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US Navy dismisses 7th Fleet commander after deadly mishaps
The US Navy has dismissed the commander of its 7th Fleet from duty after the fleet suffered its second deadly mishap in less than three months. The Navy cited a loss of confidence in Vice Adm. Joseph Aucoin's ability to command, the Associated Press reported. The 7th Fleet has been involved in three collisions since January, the last two of which have resulted in the deaths of 17 sailors.
Why haven't these election officials received cybersecurity training?
Officials from all 15 Arizona counties responded, but only five said their officials had received cybersecurity training. A number of election security experts have sounded the alarm about the importance of training local election officials on how to avoid cybersecurity risks. Schwarzmann is among the experts who strongly advocate training for local election officials on how to recognize phishing and other hacking tactics. When it's left up to the counties, election officials often do not receive the necessary cybersecurity training for several reasons.
Pence to address Miami's Venezuelan community
Venezuela's political and economic crisis is expected to be the key topic of discussion Wednesday when Vice President Mike Pence delivers a speech in Doral, the Venezuelan enclave of Miami. Florida Gov Rick Scott and US Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., also were expected to attend, the Sun-Sentinel reported. Pence may also visit the headquarters of the US Southern Command, though neither Southcom nor the White House would confirm the vice president's itinerary, the Miami Herald reported.
Trump on Attack: President Rails Against Media, Sitting GOP Senators at Phoenix Rally
The president also signaled during the Phoenix rally that he could soon pardon Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff in Maricopa County famous for his tough stance against illegal immigration. After the violence, the president faced criticism for blaming both sides for the unrest instead of just white nationalists. The Charlottesville violence led cities across the country to consider removing Confederate statues, something Trump railed against Tuesday.
10-year jail sentence sought for female Indonesian militant
Prosecutors say a female would-be suicide bomber should spend 10 years in prison for plotting an attack in Indonesia's capital. Dian Yulia Novi was among four suspected militants arrested in December after police detected a plot to bomb a guard-changing ceremony at the presidential palace in Jakarta.
Powerful typhoon kills at least 3 in Macau
Macau's Government Information Bureau said three men, aged 30, 45 and 62, were killed in falls and accidents Wednesday related to the heavy rain and gusting winds. At least two other people were listed as missing. Typhoon Hato came within 60 kilometers of the nearby financial center of Hong Kong. China's weather service said the storm made landfall around noon in Zhuhai in the neighboring province of Guangdong, with winds gusting at 45 meters (147.64 feet) per second.
Angolan vote heralds new leader after president's long rule
About 9.3 million Angolans are registered to vote on Wednesday for the 220-member National Assembly; the winning party will then select the president. Dos Santos' chosen successor is Joao Lourenco, the defense minister and a former governor. The ruling MPLA party won the 2012 election with 72 percent of votes amid allegations of irregularities. The UNITA party, a former rebel force that fought the MPLA in Angola's civil war, is the main opposition challenger.
Kuwait contains oil spill off its southern coast
Kuwait's state oil company says it has contained an oil spill off the Gulf country's southern coast. It says large volumes of floating oil have been removed, and that it has contacted oil companies to determine the source of the leak. The oil spill came to light a week and a half ago. Authorities reported a second offshore oil spill on August 15. OPEC member Kuwait has proven oil reserves of more than 100 billion barrels and produces 2.9 million barrels a day.
67 Former State Attorneys General Have a Message: Condemn Hate Bluntly
Sign Up You agree to receive occasional updates and special offers for The New York Times's products and services. It just cannot be tolerated in a just society, or else you get something like you had in Nazi Germany. That, he said, was the example he and the other former attorneys general wanted to remind people of. We're politicians; we do what we have to do to get elected, but, you know, we draw the line.
European Cities Add Barriers to Thwart Vehicle Attacks
Britain had been spared from the recent wave of terrorist attacks, but that changed this year. They added 3-ton concrete barriers, mindful of the attacks in Europe, most notably a truck assault that killed 15 people last year at a Christmas market in Berlin. Security companies are trying to help cities develop more effective ways to protect their residents, while also preserving access for emergency vehicles.
