another feature, notes the journal, is that passwords and usernames aren't needed for entry into a secure location or to access protected applications. In a slow-moving market where technology is 15 years old, Clark, now 73, told USA Today. Of the company, which Clark has funded with $10 million of his own, he adds, We have some grandiose plans. One guesses he found made some money along the way, though not as much as he might have hoped.
All the companies from Y Combinator's Summer 2017 Demo Day (Day 2)
As has been the case for the past several years, there were too many companies to jam them all into one day. For most companies, going through the payment flow requires multiple steps to get vendors onboarded and get purchase orders approved. They estimate that 400,000 companies in the US are in need of flexible warehousing and that the market opportunity is $3.3 billion. Crunchbase Y Combinator Founded 2005 Overview Y Combinator is a startup accelerator based in Mountain View, CA.
First Day YC S17 Wraps Up
Y Combinator is a startup accelerator based in Mountain View, CA. In 2005, Y Combinator developed a new model of startup funding. Twice a year they invest a small amount of money ($120K) in a large number of startups. The startups move to Silicon Valley for 3 months. The YC partners work closely with each company to get them into the best possible shape and refine their pitch.
Fast-growing marijuana investment firm Privateer Holdings raises another $58M to fuel expansion
Privateer Holdings is raising another big investment round to fuel rapid growth of its marijuana-related subsidiaries as more governments legalize the use of cannabis. Privateer, one of the top marijuana firms globally, previously raised $40 million as part of a convertible note in November. The new investment will help Privateer continue growing its existing portfolio companies, develop new brands, and support future acquisitions and investments. Marley Natural, an international company started by Bob Marley's family that sells marijuana products in California, Oregon, and Washington.
Pepper the robot can perform funerary rites, but it shouldn't
We grew up with Data and Robby and Cylons, and so now we have Pepper. Pepper, performing funeral rites for cash-strapped people in Japan. It's meant to help bring down the costs of funerary services in Japan, where they can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Mechanically it's no better than playing an MP3 of the sutras on repeat, though it's a great deal more expensive.
Microsoft Brainwave aims to accelerate deep learning with FPGAs
This afternoon Microsoft announced Brainwave, an FPGA-based system for ultra-low latency deep learning in the cloud. Early benchmarking indicates that when using Intel Stratix 10 FPGAs, Brainwave can sustain 39.5 Teraflops on a large gated recurrent unit without any batching. Microsoft has been pouring resources into FPGAs for a while now, deploying large clusters of the field-programmable gate arrays into its data centers. Building on this work, Microsoft has synthesized DPU or DNN processing units into its FPGAs.
MIT's Robogami lets you build custom 3D-printable robots from standard, folding parts
Flat-pack furniture made Ikea a global powerhouse, and the same principles may help create a new generation of robots. Interactive Robogami is a project from MIT that lets users create ambulatory robots from a library of pieces that fold and fit together like origami. The goal is to make the process of designing robots accessible, said Adriana Schulz, a PhD student at MIT who co-led the project.
Startup Spotlight: Customer-focused telecom software company Audian boasts big growth
The system he started building was a seed that would eventually grow into Audian, a Seattle startup that makes software-based telecom tools for businesses. After getting pitched these huge complicated systems by a number of local vendors, I could clearly see there was opportunity in the space. The company has since grown to 14 employees and says client growth has increased by 393 percent year-over-year, due to an obsessive focus on customer support.
This 23-year-old just closed her second fund
Deming's family moved to the US to make it possible, and it's highly doubtful they regret the decision. Not for Deming, who pitched the program on a venture fund that would support aging-related startups, and has since turned that early idea into Longevity Fund, an early-stage venture outfit that just closed its second fund with $22 million. After we closed the first fund, he was like, I never thought that would work out.
Salesforce slides past its $10B annual run rate target
Earlier this year it looked as though Salesforce was starting to position itself as a company that would hit $10 billion in annual revenue run rate later this year - and, if all seems well, it looks like it may hit that target. Salesforce reported its second-quarter earnings today, saying it brought in $2.56 billion in revenue on earnings of 33 cents per share. Since January, shares of Salesforce have risen almost 36% despite dropping around 3% after the report came out today.
Users dump AccuWeather iPhone app after learning it sends location data to a third party
Security researcher Will Strafach published a warning about the popular weather app's behavior on Medium and users appear to be paying attention. According to Strafach's Medium post, the AccuWeather app requests location permission from users not to provide up customized location-based weather data but to send some quite specific geodata to a third party company called RevealMobile. AccuWeather is a popular forecast app, and one that users might trust to use their location for weather-related purposes rather than third-party data sales.
This 3D-printed sign language robot can translate speech on the fly
Guy Fierens, Stijn Huys and Jasper Slaets realized that finding sign-language interpreters in Belgium - or anywhere, really, was wildly difficult. A 3D-printed hand that recreates sign language automatically. Called Project Aslan (Antwerp's Sign Language Actuating Node), the hand is available for printing and you can also have it printed for you by 3DHubs. By using the 3D printing technology, modifications can be done easily and new design features can be added, wrote the team.
Industrial hack can turn powerful machines into killer robots
In a post titled Exploiting industrial collaborative robots, security researchers at IOActive detail how popular models of consumer and industrial robots have already been compromised in such a way that could cause humans bodily harm. The study examines a class of collaborative robots designed to work together with their human counterparts, often in industrial settings. The hack, which targets a buffer overflow vulnerability, disables key safety measures put in place to ensure that the robots can work peaceably alongside their human counterparts.

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