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Surf's up! Australian Olympians chase waves at Pyeongchang Games
Four Australian winter Olympians swapped their skis for surfboards on Saturday, chasing waves despite the frigid water temperature. It's no bikini weather here but the waves we had out there were pretty sweet, freestyle skier Danielle Scott told Reuters Television. The athletes wore full-body wet suits in the four-degree-Celsius waters near the coastal town of Gangneung where some Olympic venues are located. It's a different kind of coldness but it's fun out there, said slalom skier Harry Laidlaw.
Young people are radically changing how we think about violence, consent and gender. Antioch College is where much of the conversation started.
In 1990, Antioch College students pioneered its affirmative sexual consent policy, formulating a document now called the Sexual Offense Prevention Policy. Now, the current crop of pioneers at Antioch are moving the conversation beyond sex to discussions of consent in platonic touch. Enacting Affirmative Consent In a lot of ways, Antioch College exists in a bubble. Antioch was founded in 1850 but was closed by an umbrella organization in 2008, in part because of financial issues.
All that jazz: Saudis attend country's first jazz festival
Men and women swayed to music at Saudi Arabia's first-ever jazz festival on Friday, the second of a three-day outdoor event that showcases the Kingdom's recent efforts of shedding its conservative image. The entertainment plans are largely motivated by economics, part of a reform program to diversify the economy away from oil and create jobs for young Saudis. They also mark a change in social Saudi life and the gradual relaxing of gender segregation, although restrictions persist.
Emily Ratajkowski is married! Model ties the knot in surprise wedding ceremony
If there's one model who doesn't play by the rules, it's Emily Ratajkowski. The gorgeous 26-year-old is known for speaking her mind and doing whatever the F she wants - and we love her for it. She shocked her fans today when she announced that she took the next steps with her boyfriend Sebastian Bear-McClard - she got married!. The pair skipped straight to the good stuff and tied the knot in a New York courthouse - and she wore a Zara suit.
The Best Costumes Of The Olympic Women's Figure Skating Competition, Ranked
The women's figure skating competition at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics has come to a close, with Russian athletes Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva taking gold and silver respectively, and Canada's Kaetlyn Osmond earning the bronze. The three women pulled out all the stops with their routines and, of course, their gorgeous costumes. There were plenty of skaters from around the world who made their mark on the ice, especially when it came to wardrobes.
Versace rocks Milan's fashion week with loud college style
Italian fashion house Versace rocked Milan with bright tartans, leather and studs in its fall-winter 2018 collection runway show, echoing college chic and punk style. In the first part of the collection, models wore tartan skirts and matching tops, cardigans, berets and football scarves, like college students coming out of classes. Models strutted in what was once a ballroom on platform shoes, zippered loose boots and stiletto shoes worn with colorful socks.
Design and dictatorship: exhibition celebrates North Korean graphics
North Korea makes headlines with its military parades and nuclear program but a new London exhibition puts a spotlight on graphic design in the country. Made in North Korea: Everyday Graphics from the DPRK features highly-stylised government propaganda posters and comics, as well as more run-of-the-mill items such as food packaging, ticket stubs and stamps. Bonner told Reuters the designs offer outsiders a window into a country few understand.
Expert Reveals The Odd Trick That Can Help You Stay Calm During A Turbulent Flight
Though the pockets of air are uncomfortable, but not dangerous, it's hard for some anxious travelers to overcome the bumps the plane encounters along its journey. We distract ourselves by snoozing, becoming engulfed in a good book or movie, but sometimes turbulence is hard to ignore. Interested in learning the best way to distract yourself from turbulence, TODAY correspondent Jeff Rossen visited a special turbulence simulator to get some answers.
So, Samantha's Ex Smith Jerrod Is Actually Team Carrie
Especially if you picture him naked on a billboard in Times Square, a bottle of vodka positioned just so. Yes, it's Smith Jerrod, Samantha's younger boyfriend from Sex and the City. The one who gets her to say the L word, and who becomes a famous actor in the movie. Reports, when asked by a KTLA anchor whose side he was on in the kerfuffle, the 46-year-old actor was fair but clear.
