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Every Outfit Taylor Swift Has Worn During Her 'Reputation' Era
With every album and new era of her career, Taylor Swift reinvents her style. She's gone from country sweetheart to glittery princess to the signature two-piece ensembles she wore while touring 1989. Here's a look at her Reputation style so far.
You Can Already Watch the Outlander Season 4 Teaser Trailer
Outlander season three just ended, leaving fans dreading another Droughtlander before another installment of Jamie and Claire Fraser. At the end of the season three finale, the couple landed on the shores of Georgia. In the teaser's voiceover, Claire explains to Jamie, There'll be lots of different people here, all hoping to live what will be called the American dream.
Justin Bieber's Mom Just Gushed About Her "Special Bond" with Selena Gomez
Of all the sad and angry and generally negative lyrics Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have ever (allegedly) written about each other, perhaps the most cutting came on Justin's Love Yourself, when he crooned, My mama don't like you-and she likes everyone. Apparently this is one lyric that isn't about Selena-or, if it was, it's not true anymore. Speaking to People, Pattie dodged specific questions about the couple rekindling their relationship, but she did take a moment to gush about Selena as a person.
Katie Couric Broke Her Silence About Matt Lauer's Sexual Misconduct Allegations
In November, long-time Today show was fired after allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior came to light. Huh-y'all would have been all over the story years ago. Just goes to show you really can't trust people. People hear you loud and clear though. Couric replied to the comment, writing, It's incredibly upsetting and I will say something when I'm ready to.
Meet Strathberry, the Handbag Brand Meghan Markle Just Put on the Map
Meghan Markle has only gone outside twice, but she's already proven she's got the same pull as fellow style icons Kate Middleton and Prince I'm Dropping Out George. Empirical evidence of the Markle Effect: The businesslike Strathberry tote she carried to look appreciatively at people's cards sold out in 11 minutes. Unlike the Firm into which Markle is marrying, Strathberry is comparatively young, having only been around since 2013.
I'm a Woman with Facial Hair-and I'm Proud of It
Before I was proud of my facial hair, I tried to mask it as much as possible. There's even an Italian saying: Donna barbuta, sempre piaciuta, which is sometimes translated to everyone loves a woman with a beard. For the most part I've really been comfortable with my identity as a woman, but as a different kind of woman. One such confident groundbreaker is Harnaam Kaur, a Sikh woman from Britain and arguably the most famous bearded woman today.
Kelly Marie Tran Is Bringing a New Brand of Hero to Star Wars
I always thought I was going to be that weird friend on a sitcom, says Tran, the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants and a UCLA communications major. Then I told my job, my family, and my friends I was moving to Canada for an indie. Kelly has an infectious energy and creative spirit that actually ended up influencing her character, says director Rian Johnson.
Adriana Lima May Be Leaving Victoria's Secret: "I Will Not Take My Clothes Off Anymore"
The Victoria's Secret model announced on Instagram that she will no longer take off her clothes for a empty cause. In that moment I realized that majority of woman probably wake up every morning trying to fit in a stereotype that society/social media/fashion etc imposed. That's not physically and mentally healthy, so I decided to make that change, she wrote.
The Year Women Stopped Worrying About Being Nice
The Affordable Care Act made contraception more affordable and accessible than ever before - for most American women, it was suddenly free. A regular question interviewers asked famous young women, and should they answer no, the write-up would inevitably be irresistible outrage clickbait. Our treatment of poor women and immigrant women remained abhorrent even under Obama, and those women today are especially vulnerable. A lot of women, even those who didn't previously and perhaps still don't label themselves feminists, seem done with nice.
Hope Hicks, New White House Communications Director, Used To Be A Child Book Cover Model
Hope Hicks, who was named President Donald Trump's official White House communications director this week, has stayed out of the spotlight to date, for the most part. She sure knew how to get the attention of cameras in her younger years, when she was a child and teen model for book covers. Hicks starred on the cover of Barbara Robertson's Hourglass Adventures series, which debuted in 2001, as well as The It Girl, written by Gossip Girl author Cecily Von Ziegesar in 2005.
Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Stopped by Jingle Ball to Introduce Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift's performance at the Z100 New York's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Friday night was one of the night's most-anticipated moments. Katie Holmes and her adorable 11-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise, who made a surprise appearance to introduce the pop star, that's who. Katie said on stage, before Suri made the official announcement: Taylor Swift!. Next up, Taylor needs to arrange a playdate for Suri and Blake Lively's daughter, James.
UK Princes William and Harry announce sculptor for new Diana statue
A sculptor who produced the image of Queen Elizabeth used on Britain's coins has been chosen to create a new statue of Princess Diana, the office of Princes William and Harry said on Sunday, to commemorate 20 years since her death. Ian Rank-Broadley, whose effigy of the Queen has appeared on all UK and Commonwealth coinage since 1998, will design the statue, which now will not be unveiled until next year.
Egypt reveals artifacts, mummy from tombs in ancient city of Luxor
Egypt's authorities on Saturday revealed artifacts and a linen-wrapped mummified body, possibly that of a top official, from two tombs that were discovered two decades ago in the Nile city of Luxor but had not been fully unexplored. The Ministry of Antiquities said the tombs, located in the Draa Abul Naga necropolis on Luxor's west bank, had been noted by German archaeologist Frederica Kampp in 1990s and were either unexcavated or had never been entered.
DNA Tattoos Are the Final Frontier of Love
That practice has long been left to underground artists, a subculture unto itself with a dark, self-aware nickname: morbid ink. Biohackers are often looked down on by scientists for their more relaxed, or more adventurous, approach to ethical questions in medicine. CGLabs, a Canadian outfit, is pioneering its own method, primarily marketed as DNA preservation. Thanks to its little envelope, instead of the DNA disappearing into the body, it is captured permanently in the ink of the tattoo.
25 of The Most Iconic Music Videos Starring Models
In the history of music videos, models will go down as some of greatest cameos of all time. From Helena Christensen rollicking around on the beach in Chris Isaak's Wicked Game to the video that made Emily Ratajkowski EmRata, these iconic castings are often as memorable as the videos themselves.
Doctors And Patients To Congress: Don't Sacrifice Health Care For Wealth Care In The GOP Tax Scam
The GOP tax scam is yet another assault on the health care of my patients and their families. I worry about their survival because politicians in Congress are not prioritizing their basic human right of health care. The Senate version of the GOP Tax Scam repeals the individual mandate to have health insurance. After the 2013 sequestration cuts, Medicare lost funding, and elderly cancer patients needing chemotherapy were turned away by doctors and hospitals.
Snickerdoodles To Biscotti: 18 Heavenly Holiday Cookies
'Tis the season for giving, but you may have a hard time parting with these delicious holiday cookies. They have the flavor of Thin Mints(r) but the texture of chunky chocolate chip cookies. From my upcoming cookbook, Once Upon a Chef, The Cookbook, these ginger spice cookies are a real crowd pleaser. Every year, my daughter and I bake them for her holiday bake sale and every year, they sell like hotcakes.

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