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U.S. Bitcoin Futures Climb in First Day of Trade
The first bitcoin futures started trading Sunday, sparking a swift run-up in the price of the digital currency as the exchange provider's website experienced outages from heavy traffic. Trading of the hotly anticipated US bitcoin futures began at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Sunday on an exchange run by Cboe Global Markets Inc., while its larger rival CME Group Inc plans to introduce its own bitcoin futures a week later.
Connected safe maker Vaultek issues security update after researchers discover Bluetooth vulnerability
Vaultek is a company that manufactures Bluetooth-connected safes for valuables and firearms - things that you really want to make sure are secured. Recently, security firm Two Six Labs picked up one of Vaultek's connected safes, and demonstrated that it can easily be cracked open. The security company tested out a Vaultek VT20i safe, which owners can lock with a PIN and pair with an Android App.
Germany warns of Chinese LinkedIn spies
China is using fake LinkedIn profiles to gather information on German officials and politicians, the German intelligence agency (BfV) has said. The agency alleges that Chinese intelligence used the networking site to target at least 10,000 Germans, possibly to recruit them as informants. The BfV published eight of what they say are the most active profiles used to contact German LinkedIn users. They are designed to look enticing to other users, and promote young Chinese professionals -who do not exist.
Net Neutrality's Holes in Europe May Offer Peek at Future in U.S.
There aren't dominant giants born of megamergers, like the ones between Comcast and NBC Universal, and Verizon and AOL. Even so, telecom operators in Europe have tried to take advantage of some of the gray areas in the rules. The few regulatory disputes that have arisen in Europe have mostly involved big telecom companies that steer users to Facebook and other services. Mr Pai dismantled zero ratings protections in the United States even before he unveiled the plan to undo net neutrality rules entirely.
Watch Colin Furze build a life-size TIE Silencer from Star Wars: The Last Jedi
A couple of weeks ago, he unveiled his biggest build yet: a life-sized replica of Kylo Ren's TIE Silencer from the upcoming Star Wars film The Last Jedi. This week, he unveiled a new video detailing how the project came together, and it's really impressive. Furze did a similar project last year to tie in with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, building a life-sized AT-ATC Walker in a yard, using only materials that he purchased from eBay.
These are the 4 best tech deals on Amazon right now
Day 8 of Amazon's 12 Days of Deals features fantastic offers on amazing tech. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. For the person you want to splurge on, tech is just the ticket. Amazon really cornered the market when it comes to e-readers, and the Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect options for anyone, especially because it's $20 off right now.
4K TV: How much Internet bandwidth do you need?
In four years of TV evolution, 4K resolution has gone from a questionable upgrade to a near-standard feature. If other devices at home will be occupying your bandwidth, 15 or 25 Mbps alone won't suffice. If your Internet provider imposes a data cap, remember that 4K streaming's appetite for data - Netflix estimates 7 gigabytes an hour - can push you past that limit. The selection of 4K Blu-ray remains a tiny fraction of what's available in that format's older HD version.
Ernie Cline is writing a sequel to Ready Player One
Ernie Cline's 2011 debut novel Ready Player One is being made into a blockbuster movie thanks to Steven Spielberg, but it looks like Cline might be bringing readers back to the OASIS for another adventure. During a Facebook Live event in which Cline debuted the film's second trailer, he confirmed that he was working on a sequel to the book. Aided by fellow hunters such as Art3mis, they have to race against a massive corporation that wants control of OASIS.
Microsoft's holiday ad brings adorable monsters to life with Paint 3D
The software giant's 3D Holiday commercial has started airing this weekend, and it includes the adorable Gabe the Yeti which was created in Microsoft's new version of Paint. Microsoft has positioned Paint 3D and its Remix 3D website as a community for people to share their creations. Remix 3D lets anyone share a 3D character, or download one that someone else has made and tweak it.
A definitive ranking of gas station junk-food scenes in movies
It is gross and scary, and a good way to set the mood for a horror movie. Super Dark Times' second scene takes it all back with a much more familiar image: a group of friends rolling into a gas station to buy some snacks. One of them holds up a bottle of melon soda and asks the other three if they think it will be gross.
Google honors microbiologist Robert Koch
December 10: The Google Doodle in honor of Robert Koch, whose work identifying the bacterium behind diseases such as tuberculosis earned him the Nobel Prize in 1905. Google is honoring the scientist who spent his life studying germs and how they cause infectious disease. On Sunday, Google transformed its logo into a tribute for Robert Koch, who received the Nobel Prize on this day in 1905. As Google explains, Koch identified the bacterium for diseases including anthrax, cholera and tuberculosis.
Apple's AI director on advances in machine learning for its self-driving car project
Apple's secretive autonomous car project has shifted focus over the years, but this year, it seems to be picking up speed. During a talk on Friday, Apple's director of artificial intelligence research, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, spoke about some of the company's recent advances in machine learning that would be useful for such a project. There, he spoke about how Apple is using machine learning to analyze data to from a vehicle's cameras.
Stranger Things season 3 might not debut until 2019
You might have to wait a bit longer than expected: in a new interview with Variety, David Harbour says that the next season might not premiere on the streaming service until 2019. Netflix has already ordered a third season for the show, but Ross and Matt Duffer are still working on the season's scripts, according to Harbour and he adds that they likely won't begin filming until April. I mean, they just sit in their apartment and write for 12, 14 hours a day.
A new trailer for Netflix's Altered Carbon introduces an improbable murder
Netflix debuted a new trailer for its upcoming cyberpunk show, Altered Carbon, introducing the main story for the show: after he's murdered, Earth's richest man hires an ex-soldier to track down his killer. The streaming service released an announcement trailer last week that introduced the show's main McGuffin: humans have developed a technology that allows for someone to transfer their consciousness from one body to another.
Meet Your New Boss: An Algorithm
A collectible robot toy displayed at the Robot Hall of Fame at the Carnegie Science Center, in Pittsburgh, in July 2016. Companies say the new tools make them more efficient and give employees more opportunities to do new kinds of work. The software also is starting to take on management tasks that humans have long handled, such as scheduling and shepherding strategic projects. These management tools are part of a broader shift to apply artificial intelligence to hiring and other human-resources work.

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