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Trump orders new sanctions to tighten screws on North Korea nuclear program
US President Donald Trump announced sanctions on Thursday that open the door wider to blacklisting people and entities doing business with North Korea, including its shipping and trade networks, further tightening the screws on Pyongyang's nuclear and missile program. Trump stopped short of going after North Korea's biggest trading partner, China, and praised its central bank for ordering Chinese banks to stop doing business with North Korea.
Tax Reform for the Rich: Reduce the Rates but Lose the Breaks
The top 1 percent paid a total of $542.6 billion in federal tax, or an astounding 39.5 percent of the total income tax. If you want to take a more expansive view of rich, the top 10 percent pay 71 percent of the total tax. Reform means ending those tax breaks, a move that always draws protests and intense lobbying from those who have benefited from them.
Trump to add North Korea sanctions, allies call for strict enforcement
US President Donald Trump said on Thursday the United States will add more sanctions against North Korea, while US allies have called for enforcing existing international sanctions as the best way to get Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons program. The UN Security Council has unanimously imposed nine rounds of sanctions on North Korea since 2006, the latest earlier this month capping fuel supplies to the isolated state. Trump said before the lunch that he and Moon were discussing trade issues and North Korea.
Trump to add sanctions on North Korea, but not on oil: U.S.
US President Donald Trump said on Thursday the United States will add more sanctions against North Korea, as US allies have called for enforcing international sanctions as the best way to get Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons program. The sanctions are not expected to further target oil, a senior Trump administration official told Reuters.
Trump says will be putting more sanctions on North Korea
President Donald Trump said on Thursday the United States would be adding more sanctions on North Korea. Tensions have escalated in recent weeks over Pyongyang's missile and nuclear weapons program, despite intense pressure from world powers. We will be putting more sanctions on North Korea, Trump said in response to a question at a meeting with Afghan president Ashraf Ghani. On Afghanistan, Trump said the US military was doing more leading than fighting. Reporting by Steve Holland; Writing by Yara Bayoumy; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama.
Why Trump's Softening on Immigration Is Unlikely to Splinter His Base
They were more likely to believe that immigrants and refuges entering the United States are a critical threat to the nation. Perhaps more important, protecting the children known as Dreamers is not seen by the public as the same as other immigration issues. He went on to compliment the Democrats on immigration - not on their policies, but on their tone. Mr Trump's tone three years later was much less kind than the party line in 2012.
Senate race in Alabama exposes Republican rift
US President Donald Trump is due to travel to Alabama on Friday to whip up votes in a Senate race that has laid bare the rift between the Republican party's leadership and its anti-establishment wing. In a move that surprised political analysts, Trump will appear alongside the party-approved incumbent rather than the controversial insurgent.
The G.O.P. Bill Forces States to Build Health Systems From Scratch. That's Hard.
Next, they would need to submit applications, hire contractors and build new systems to run them. The bill would make health care an active, high-stakes political debate in all 50 states. Under Obamacare, states had limited, rather binary policy choices, and even those were hard for state governments to make quickly. In contrast with an earlier bill from Mr Cassidy, which offered a default option for uncertain states, there is no backup plan in the bill.
Hervé Pierre: From the White House to His House
I was a little scared in the beginning because when you work in a big environment, you are protected in a way. I was on one side of the gate, the golden gate, and suddenly I was in the wild. Sign Up You agree to receive occasional updates and special offers for The New York Times's products and services. What interests me in this relationship is not just finding pretty clothes - a lot of people can do that.
Trump Likened to 'a Dog Barking' by North Korea's Top Envoy
North Korea's foreign minister likened President Trump to a dog barking, ridiculing the American leader for threatening to totally destroy his country if it persists in its nuclear and missile threats. If he thought he could scare us with the noise of a dog barking, well, he should be daydreaming. The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea, Mr Trump said.
