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Eight Women Have Accused Morgan Freeman of Inappropriate Behavior and Harassment
Eight women have accused Morgan Freeman of behaving inappropriately towards them, from making sexual comments to touching them without their permission. A new investigation, published by CNN, spoke to 16 people, and eight of them accused the Oscar-winning actor of misconduct. Some called it harassment, and others characterized it as inappropriate behavior. Dozens of other people told CNN they never witnessed any inappropriate behavior from Freeman, and they only found him professional.
What Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding Means to 12 Black Women
Our thoughtful participants echoed similar sentiments of many black women, that of both joy in representation and wariness of the union's authenticity. Ahead, 13 women of color on weigh in on what Meghan Markle's wedding meant to them. Rarely are black women held up on the pedestal as the aspirational women that men want to marry. There are very few things that can get me out of bed at five am on a Saturday, and Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding is definitely one of them.
14 Ways To Make Family Road Trips Easier, From Parents Who've Been There
If taking a road trip, consider covering your car's seats with a waterproof cover. Heather Williams DVD player, iPad, another tablet, plenty of snacks, drinks and rest breaks for meals like breakfast or dinner. Charlotte Kennedy For road trips we bring toys that are magnetic and a grabber toy. Cat Williams Whenever we go on road trips with the kiddos, we pack a portable DVD player, small toys, books, coloring books, drawing paper, and crayons/pencils.
Fearless women are using the #flawesome hashtag to celebrate their insecurities and we are so here for it
Instagram is fast becoming the best space to celebrate body positivity, natural hair movements and beautiful skin markings. Women are using the hashtag to celebrate things they were once insecure about - and we are totally here for it. Rather than scrap it, she chose to share what she deemed to be an unflattering snap with her 95,000 followers. Since then, the term has been turned into a hashtag and blown up across Instagram.
E! Is Airing a Nonstop 'Sex and the City' Marathon in June
This may not be the Sex and the City announcement some fans were hoping for, but in the meantime, E!. That means no interruptions from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, WAGS or any other E!. The marathon is scheduled to start on Friday, June 8, which is just two days after the series' 20th anniversary. Since then, its legacy has continued with two films, including Sex and the City, and Sex and the City 2, and countless syndicated episodes.
Deep Thoughts About the Construct of Time and Gender With Cara Delevingne
Raise your hand if you have a massive, can't-stop-won't-stop crush on Cara Delevingne. It's funny how the Leo is King of the Jungle, and how a lot of my friends are Leos. They put me in a cage and let the animal kind of hang out near me and check me out. You've spoken recently about how empowered you've felt by all the public discourse surrounding gender identity and fluidity.
It Was Just a Pat on the Back!
I also wrote my colleague a note of forgiveness for his nasty outburst and told him I only want him to get better. ANONYMOUS So, you've forgiven a co-worker for your unwanted touching after ratting him out to the boss for drug use. After particularly good shots, they would pat each other's butts. That said, a consensual love pat after a hole in one on the mini-golf range is probably tame enough for Sesame Street.
Michelle Obama Just Released the Radiant Cover of Her Upcoming Memoir Becoming
The former First Lady just shared the image of it on her Instagram and Twitter. She appears radiant with curled hair and an off-the-shoulder top: Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. I'm thrilled to share with all of you the cover for BECOMING, she wrote. The process of writing this book has been so personally meaningful and illuminating for me. Your story is what you have, what you will always have.
Here's What It's Like to be a 'Sex and the City' Tour Guide
The very first episode of Sex and the City premiered 20 years ago next month. She was also an extra in the first Sex and the City movie. I gave a bachelorette party one time and they surprised the bachelorette and she was sobbing uncontrollably that we were doing the Sex and the City tour. He took me aside at one point in the tour and said he was going to propose at Carrie's steps.
Blue Ivy Carter Declares Ear Kissing Gross
Lawson still posted the video, but as she marvels over the building they're in, you can hear Blue's high-pitch voice in the background demanding her grandma to stop. When you are trying to sneak a video , Lawson captioned her video, acknowledging her granddaughter's objections. You can also hear what appears to be Blue having a conversation on top of the Eiffel Tower while her grandma is trying to talk about her vacation experience.