Sophie Turner Feels Cooler When She's Blonde
When you picture Sophie Turner, you picture red hair. In real life, however, blonde is what makes the actress feel uninhibited and more comfortable. It happens to be her 22nd birthday and she's just come back from a private island getaway with her fiance, Joe Jonas. For my face I moisturize with Dermalogica and then just slap on concealer and mascara, and hope for the best.
10 Editor-Approved Face Cream and Facial Moisturizer Picks
This product is so good that after I'd squeezed what I could from the tube, I took a pair of scissors to it, cut it open, and scooped out the remains with a Q-Tip. The ceraides-boosted formula smoothes skin so well I haven't had to use primer in six months, and the scent is the loveliest, like fresh-cut flowers.
Katy Perry Will Never Let Kim Kardashian Live Down Her '97 Brows
Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry, both frenemies of Taylor Swift, are such good friends that Perry is now at the playful Instagram trolling stage with Kardashian. Buzzfeed picked up that Perry posted a pretty savage comment on Kris Jenner's throwback 1997 image of her and her kids. That's when Perry, who presumably saw Kardashian's remark, came in with this great line: Tell Kim to show us that look on makeup tutorial pls.
A Dermatologist Explains All the Reasons You Should Be Indulging in Baths More Often
The Romans knew how to sniff out a salubrious scrub anywhere they ventured, even establishing the famous baths in Vichy, France, and Bath, England. My mom would take me to bond with me, she says, and now I go with my best friend. This month, it's getting a reboot, as is Borghese's Fango Delicato for sensitive types, with added botanicals to amp up results. That's why a relaxation ritual can help with acne, hair loss, and skin issues like eczema, inflammation, and hives.
Victoria Beckham Made an Orthopedic Boot Fashun
Take it from us She's also bracing herself with crutches, standing at the bottom of a marble staircase, naturally. The cause of her mystery injury, wasn't revealed but the fashion designer thanked her fans for all their well wishes. Beckham was spotted leaving a building in London on crutches earlier on Friday after some sources speculated she'd injured her foot while on a ski vacation with her family.
The Afrofuturistic Designs of 'Black Panther'
For Ruth E Carter, the costume designer for Black Panther, it involved a Zulu hat and a 3-D printer. For the Marvel blockbuster Black Panther, she got to envision a futuristic African alternate reality - made up of diverse tribes and untouched by colonizers. For the artsy Step Town district, she scoured looks from an Afropunk festival in Atlanta, where Black Panther was shot.
12 Tweets On Gun Violence And Mental Health Everyone Should Read
George Frey via Getty Images If you mapped out the discussion about the major causes of gun violence following every mass shooting in the United States, it would almost certainly lead you to the same destination: mental illness. Sure, there are cases where mental illness might play a role in gun violence. Blanket statements that connect mental health conditions with shooting tragedies alienate the millions of people who live and live well with these issues, experts say.
Daily Baths Might be the Ultimate Bio-Hack
1 of 6 Courtesy Borghese The updated Tuscan clay-based Borghese Advanced Fango Delicato calms face and body skin with chamomile and oat protein. 2 of 6 Courtesy Laguna Herbals Laguna Herbals Tranquil Mineral Bath Infusion purifies with activated charcoal. 4 of 6 Courtesy Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath Winter contains aromatic cinnamon, clove, and orange extracts. 5 of 6 Courtesy Crystal Hills Crystal Hills Crystal Love Bath Salts bestow good vibes with rose quartz and rose petals.
Jennifer Lawrence Didn't Need Middle School to Make $24M Last Year
Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence didn't complete high school or even middle school, she revealed to Bill Whitaker on this Sunday's 60 Minutes, dropping out of school at 14 to pursue acting full force. It's something that I could be confident in, and I didn't want to let it go. I found what I wanted to do and I didn't want anything getting in the way of it. Her rep told Entertainment Weekly, though, that the year-long break Lawrence mentioned to ET isn't actually happening.
How I Became a 37-Year-Old Snowbird
On that particular day, I ran down to the beach, turning right when I hit the sand so that I would see the sun rise. I was a toddler then, but even when I was in grade school I knew what it was. I set up a double-edged solution: I would sign up for a long spring race, which meant that I was exercising. I knew that I would never get my head above water if I stuck it out through another New Jersey winter.

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