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Supreme Court ruling on sales tax will bring headache to smaller online sellers
The seeming inexorable shift toward consumers buying on the web, instead of at stores, isn't likely to be affected by Thursday's Supreme Court ruling that online retailers have to pay sales tax, experts say. The ruling ended the court's longstanding rule that states cannot require companies without a physical presence to collect sales taxes. Larger online companies have long had their own internal tax compliance divisions that take care of all this.
Amazon adds two new Motorola phones to its Prime Exclusive lineup
Amazon is adding two more phones to its Prime Exclusive collection today, with the announcement of the Moto G6 Play and Moto Z3 Play. The Moto G6 Play is a less expensive and less powerful version of the Moto G6 that was announced April. Prime members can get the phone for a slightly discounted price of $189.99, instead of the standard $199. The front-facing camera is slightly better at eight megapixels and there are dual rear-facing cameras at 12 and five megapixels.
Here's why Fortnite shopping carts are giving Epic Games such a big headache
Lately, players have been exploiting a Fortnite vehicle in a way that keeps forcing Epic Games to take it out. Shopping carts were introduced into Fortnite on May 30th, and they were an immediate hit. While we don't know if this is the future of shopping carts necessarily, it seems unlikely that Epic wants to get rid of them. Since they've been released, shopping carts have quickly become a fan favorite that showcase everything that makes Fortnite so joyful.
Deutsche Telekom says will slash 10,000 jobs at subsidiary
Deutsche Telekom said Thursday it would slash 10,000 jobs worldwide at its loss-making IT services subsidiary in the next three years as it seeks 600 million euros ($696 million) in savings. It charged that instead of tackling and future-proofing the business, Telekom had opted for an unimaginative austerity programme and a clear-cut with massive job destruction. The union's IT sector official Michael Jaekel said the telecoms behemoth was planning to shift many of the jobs to lower-wage countries such as India.
MoviePass will start to surge prices for popular movies in July
MoviePass, the cheap movie ticket subscription service that has taken the film industry by storm, is about to introduce a controversial change to its service. MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe told Business Insider that the surge pricing will only happen under certain conditions. Fortunately, MoviePass users who pay for the annual subscription won't have to worry about surge pricing, as it will only apply to users who are on a month-to-month subscription.
Facebook Messenger can now translate between Spanish and English
Facebook Messenger can now automatically translate messages between Spanish and English as part of a new M Translation feature that was first announced at F8 earlier this year, via Engadget. M Translations join the existing M Suggestions features that are already built into Messenger for things like quick replies, polls, and sharing your location. Then, Messenger's M bot will pop up and offer to immediately translate it.
Scott McNealy Asks Nearly $100 Million for Silicon Valley Estate
Silicon Valley veteran Scott McNealy is listing his mega Palo Alto, Calif., estate for $96.8 million. On over 13 acres, the property includes a roughly 28,000-square-foot, four-level main house. The home, which is partially built underground, contains a 4,700-square-foot gym with a climbing wall and locker room; a home theater; poker and billiards rooms; pizza room with a pizza oven and a disco with a dance floor and disco ball.
The Privacy Paradox: Face Recognition Is Tech's Next Moral Dilemma
Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezosrecently called the conflict between privacy and security an issue of our age. While he says Amazon will fight government investigators who try to obtain personal information from devices made by his company, Amazon is marketing face-recognition technology to private businesses and law-enforcement agencies alike, for uses that many believe are a threat to privacy. Face recognition is a stark example of a technology that is being deployed faster than society and the law can adopt new norms.
This Nintendo Switch accessory lets you play classic arcade games vertically
There have been a handful of excellent, classic arcade games released on the Nintendo Switch that are best played vertically, as was originally intended. Titles like Ikaruga, Pac-Man, and most recently the first proper port of Donkey Kong's arcade iteration. There's only one problem: playing vertical games on the Switch is a nightmare, since the tablet's kickstand and controller slots don't support the format.