This Video of Chris Hemsworth Dramatically Dancing to Miley Cyrus's 'Wrecking Ball' With His Kids Is the Greatest
Here's another reason to love Thor, aka Chris Hemsworth. The actor and father of three posted a video to his Instagram of him doing some dramatic choreography with his kids to his younger brother's girlfriend's song Wrecking Ball. What started as a ground breaking music video ended in a savage attack by a cowardly K9, Hemsworth captioned his video 'gram. Spoiler: Hemsworth ends up on the ground, with the dog all over him: Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.
Gwyneth Paltrow Opens Up About the Night Brad Pitt Confronted Harvey Weinstein
Paltrow had been 22 and just starting in her career when Weinstein suggested she join him in the bedroom for a massage. In a new interview with Howard Stern, Paltrow opened up about what Weinstein did and how Pitt reacted in full detail: Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. We had one instance in a hotel room where he made a pass at me, she recounted. Paltrow didn't anticipate what Weinstein did to her when they were alone in that room.
I Got An Abortion at Age 16. Now I'm Flying Home To Ireland So Other Girls Can Have the Same Choice.
A teenager, known for her quirky outspokenness but desperately shy inside, she remembers folding away from him and in on herself. It took me a long time to realize that there's a reason I don't remember parts of that storm. As many as three a day buy abortion pills online, take them at home, sometimes alone without anyone to call if something goes wrong. The pair returned to Ireland the same day, and the family never again spoke about Jane's abortion.
Spectrum has announced a Disney collaboration so say goodbye to your bank balance
The age of the Instagrammable makeup kit is upon us and no one fulfils our needs for the prettiest makeup brushes around quite like Spectrum. Their collections already include Mean Girls, mermaid and zodiac themes, but this latest announcement is sure to delight all the Disney lovers out there. Spectrum has officially announced that they'll be collaborating with Disney on their latest collection of brushes, accessories and storage solutions.
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Seen Looking 'Very Much Like a Couple' on Dinner Date
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, one-time beautiful Hollywood couple turned still beautiful, friendly exes, were seen having a very cozy dinner together at the West Village's Dell'anima restaurant on Tuesday night, Page Six is reporting. It's unclear whether their friendship status has changed; Stone's rep had no comment for Page Six about the dinner. Garfield is in New York for the time being, performing in Angels in America on Broadway, and Stone appears to be in the city, shooting Netflix's Maniac.
People are praising Fenty for this brilliant guide to covering acne
Collection and the online hype that comes with every release, Rihanna's makeup range is absolutely killing it right now. Now Fenty Beauty is popping up on our feeds with branded tutorials, and there's a particular one that caught everyone's attention: the guide to covering acne with foundation. In recent years, we've been more open about embracing acne rather than covering it, but still, there are many girls that prefer to cover it.
Ask E. Jean: I'm Not Physically Attracted to My Husband
I feel horrible saying this, but I'm not physically attracted to my husband. We've had an incredible relationship except for this one thing. I truly appreciate and love him, but I want to lust after him a little bit. Then blindfold yourself, and instruct him to lead you to the grotto of orgasms and to seduce you. This letter is from the Ask E Jean Archive, 1993-2017.
Pollution is wreaking havoc with our skin, here's what you can do about it
Just to add to the long, long list of pollution-related problems, pollution is also wreaking havoc with our skin, causing a multitude of ailments from premature ageing to blocked pores to pigmentation. According to the experts, there is more than one type of pollution able to negatively effect the skin. Pollution creates a layer of chemicals that leads to inflammation, explains Sue Nabi, founder of bio-fermented skincare brand, Orveda.
The Sweet Reason Why The Kids Posed So Politely For Royal Wedding Photos
Alexi Lubomirski, who took the pictures following Saturday's ceremony between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, revealed that adults bribed the youngsters with chocolate candy to get them to pose politely for him, reports the BBC. I could hear the kids started crying in the background and there was some chaos, Lubomirski said Wednesday, according to People magazine.

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