Twitter to meet Congressional panel probing 2016 election
Twitter Inc representatives will meet with the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence staff next week in relation to inquiries into the 2016 US presidential election, a company representative said. The committee, along with other congressional committees and special counsel Robert Mueller, is investigating possible links between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia. Facebook said earlier this month that a Russia-based operation spent $100,000 on thousands of ads on its social media platform promoting 'divisive' messages before and after last year's presidential election.
Mattis Shows How to Split With Trump Without Provoking Him
Mr Mattis has stayed out of the chaos that has characterized the Trump administration in part because of his ability, friends and associates say, to present an agreeable demeanor. Mr Trump has repeatedly expressed his satisfaction with Mr Mattis to those around him. He told Mr Trump during the transition that he did not agree with his stance on torture or his skepticism about NATO.
Manafort Working on Kurdish Referendum Opposed by U.S.
Mr Manafort has traveled to the region since then to advise the Barzanis' allies on the referendum, according to Kurdish independence advocates. The spokesman said Mr Manafort was part of a team of international experts involved in holding the referendum. The White House and Justice Department did not immediately respond to questions about whether Mr Manafort had contacted them about the Kurdish referendum. Supporters of the Kurdish independence referendum are concerned that Mr Manafort's legal problems may hurt their cause.
Investigators ask White House for details on FBI director firing, Flynn ouster: NYT
The Times reported that special counsel Robert Mueller's office had sent the White House a document outlining 13 areas of interest about which investigators were seeking additional documentation. Peter Carr, a spokesman for Mueller, declined a request by Reuters to comment on the matter. The White House remains committed to cooperate fully with the special counsel, Cobb said.
Insurers Come Out Swinging Against New Republican Health Care Bill
The two major trade groups for insurers, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and America's Health Insurance Plans, announced their opposition on Wednesday to the Graham-Cassidy bill. President Trump, in New York for meetings with world leaders at the United Nations, said he thought the health care bill had a very good chance of passing. The latest Republican drive to repeal the Affordable Care Act has created painful choices for Republican senators from states that stand to lose money under the legislation.
Internet Giants Face New Political Resistance in Washington
The companies, recognizing the new environment in Washington, have started to fortify their lobbying forces and recalibrate their positions. Google has paid several outside lobbying firms to argue against the sex trafficking bill, according to recent federal filings. The scrutiny grew after companies struggled to eliminate fake content from their sites, raising fears that the platforms were too big to manage. Perhaps no issue in Washington has exposed the vulnerability of the tech companies as much as the sex trafficking bill.
Republicans plan healthcare vote, Obama and TV host denounce bill
Senate Republicans announced plans to vote next week on their latest bid to scuttle Obamacare even as a popular comedian who has become part of the US healthcare debate denounced the bill and former President Barack Obama on Wednesday warned of real human suffering. Avalere Health, a healthcare consultancy whose clients include hospitals and insurers, forecast that the bill would reduce federal funding to states by $215 billion through 2026, with 34 states facing cuts.
How Can U.S. States Fight Climate Change if Trump Quits the Paris Accord?
A previous Rhodium Group analysis estimated that total United States emissions would likely drop just 15 to 19 percent by 2025 as Mr Trump dismantled federal climate policies. For the country to meet its commitments under the Paris agreement, further action by states would be needed. Here, experts say, they may face practical limits on how far they can go to tackle global warming on their own.
In rare public speech, Obama decries Republican healthcare bill
Former President Barack Obama used a rare public appearance on Wednesday to question Republicans' latest effort to repeal his signature healthcare law, saying it would inflict real human suffering on Americans. In his speech at a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation event in New York City, Obama also laid out an optimistic vision of the world's future while implicitly criticizing Republican President Donald Trump's America First philosophy.
'Chuck and Nancy,' Washington's New Power Couple, Set Sights on Health Care
Mr Trump is pressing Congress to adopt the health care legislation, which would cut deeply into Medicaid and dismantle the programs and prescriptions of the Affordable Care Act. Whether he pivots or not will be one of the most fundamental questions of this administration, Mr Schumer said. The only way it can happen is if we have a successful negotiation on DACA, and secondly whether we get health care.

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