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As Her Last Day With the Fed Nears, Janet Yellen Looks Back on Her First
The economy is not overheating, inflation is below 2 percent, and the Fed does not want to stall growth. As she approaches her last day at the Fed, Ms Yellen recalled her first: Feb 3, 2014. Ms Yellen laughed and responded, Well, it's a work day after all, Mervyn. Mr King also noted that the Fed under Ms Yellen had continued an evolution toward greater transparency. Ms Yellen did, however, name Mr Akerlof as the most interesting person she had ever met.
Haitians in U.S. malign Trump decision to send them back home
The administration of former President Barack Obama extended the program several times, finding that conditions in Haiti were too dire to send the beneficiaries home. President Donald Trump's administration, after previously granting a six-month extension, announced on Monday that it would end TPS for Haiti in July 2019. Trump's supporters note that the visa program was always meant to be temporary and that Trump ran a 2016 presidential campaign promising restrictive immigration policies.
Pentagon Investigating Military Members' Conduct During Trump's Asia Trip
The Pentagon is investigating whether three service members assigned to the White House broke curfew and had improper contact with foreign women while traveling this month with President Trump in Asia, Defense Department officials said Tuesday. The three service members, all assigned to the White House Communications Agency as part of a military unit that sets up secure communications for the president, have been reassigned pending the investigation, the officials said. The allegations of improper contact were first reported by The Washington Post.
Trump Must Decide on Tariffs for Imported Washing Machines
President Trump will soon have to decide whether to impose the types of tariffs on imported products that he has long championed after a federal body again recommended stiff levies, this time on foreign-made washing machines. Two of the four commissioners issuing the decision also recommended an additional charge. The trade body will submit its recommendations on Dec, 5 to Mr Trump, who will have to make a final decision by February.
Pennsylvania Congressman Is Under F.B.I. Scrutiny, Court Records Show
Two of Mr Brady's political consultants have already been charged in a campaign finance investigation of the congressman's 2012 re-election. A recently unsealed application for a search warrant suggests Mr Brady may be a target of the inquiry. The allegations involve payments the Brady campaign made to the campaign of Jimmie Moore, a former Municipal Court judge in Philadelphia who ended his run for Congress in February 2012.
U.S. FCC chief plans to ditch U.S. 'net neutrality' rules
It represents a setback for Google parent Alphabet Inc and Facebook Inc, which had urged Pai not to rescind the rules. Trump, a Republican, expressed his opposition to net neutrality in 2014 before the regulations were even implemented, calling it a power grab by Obama. Pai said his proposal would prevent state and local governments from creating their own net neutrality rules because internet service is inherently an interstate service.
Document Fight Slows Inquiry of Affirmative Action at Harvard
As we have repeatedly made clear to the Department of Justice, the university will certainly comply with its obligations under Title VI, she said. The New York Times separately obtained those letters, along with several sent by Mr Waxman this fall. Those records had personally identifying information blacked out, however, and the department wants to see them without redactions.
U.S. diplomats accuse Tillerson of breaking child soldiers law
No one in the United States government likes the idea of the use of child soldiers, she said. In a written response to the dissent memo on Sept. 1, Tillerson adviser Brian Hook acknowledged that the three countries did use child soldiers. Ali Kareem, who heads Iraq's High Committee for Human Rights, denied the country's military or state-backed militias use child soldiers. The memo also said two confirmed cases of child recruitment by the Myanmar military were documented during the reporting period.
Democrats call for harassment probe of U.S. Representative Conyers
House of Representatives Democrats called for an investigation on Tuesday into allegations of sexual harassment against US Representative John Conyers, who said his office had resolved a harassment case with a payment but no admission of guilt. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, in a statement on fellow Democrat Conyers, said, Any credible allegation of sexual harassment must be investigated by the Ethics Committee. First elected in 1964, Conyers is the longest serving member of the House and a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus.
Any Trump NAFTA withdrawal faces stiff court challenge: legal experts
With NAFTA talks grinding toward stalemate, US President Donald Trump may be tempted to carry out his threat to withdraw from the trade pact, but legal experts say such a decision could be defeated, or delayed significantly by court challenges. Private sector executives said that major US business groups are preparing legal challenges to any withdrawal by the United States, although the plaintiffs had not yet been determined.
'Hi, Drumstick.' President Trump Pardons a Turkey, and Likes It.
' For about eight minutes, Mr Trump seemed to forget about Russia-tinged investigations, about congressional gear-grinding, about college basketball players showing insufficient gratitude for his efforts. He joked that he had been advised against seeking to reverse the pardons of Tater and Tot, the last turkeys given their reprieve under President Barack Obama. As many of you know, I have been very active in overturning a number of executive actions by my predecessor, Mr Trump said.
Trump says AT&T plan to buy Time Warner 'not a good deal'
US President Donald Trump on Tuesday stood by his criticism of pay TV and wireless company AT&T's deal to buy movie and TV show maker Time Warner Inc, which the Justice Department has sued to stop. I think your pricing's going to go up, I don't think it's a good deal for the country. AT&T will ask the court for an expedited trial next week, a source familiar with case said.
Real Estate Agents Mobilize to Shield Homeowners on Tax Plan
In addition, the tax plans would increase the time it took homeowners to qualify for an exclusion from capital gains taxes owed when they eventually sold their homes. Like just about every aspect of the tax plan, these measures would fall hardest on people who lived in high-cost, high-tax areas. According to an analysis of the plans by Moody's Analytics, the nation's most expensive real estate markets could see significant declines in home values under both versions of the tax plan.
Trump defends Senate candidate Moore despite misconduct allegations
US President Donald Trump defended embattled US Senate candidate Roy Moore on Tuesday, saying the Alabama Republican had denied allegations of sexual misconduct and emphasizing that he did not want Moore's Democratic opponent to win. Trump has previously said that Moore should step aside if the allegations were true. Reporting by Jeff MasonEditing by Jonathan Oatis.

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