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Take the Dow credit, get the blame
His words came a day after Trump tweeted pictures of the Dow crossing 23,000 for the first time. When it ground out another 15% to hit 23,000 on Wednesday, the festival of headlines repeated itself. If Dow had put every mathematician east of the Mississippi to work in unison, he could not have begun to match the computing might we wield by fiddling with our phones. On the other hand, it's probably not wise to pay too much attention to it, either.
In 'Righteous,' a Stand-Up Sleuth Investigates His Brother's Murder
Isaiah sets out to discover how and why Marcus died - and Ide quickly turns the tables on his readers. He remains the one stand-up guy in the midst of hot- and cold-running human detritus. Like IQ, the new book has an ending that will make you hope for the arrival of another installment, pronto. Righteous takes its title from a quality that Marcus was thought to represent and that Isaiah still embodies.
Hispanic group warns Verizon of possible protest over Univision blackout
The National Hispanic Media Coalition is threatening to rally Latino leaders against Verizon for its removal of Univision from the Verizon Fios service earlier this week. Verizon's blackout comes as the country recovers from Hurricane Katia and a pair of earthquakes, all of which hit in September. Verizon removed Univision from its network Monday when the two could not reach an agreement.
Mexican drug battles destroy homes, close schools in Chihuahua
EL PASO, Texas - Homes have been burned and schools closed as fighting surges between drug-trafficking groups in mountain towns in western Chihuahua, authorities said. On Tuesday, two homes were burned and police were taken captive in the town of Gomez Farias. Authorities have said that drug groups in western Chihuahua have been fighting for control of drug transportation routes to the US border.
Raqqa liberated from ISIS: 'My city is now ruined and burned down'
Othman was trapped in the city for more than a year when ISIS stopped letting people leave Raqqa. After the defeat of ISIS in Mosul, in neighboring Iraq, Raqqa became the focus of the US-led coalition's airstrikes. This blitz, combined with the use of human shields by ISIS, turned the city into a death zone for civilians. He lived in Raqqa until 2014, when he was forced to flee after ISIS killed his brother.
White House says rollback of Obamacare must be part of short-term fix
A senior White House aide said on Thursday that US President Donald Trump would demand steps toward repealing Obamacare in any healthcare legislation, comments that cast doubt on the prospects for a short-term bill to shore up insurance markets. The bill appeared to be gaining some momentum on Thursday after several Republican senators said they would support the measure. Obamacare, formally called the Affordable Care Act, extended health insurance to 20 million people but Republicans call it government interference in Americans' healthcare.
Police seized washer, dryer and other items from missing Texas girl's home
Records show what items Richardson police are looking at as they continue to investigate the case of a missing girl. PARENTS OF MISSING TEXAS GIRL, 3, WHO WAS SENT OUTSIDE FOR NOT DRINKING MILK NOT COOPERATING WITH INVESTIGATION. Attorney Bree West is a former Dallas County assistant district attorney who is not involved in the case. She says most of the items collected at the Richardson home were pretty standard.
White House snub of South Carolina women's basketball draws strong reaction
CLOSE A collection of SEC coaches shared their thoughts on South Carolina not receiving an invitation to the White House following the team's national championship win. Vanderbilt women's basketball coach Stephanie White said it was a slap in the face that President Donald Trump had not invited the South Carolina national title team to the White House.
Trump concludes Fed chair interviews, could decide next week: source
President Donald Trump has concluded interviews with the five candidates he is considering to chair the Federal Reserve and could announce a decision as early as next week, a source familiar with the process said on Thursday. Trump met with current Fed chair Janet Yellen on Thursday. That meeting went well, the source said, adding that Trump had not made up his mind one way or the other about his list.
Obama urges New Jersey voters to reject 'politics of division'
Former President Barack Obama, back on the campaign trail on Thursday for the first time since he left the White House, urged voters in New Jersey to reject the politics of division by supporting Democrats in next month's state elections. It was the first of two public appearances by Obama on Thursday on behalf of Democratic candidates for governor. In New Jersey, Obama focused on urging supporters to turn out their friends and families to vote.
As Mark Richt elevates Miami, his old school is thriving as well
Whatever happened between Richt and Georgia, it seems to be working wonders - for Richt, Georgia, Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart and Miami. Coach Richt is a great coach and I respect everything he's done for me, said Georgia linebacker Devin Bellamy, who has played for both Richt and Smart. If there were bad feelings between Richt and Georgia two years ago, they didn't puncture the Richt-Smart relationship. I think Coach Richt has a rejuvenated energy and he's done a good job down there, Smart said.