ESPN, Citing Safety, Says Robert Lee Won't Broadcast Virginia Football Game
ESPN has removed an announcer from its broadcast of the University of Virginia's first football game next month because he has the same name as a Confederate general memorialized in statues that are being taken down across the country. White nationalists and neo-Nazis flooded into Charlottesville, marching through the University of Virginia campus with torches, to protest the city's plan to remove a statue of the Confederacy's top general, Robert E Lee.
4 arrested in connection with Trump rally
A fourth person was arrested on charges related to a protest after President Trump's speech at the Phoenix Convention Center had ended Tuesday night, Phoenix police said. Those four arrests plus one arrest of a person on an unrelated warrant bring the total number of arrests at the protest to five. Police lobbied what they say is pepper spray at protesters who threw rocks and water bottles at them as Trump's rally broke up.
Police: Headless torso found with piece of metal
On Aug 12, we secured a hair brush and a toothbrush to ensure her DNA. We also found blood in the submarine and there is a match, Moeller Jensen said. Wall, 30, was last seen alive on inventor Peter Madsen's submarine on Aug10. The headless torso was found by a member of the public Monday near where she was believed to have died.
German ambassador meets with 2 citizens imprisoned in Turkey
The German Foreign Ministry says its ambassador to Turkey has met with two of its citizens imprisoned in Turkey and both are doing well, considering the circumstances. The ministry said in a brief statement released early Wednesday morning that Ambassador Martin Erdmann had met with German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yucel and German human rights campaigner Peter Steudtner. The two are among about 10 Germans arrested in recent months by Turkey on charges the German government considers dubious and has protested.
Trump adviser Kushner in Cairo for talks on Mideast peace
White House adviser Jared Kushner has touched down in Cairo, the latest stop on his Mideast trip to discuss the possibility of resuming the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. The US delegation also includes Jason Greenblatt, envoy for international negotiations, and Dina Powell, deputy national security adviser. The delegation was in the Persian Gulf on Tuesday. Separate meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas were expected for Thursday.
New Afghanistan plan could offer clues to 'Trump Doctrine'
It's too soon to say whether he is being driven by a well-formed doctrine or merely coining catchphrases on the fly. While Trump has cast his approach as a fundamental shift from other presidents, he's borrowed more from them than he's inclined to admit. With North Korea, it's China that must feel the weight of US pressure, Trump has said.
US-educated official now Tehran's mayor in reformist sweep
Tehran's city council has appointed a US-educated technocrat as the new mayor of Iran's capital, part of a reformist sweep of seats on the municipal board in the May election. Najafi has held many ministerial positions in his career. The mayor's office in Tehran is a powerful position in local politics. Hard-liner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad catapulted to the presidency from it in 2005. Najafi succeeds Mohammd Bagher Qalibaf, a conservative politician who briefly stood as a candidate against President Hassan Rouhani in May before dropping out.
Afghan official: Taliban suicide car bombing kills 5 people
An Afghan official says a Taliban suicide car bomber has targeted a military convoy in southern Helmand province, killing at least five people. Omar Zwak, the spokesman for the provincial governor, says the explosion also wounded 38 other people. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid made the claim in his twitter account. Zwak says initial reports show that those killed included a small girl and two soldiers. Local TV footage shows several military Humvees, which the Afghan army also has, destroyed as a result of the attack.
Samsung Note 8, then iPhone 8, could remedy stagnant phone sales
At an event in NYC Wednesday, Samsung is expected to launch its newest Note. Apple, with 12% of the market, should reverse flat sales and experience a 10% bump in shipments, and Samsung could see an uptick. Yet despite Samsung's $5.3 billion recall of the phones, many Samsung customers say they're willing to try their luck with a new Note. Its launch should add up to the strongest iPhone sales in three years, say financial analysts.
'Vintage Trump': President unloads on enemies at Phoenix rally
Police fired gas canisters at protesters after a speech by President Donald Trump on Aug 22, 2017. Supporters lined up hours before President Trump was scheduled to speak in downtown Phoenix.

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