Control is a ritual-obsessed, supernatural action game from the creator of Quantum Break
Its thriller game Alan Wake played out through episodic installments, not unlike a TV show. Sci-fi action-adventure game Quantum Break took the idea of television more literally, with a live-action series grafted on to a game. If players expect the developer's latest game, Control, to follow in these more experimental footsteps, however, they're in for a surprise. Control is a supernatural action-adventure game set in a reality-bending version of New York.
Elon Musk wants cobalt out of his batteries
Last week, Elon Musk tweeted that batteries for the Tesla Model 3 use less than 3 percent of an expensive chemical called cobalt, and the next generation battery will use none of the material that some have called the blood diamond of batteries. People are concerned because the supply of cobalt is ultimately at the mercy of the larger copper and nickel markets. Panasonic is probably ordering more cobalt simply because they need to make more batteries.
The employee letter denouncing Microsoft's ICE contract now has over 300 signatures
Meanwhile, the chorus from the rank and file is growing: the letter denouncing the company's cooperation with ICE now has over 300 signatures. In response, an open letter posted by more than 100 employees was published internally and by The New York Times. Right now, statements are being made, but there is not action behind it, a Microsoft employee told The Verge.
Loupedeck upgrades its photo editing console with better software support and more buttons
Now, Loupedeck is taking that year's worth of feedback to introduce the Loupedeck+, which expands on the original with even more dials and buttons, better software, and integration with more services. The biggest addition is the Loupedeck+ will work with things that aren't Adobe Lightroom, with added support for Skylum's Aurora HDR, as well as beta integration with Capture One - with additional software integrations promised for later this year.
Electric scooters launch in Paris, to spread in Europe
The boulevards of Paris, already bustling with a dizzying range of transport devices, are set to feature a new shared electric scooter system that has swept the US and is now heading for Europe. California-based Lime launched a pilot scheme for the two-wheeled powered scooters on Thursday in several districts of the French capital and will roll them out across the city. Very quickly our fleet will grow to respond to demand, Lime's director for France, Arthur-Louis Jacquier, told AFP.
First music festival turns to blockchain
A music festival will for the first time run on blockchain, tapping the fast-growing technology as an innovative way to address longstanding issues such as ticket scalping and fan engagement. Organizers said that the festival would be the first to operate on blockchain, the system that moves chunks of data securely through an online ledger. Blockchain has been put to growing uses from medical records to banking and most prominently as the tool behind crytocurrency Bitcoin.
In Hitting China on Trade, Trump Is Seen Neglecting U.S. Emerging Industries
Speaking with reporters on Tuesday, a senior administration official said Mr Trump's tariffs are designed to benefit American high-tech industries from the sort of predation China has used in the past. Many economists say those steps are insufficient - and possibly counterproductive - to position American companies to compete in emerging, high-tech, globalized industries. Many experts worry is the United States is not doing enough to help its own advanced industries compete - not just against China, but the rest of the world.
Facebook expands fact-check effort to photos, videos
One challenge in fighting misinformation is that it manifests itself differently across content types and countries, said a blog post from Facebook product manager Tessa Lyons. Lyons said Facebook's fact-checking efforts is now in place in 14 countries, with more to be added this year, using independent partners to verify information. These certified, independent fact-checkers rate the accuracy of stories on Facebook, helping us reduce the distribution of stories rated as false by an average of 80 percent, she said.
Nintendo and Microsoft team up to promote cross-play, while Sony remains silent
Sony is blocking cross-play for Fortnite, Rocket League, and Minecraft so PS4 players can't play against Xbox One or Nintendo Switch owners. Meanwhile, Nintendo and Microsoft are partnering to utilize cross-play as a marketing weapon today. Nintendo's Minecraft cross-play trailer specifically focuses on the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch being able to play together. It's clear that Nintendo and Microsoft have signed a marketing deal to highlight cross-play for Minecraft, a game that Microsoft publishes itself.
Amazon Prime Day date, details leak, suggesting shoppers mark calendars for July 16-17
Amazon has since updated its site to remove the image from the UK site. More: Amazon Prime Day rang in more sales than Black Friday. Although the date is listed for the UK, it is likely that it will be the same in the US. Prior years have had Amazon run the sales event across a variety of countries on the same day. Last year's best-selling item was the Echo Dot speaker, priced at $35, down from the regular $50 price tag.

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