Shares of United Airlines tumble after 3Q financial report
He cemented his executive lineup by hiring former American Airlines president Scott Kirby for the same job at United in August 2016. Shares of United Continental Holdings Inc tumbled $8.21, or 12.1 percent, to close at $59.78. The shares have dropped 18 percent this year, while shares of American, Delta and Southwest airlines have gained between 6 and 18 percent. Clearly, patience with executing the turnaround at United is wearing thin with investors, DeNardi wrote in a note to clients.
LFO band ask for 'prayers and good vibes' after member announces health issue, major surgery
Devin Lima, one of the musicians behind the band LFO, has undergone a major surgery to remove a recently-discovered massive tumor. In the video, Fischetti notes that the human adrenal gland is supposed to be the size of an acorn, while Lima describes his as Hulk-sized. The video was posted on Wednesday night, announcing a major surgery to remove the tumor on Thursday morning.
3 months in jail for businessman in crash that killed priest
A businessman who pleaded guilty in an Ohio crash that killed a priest who was a passenger in his car has been sentenced to three months in jail. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports Savor Seasonings LLC president Jeffrey Higgins was sentenced Thursday in Hamilton County. Higgins pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor vehicular homicide charge in the July 9 crash that killed his friend the Rev. Authorities say Higgins flipped his Mustang while driving more than 50 mph as he left a golf club in suburban Cincinnati.
Classroom photo from historical lesson stirs controversy
The two white children were standing while the tethered girl was kneeling on the floor. Bridgewater-Raynham Regional School District Superintendent Derek Swenson explained in a statement Thursday that the children were learning about Colonial-era clothing and a portion of the lesson dealt with tethering straps that were commonly used to help toddlers learning to walk.
Charges brought against teen in Columbia Gorge fire
The fire removed vegetation, underbrush and tree roots that support the Columbia Gorge, and now authorities expect landslides and rockslides with additional rain. The Historic Columbia River Highway and State Trail was damaged by fire and rockfall and remains closed. The charges came after a criminal investigation by the Oregon State Police assisted by US Forest Service investigators. What happens next is for the courts to decide, said Michael Lang, conservation director for Friends of the Columbia Gorge, a group dedicated to protecting the area.
Some schools in Puerto Rico to open for 1st time after Maria
Some public schools will reopen next week, more than a month after Hurricane Maria swept over Puerto Rico, though dozens of buildings were destroyed and others are still being used as refugee centers, education officials said Thursday. The US territory's 345,000 public school students have been out for more than a month. Education officials say classes will begin at schools in two regions Tuesday - Mayaguez and San Juan. It's not clear yet when schools in the rest of the island's seven regions will open.
Substitute teacher banned from school after reportedly taping students' mouths
A substitute teacher in Texas was banned from an elementary school after she reportedly put duct tape over the mouths of some students. During class on Thursday at Maxdale Elementary School in Killeen, the substitute allegedly duct taped 10 students' mouths and told three others to do it themselves, according to KXXV. Carmello Brooks, a fifth grader at the school, was one of the students affected, according to the Killeen Daily Herald.
Harvey Weinstein scandal: LAPD investigating charge Weinstein raped actress in 2013
AP 19 of 42 CLOSE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST HARVEY WEINSTEIN Sexism in the workplace is real. As the Harvey Weinstein scandal unfolds, police departments in multiple states are looking into whether criminal investigations are warranted. If true, the accuser would be the sixth woman to allege rape or forcible sex acts by Weinstein in multiple states. Howard Stern speaks out about Harvey Weinstein during his appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Oct 18, 2017.
Man seeking YouTube fame accused of jumping White House fence dressed as Pokémon's Pikachu
Pikachu is surrounded by children during a Pokemon festival in Tokyo, Monday, July 18, 2016. LOUISVILLE - Well, that's one way to get to the White House. A man from Kentucky is accused of trying to jump the White House fence while dressed as Pikachu, the popular Pokemon character, to become YouTube famous. Combs told authorities that he wanted to become famous and thought jumping the White House fence and posting it to YouTube would make him famous, the arrest affidavit states.

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